Euphoric Feet: Reviewing the Massaging Insoles 2024 Research

Euphoric Feet Massaging Insoles are designed to fit any man or woman shoe that can provide comfortable benefits right away to reduce bodily walking stress and pain relief using special magnets.

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Feet pain and discomfort is a problem that affects the quality of life of millions of Americans annually. While pain can be caused by a number of problems in the feet, massages are almost universally hailed as a potential way to alleviate discomfort and inflammation.

But most consumers simply cannot afford to pay for a foot massage, and finding someone in your life willing to do the deed can be nearly impossible. Companies like the one behind Euphoric Foot might be able to change this catch-22 of foot pain.

Euphoric Feet is a massaging insole that promises to support and massage your feet while you walk.

The insole is sold online through Each insole is fitted with dozens of massaging points and a handful of “special magnets” that align with your “chakras” to “restore your balance”.

Will Euphoric Feet work as advertised to support your feet? Find out everything you need to know about Euphoric Feet today in our review.

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What is Euphoric Feet?

Euphoric Feet is a scientifically designed insole that contains 400 massaging points. Each massaging point is a small, rubber node that targets specific areas of your feet.

In addition to the massaging points, the insole features “magnetic balancing stones”. These stones, according to them manufacturer, are strategically placed to boost endurance, relieve overall body pain, and cool and soothe your feet.

Euphoric Feet insoles are designed for both men and women. You cannot choose different sizes: the insole is only available in one size. You can transfer the insole between different shoes or even share insoles with other people.

Euphoric Feet is sold online for around $35.

Euphoric Feet Features and Benefits

Euphoric Feet Features and Benefits

The manufacturer of Euphoric Feet advertises all of the following features and benefits:

  • Relieve overall body pain
  • Cool and soothe feet
  • Boost endurance
  • Feel more energized
  • Boost circulation
  • One size fits all (the insoles fit men’s shoe sizes between 6 and 12 and ladies shoe sizes between 7 and 12)
  • Improve overall health
  • Relieve tension via acupressure
  • Washable with lukewarm water and dish soap
  • Moisture wicking, 100% breathable technology
  • 400 massage points for each foot

It’s unusual that Euphoric Feet claims to “improve overall health.” Generally, we look for product manufacturers to minimize the claims of their product, especially since it's almost impossible to prove that their product can “improve overall health.” These types of claim make the product more difficult to objectively evaluate, and so they should be taken with a grain of salt.

Who Makes Euphoric Feet?

Euphoric Feet is sold online by a Hong Kong-based company called Think Tech Sales. That company does not claim to manufacture the insoles themselves; instead, it appears the insoles are made in China, then sold online through the product website.

You can contact Think Tech Sales via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (United States): 1-855-265-4612
  • Phone (Canada): 1-844-786-3444
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 44 3308089392
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): 612 6145 0888
  • Address: Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

There’s limited information online about Think Tech Sales, where the Euphoric Feet insoles are made, who’s running the company, or why they’re qualified to advertise foot insoles with health benefits.

How Does Euphoric Feet Work?

You slide the Euphoric Feet insoles into your shoes, then walk or run as normal. The company claims their insoles will relieve pain throughout the body, relieve tension, boost circulation, and help you feel more energized.

How Does Euphoric Feet Work

Euphoric Feet can be worn with any standard-sized shoes. Different sizing is not available: there’s only one size, and it fits all shoes. Specifically, Euphoric Feet claims to fit men’s shoe sizes between 6 and 12 and ladies shoe sizes between 7 and 12. You can cut your insoles down to size, and there are specific markings along the insoles that let you cut them down perfectly.

The manufacturer claims the insoles are ideal for any type of physical activity, including workouts, weightlifting, running, walking, hiking, and anything else:

“Designed with moisture-wicking technology, Euphoric Feet insoles are 100% breathable, perfect for warm days or hard workouts.”

If you ever need to clean your insoles, you can wash them in lukewarm water and dish soap, then let them air dry. There are no electronic components in Euphoric Feet.

Do Euphoric Feet Actually Work? Scientific Evidence for Euphoric Feet

Euphoric Feet’s manufacturer makes big promises about the effectiveness of its insoles. They claim wearers can expect to “improve overall health” simply by wearing the insoles, for example, and “relieve overall body pain”, among many other benefits.

Scientific Evidence for Euphoric Feet

As far as we can tell, Euphoric Feet has not gone through any type of scientific testing or clinical trials. However, scientists have analyzed other insoles to verify their benefits.

As WebMD explains, store-bought insoles “can provide cushioning and support,” helping to support your arches or provide extra cushioning for the heel, toes, and entire foot.

However, WebMD clarifies there’s a big difference between orthotics (which are customized to your feet) and inserts (which are not customized).

