Top 20 Best EMF Radiation Protection Blockers, Zappers and Defense Shields

Reviewing the top 20 best EMF radiation protection blockers in 2024, plus a research guide on the most popular commonly asked questions about electromagnetic frequency defense shields and zappers.

Full Disclosure

EMF radiation blockers are the trendy new protective devices of 2024. As public scares, conspiracies, and concerns about 5G technology and subsequent radiation continue to spread, consumers are turning to radiation blockers to shield them from the potential threat that mobile devices present.

The EMF radiation blocking industry has grown into a multimillion-dollar space. Today, you can buy hundreds of different EMF zappers, 5G defense shields, EMF blockers, and other EMF radiation protection tools.

With so many EMF radiation protection tools to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. To make matters worse, the market is rife with scams, ineffective solutions, and grifters trying to make a quick buck off of the growing sector.

Today, we’re highlighting the best EMF radiation protection devices you can buy, including everything from home protection devices to smartphone cases to pocket protectors. Additionally, our guide will consolidate our extensive research to inform you of how these devices works, the risks of radiation, and the effectiveness of blockers.

Ranking the Top 20 Best EMF Radiation Blockers in 2024

Readers should always be aware that, like any ranking system, the suggestions and preferences below are inherently subjective. Our priorities might not align with your own, and users should use our rankings as an introduction to their own research on the topic, which should be extensive. The rankings below are in no particular order, but merely represent our top picks of radiation blockers in 2024.


Synergy Science Qi Max and Qi-Home Cell EMF Protection

Qi Max and Qi-Home Cell EMF Protection

The Qi Max EMF Protection and Qi-Home Cell™ EMF Protection products by Synergy Science is by far the most expensive electromagnetic frequency blockers on the market today. Aside from large makeshift ‘cloud busters' that may cost more, the EMF-blocking Synergy Science Qi-Home Cell or Qi Max radiation protection devices are definitely worth checking out first.

Before filing through all of the preventative ways to lower and reduce electromagnetic field poisoning through the various EMF zapping products, these two products are at the top of the list as to what is possible and trending within the emerging EMF protection industry as people look to take action towards blocking any possible radiation poisoning from 5G or wireless cellular technology.

Price: Qi-Home Cell EMF Protection = $116/mo or $3,579
Price: Qi Max EMF Protection = $211/mo or $6,497

See the Synergy Science Qi-Max and Qi-Home Cell EMF Protectors Here

Synergy Science Qi Me EMF Protection

Qi Me EMF Protection

Everything read about the Qi Max and Qi-Home Cell EMF blockers applies to the Qi Me EMF protection devices, except for a large area or whole home, these are meant for personal space defense. Designed and ready for on the go movement, the effective electromagnetic field size is estimated at 3-5 feet.

Between the two products above and the Qi Me for personal EMF protection, they are a few of the higher priced devices to research further on. While the most expensive personal EMF blocker does not always imply the most effective or best rated, in this case these products are worthy to start with in exploring the budding EMF protection market as the spectrum expands into new technologies and preventative measures consumers are starting to take.

Price: $49/mo or $550

See the Synergy Science Qi Me EMF Protection Device Here

DefenderShield DefenderPad Laptop Protector

DefenderShield DefenderPad Laptop Protector

DefenderShield makes a popular EMF blocker called the DefenderPad. It’s designed to be placed under your laptop during use. It works with laptops up to 17”, protecting against radiation and heat from your laptop during use.

You can order the DefenderPad in multiple colors, including black, blue, grey, purple, and turquoise. Priced at $106, it’s not the cheapest EMF blocker available today. However, DefenderShield has invested in legitimate FCC-certified lab testing that shows their technology blocks “up to 99% of EMF radiation from 0-10 GHz”, including 5G radiation, Wi-Fi radiation, Bluetooth radiation, extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, heat radiation, and all other types of RF and non-RF radiation.

Price: $106

Get DefenderShield DefenderPad Laptop Protector on Amazon

Mission Darkness TitanRF Faraday Fabric

Mission Darkness TitanRF Faraday Fabric

The TitanRF Faraday Fabric is marketed as an all-in-one protection device. Mission Darkness describes it as a “military grade shielding fabric” that protects against Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EMI, RFID, and other wireless signals.

You can buy TitanRF from Amazon in 1, 6, 20, or 50 yard options. You buy the fabric in bulk, then cut it to size. Some people buy the fabric and cut it into a blanket, for example, and hold that blanket on their lap when using a laptop. Others cut the fabric to fit a smartphone, router, or any other device. The 1 yard option is priced at $23, while the 50 yard fabric is priced at $995.

