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Gain Xtreme: Testosterone Boosting Male Enhancement Formula?


Gain Xtreme is a supplement that is supposed to help consumers to improve their muscle mass and reduce stress on the body. The trial offer is available to help consumers see if this remedy is a good match for the participant.

What Is Gain Xtreme?

To get in shape, most men find themselves taking supplements to nourish the muscles. Every person could use a little help sometimes, but the key is to ensure that the balance of hormones support it as well. Some people are interested in trying the Gain Xtreme supplement to help.

The Gain Xtreme claims that it can:

Read on below to learn about the ingredients involved, and whether or not they help with the desired effect.

How It Works

The reason that Gain Xtreme is effective is due to the FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend. This concoction is a proprietary blend of ingredients, which includes:

  • Horny goat weed, which is primarily used for testosterone production and to stimulate the libido
  • Tongkat Ali, to balance out hormones for a healthier sex drive
  • Saw palmetto, to improve testosterone levels and promote a healthier urinary tract
  • Orchic substance, to promote healthy function in the testicles
  • Wild yam extract, to promote healthy energy and increase the sex drive
  • Sarsaparilla, for hormonal balance
  • Nettle extract, which is often used as a diuretic

Each one has its own way of helping the user, but very few of the common benefits of the ingredients indicate that this treatment benefits the muscles.

Using Gain Xtreme

Consumers only need to take two doses a day, which consists of two capsules each time. The remedy should be taken about 30 to 60 minutes before a meal to give it time to work in the digestive system. For this remedy to have a significant impact on the body, the user is encouraged to take part in a consistent workout routine.

Pricing For Gain Xtreme

Even though consumers will be charged for the $89.95 price tag of Gain Xtreme, they will not pay it right away. Instead, they initially are entered into a trial offer, which includes two weeks of use for just the cost of shipping. After the trial, they will be charged the full amount.

By completing the trial, the user automatically agrees to enroll in a subscription, which will send the user a new supply each month at the same price. The subscription can be cancelled at any time by contacting customer service.

Contacting the Creators

Any time that someone wants to take on a new remedy for their workout, it is important to have as much information as possible. The customer service team offers a phone number and an email address to reach out to the company.

  • Phone number: 1-800-519-2049
  • Email address: support@gainxtreme.com

The customer service team is available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Gain Xtreme Conclusion

Gain Xtreme may brag about the benefits to the user’s muscles, but all of the main ingredients are primarily geared towards balancing the hormones and better sexual health. However, consumers that still want to try it out can embark on the trial offer for the first two weeks of use.


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