“Inserts might make your shoes more comfortable but aren’t designed to correct foot problems.”

Physio Room, meanwhile, claims that insoles provide “much needed pain relief for foot, ankle and leg injuries” and are linked with “a wide range of benefits.” By aligning your feet into a healthy position when standing, running, and walking, insoles can help relieve pain and improve physical movement.

Physio Room claims insoles can help existing foot disorders, prevent the development of foot conditions, increase foot flexibility, boost comfort, and help shoes last longer, among other benefits.

Do Euphoric Feet Actually Work

Each Euphoric Feet insole contains magnetic balancing stones to relieve pain. Can magnets in insoles really relieve foot pain? Or is this junk science?

You can find plenty of magnetic insoles for sale online and in specialty foot comfort stores. However, there’s limited evidence that magnetic insoles work as advertised.

This study analyzed double-blind trials on magnetic insoles. In these studies, participants used insoles with magnets and insoles without magnets. Both groups reported an improvement in their condition (including plantar fasciitis or non-specific foot pain). Researchers found no significant difference between the magnet group and the placebo group. Ultimately, no studies have definitively proven that magnetic insoles relieve pain or provide other benefits in humans.

Euphoric Feet Magnets

It’s also important to remember that the quality of insoles varies widely. There are plenty of cheap insoles that use cheap material with unproven benefits. Plus, insoles are not molded to your feet, which means they’ll work great for some people – but not others. As far as we can tell, Euphoric Feet is considered a cheap insole: it seems to be made in China and sold online at a hugely inflated premium.

For all of these reasons, there’s limited evidence that Euphoric Feet insoles provide any of their stated benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Euphoric Feet

Users should be exceedingly cautious about the products and services they use to alleviate their foot pain. This section will keep our consumers informed by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Euphoric Feet and the company behind this product.

Q: Who is behind Euphoric Feet?

A: There's a bit of a deficit of information on the company and minds who created this product. This should cause users to approach the company with relative caution. What we do know is that the products are likely manufactured in China, and that the company itself is based in Hong Kong. Consumers should conduct their own research and only buy from companies that they trust.

Q: How do you use Euphoric Feet?

A: Use is very simple. Consumers simply slide the soles into their shoe and then run/walk/move around as they usually would. This product works similarly to any other form of gel sole insert, so anyone who has a history of using these products should have no trouble using Euphoric Feet.

Q: Does Euphoric Feet work?

A: Evidence is conflicted about whether or not this product will work. There have been no scientific, peer-reviewed studies to-date about Euphoric Feet, but doctors and experts have repeatedly stressed that gel inserts can be effective in alleviating discomfort and pain in the feet. However, the one-size-fits-all approach is not always effective, some medical professionals stress, because truly effective insert solutions should be customized to the feet of the user.

Q: What sizes are available?

A: There is only one available size, which fits men's shoe sizes 6-12 and women's shoe sizes 7-12. This one-size-fits-all approach has been challenged by some experts, who stress that inserts should be personalized to individual user needs.

Euphoric Feet Pricing

Euphoric Feet is available exclusively online through, where the insoles are priced at $26 to $39 per pair, depending on how many you buy. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Pair: $38.99
  • 2 Pairs: $71.99
  • 3 Pairs: $89.99
  • 4 Pairs: $107.99
  • 5 Pairs: $128.99

Each pair includes two insoles (one for each foot or shoe). You can pay online via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal.

You can check a box to add “lifetime protection” to your insoles for $3.90. With lifetime protection, your insoles are covered against manufacturing defects for life.

Euphoric Feet Refund Policy

Euphoric Feet does not seem to have a money back guarantee. The company claims they will “exchange” your insole if you are unsatisfied, but they make no claims about returning your money:

“We know you’ll love Euphoric Feet™ Insoles because we do too! We take great pride in our product and every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Euphoric Feet™ purchase, we will gladly exchange it for you!”

Meanwhile, if you look in the terms and conditions, the company clarifies that all sales are final and no refunds are available:

“All products are sold “as is” and all sales are final. You assume the responsibility for your purchase and no refunds will be issued.”

To receive store credit or exchange Euphoric Feet for another insole, contact the company.

Final Thoughts

Euphoric Feet is a foot insole that makes enormous claims about its benefits. The manufacturer claims its insole can improve overall health, for example, and reduce pain all over the body.

There’s some evidence that well-designed insoles can relieve foot pain and reduce the risk of certain foot disorders. However, there’s no evidence that the one-size-fits-all design of Euphoric Feet will work as advertised. There’s also no evidence that magnets in insoles are any better than a placebo.

Euphoric Feet is also priced unusually high; you can find well-rated insoles on Amazon for $3 to $15, while each pair of Euphoric Feet is priced at around $35.

For all of these reasons, you’re better off buying insoles from a more trusted and proven insole retailer.

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