If you want an easy-to-use faraday system that can be customized to protect anything, then the Mission Darkness TitanRF Faraday Fabric is a popular option for EMF radiation protection.

Price: $23 to $1,000

Get Mission Darkness TitanRF Faraday Fabric on Amazon

Total EMF Shield

Total EMF Shield

Total EMF Shield is one of the oldest EMF radiation protection products on this list. The manufacturer has been producing this item since before Wi-Fi existed. People have been using Total EMF Shield long before cell phones, computers, and even cordless phones became popular.

Today, Total EMF Shield continues to be a tried-and-true option for those concerned about 5G. The high-priced device uses a single coil to cover 20,000 square feet of space with EMF protection. It’s portable enough to be taken with you anywhere you go. The manufacturer claims the device protects against “harmful grid lines, geomagnetic disturbances, artificially generated electromagnetic standing waves, extremely low frequencies…and other harmful waves”. That protection comes from the Tesla coil inside, which “cancels out the disturbance”.

Price: $320

Get Total EMF Shield on Amazon

QuanThor EMF Protection Shield Sticker for Smartphones

QuanThor EMF Protection Shield Sticker for Smartphones

QuanThor makes a variety of trendy products, including EMF protection equipment and essential oil diffusers. The company also sells some of the best-rated and most-popular EMF protection stickers on Amazon.

QuanThor’s EMF Protection Shield Sticker counteracts harmful effects of EMF and EMR radiation generated by laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, routers, and other electronic devices. Using the sticker is easy: just peel and stick it to the back of your smartphone. Although the sticker is marketed primarily to smartphone users, it can be attached to any electronic device for EMF protection.

Price: $42

Get QuanThor EMF Protection Shield for Smartphones on Amazon

QuanThor S-Pocket 10-in-1 Protection

QuanThor S-Pocket 10-in-1 Protection

Want to protect yourself from EMF radiation on-the-go? Quanthor makes another popular EMF neutralizing device called the S-Pocket. It’s a palm-sized piece of fabric that you can slide on your pocket to protect yourself on the go.

Quanthor calls their S-Pocket a “personal energy field device”, claiming that it’s made “from multi-component premium elements to harmonize the human energy field”. Those elements include rare materials, special oxides, jade, galena, zinc, gold, silver, titanium, selenium, and magnesium, all of which purportedly soak up EMF radiation around you.

Price: $35

Get QuanThor S-Pocket 10-in-1 Protection on Amazon

DefenderShield Smartphone Cases

DefenderShield Smartphone Cases

DefenderShield makes a variety of smartphone cases for all types of modern Androids and iPhones. Instead of individually reviewing each one, we’ll bundle them into this product listing.

Each DefenderShield phone cases is available in multiple colors. Each case also claims to block up to 99% of all iPhone 5G and EMF radiation (including RF and ELF) from the front of your phone. That means you can still use your phone as normal, but you’re shielded from the radiation coming out of your phone during use.

The cases also come with a wallet, letting you store your cards and protect them from RFID thieves. Overall, DefenderShield claims its phone cases provide 99% protection while blocking “all radiation sources”.

Price: $50 to $80

Get DefenderShield Smartphone Cases on Amazon

SafeSleeve EMF Protection iPhone Case

SafeSleeve EMF Protection iPhone Case

If you want EMF protection for your iPhone, then the SafeSleeve may be the right choice for you. SafeSleeve is a smartphone case that blocks RFID and EMF radiation. It’s designed to fit the iPhone X and iPhone XS, blocking up to 99% of EMF cell phone radiation while still allowing you to use your iPhone.

SafeSleeve also claims to use “military grade shielding”, providing you with the ultimate protection against not just EMF radiation – but also RFID thieves. The sleeve comes with features you don’t see in other smartphone cases, like a wallet for your cards, a video viewing stand, and vegan leather. As with most other EMF blockers listed here, SafeSleeve claims to block up to 99% of RF radiation and up to 92% of ELF radiation based on FCC accredited lab results.

Price: $50

Get SafeSleeve EMF Protection iPhone Case on Amazon

Aulterra EMF Home Protection Anti Radiation USB

Aulterra EMF Home Protection Anti Radiation USB

Aulterra’s Whole House USB claims to neutralize EMF radiation within your home, preventing EMF radiation from affecting your DNA. The Aulterra Whole House USB uses “nanotechnology” and a “patented, published, and peer reviewed” system to neutralize EMF radiation and protect your health.

All you need to do is plug the USB stick into your laptop or an outlet in your home. The device goes to work instantly. Aulterra offers two versions of its anti-EMF USB stick, including the Whole House USB and the Whole Car USB.

How does the USB stick work? The Aulterra Whole House USB contains “a proprietary blend of compounds made up of paramagnetic minerals”. These minerals neutralize EMFs, including 5G radiation that enters your home. The USB stick uses no electricity and will cover 5,000 square feet of space.

Price: $80

Get Aulterra EMF Home Protection Anti Radiation USB on Amazon

Router Guard

Router Guard

Router Guard is a metal mesh box that claims to prevent EMF radiation from your wireless router. You place your router in the box, run the wires through the side of the box, then continue using your internet as normal.

Router Guard claims to block approximately 85% of the EMF and RF radiation emitted by your router using faraday cage technology. You can still use your router, and your internet will work without issue. There’s no installation or maintenance required: you literally just place your router inside a metal box.

Price: $70

Get Router Guard on Amazon

QuanThor Anti EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet

QuanThor Anti EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet

This is the third QuanThor product on this list. The EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet claims to produce 1,200 negative ions, giving you four-in-one protection against EMF radiation. The four methods of protection include negative ions, germanium, far infrared rays, and a neodymium magnet. Together, these items protect your body from the harmful effects of radiation.

QuanThor also claims you can relieve arthritis pain, carpal tunnel, and migraines by wearing their bracelet regularly. They also claim it “stimulates the immune system”, helping the body “fight disease”, although these benefits aren’t explained in detail.

Price: $53

Get QuanThor Anti EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet on Amazon

PureGoods EMF Protection Stickers

PureGoods EMF Protection Stickers

PureGoods makes a set of EMF protection stickers that claim to prevent harmful radiation from your cell phone, laptop, and other electronics. The stickers, according to PureGoods, emit 1,500 to 2,000 negative ions, which “negates the negative health effects” of EMF radiation.

You can buy PureGoods EMF Protection Stickers in a 10-pack or 40-pack. The stickers attach to anything – like the back of your cell phone. A single sticker will allow you and your loved ones to live “in the healthiest best environment possible”.

Price: $40

Get PureGoods EMF Protection Stickers on Amazon

Orgonite Andy Tower Busters

Orgonite Andy Tower Busters

Orgonite Andy sells a popular set of orgonite “pucks” through Amazon. You can buy them in packages of 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10. Each puck easily fits into the palm of your hand. You leave the orgonite pucks around your home, then enjoy 24/7 protection from all types of radiation.

The Small Black Sun Orgonite Tower Busters are made from a blend of copper, steel, and brass metals. Orgonite Andy adds a special “Black Sun Blend” to this concoction to create its Tower Busters. There’s also a copper spiral to “boost the flow of the energy vortex”. The end result is 100% protection against radiation, improved self-cleansing properties in your environment, and other health benefits.

Orgonite Andy’s Tower Busters are very well-rated on Amazon, currently holding an average rating of 4.5/5 with 150+ reviews.

Price: $40

Get Orgonite Andy Tower Busters on Amazon

RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Sleeve

RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Sleeve

RadiArmor’s Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Sleeve is an EMF blocking pouch that fits most modern smartphones. The backside of the sleeve is lined with a proprietary anti-radiation material to create an EMF blocking barrier between you and your cell phone while still ensuring normal cell phone reception. The signal can go out to the rest of the world, but the sleeve blocks the radiation from entering your head.

RadiArmor claims their device blocks over 99% of RF radiation. They also claim to have tested their device at “an FCC accredtied labortory” (yes, both of those words are misspelled on the official website). The sleeve is large, and it may be tough to fit the sleeve and a smartphone inside a normal pocket. However, if you’re looking for on-the-go EMF radiation protection at a reasonable price, then the RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Sleeve is one option.

Price: $30

Get RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Sleeve on Amazon

DefenderShield Universal EMF & 5G Radiation Protection Pouch

DefenderShield Universal EMF & 5G Radiation Protection Pouch

DefenderShield appears multiple times on this list. They’re one of the best-known names in the EMF radiation blocking space – and the company’s Universal EMF & 5G Radiation Protection Pouch is no exception.

Unlike the individual smartphone cases listed above, the DefenderShield pouch is designed to hold anything – including smartphones and other electronic devices up to 4 inches wide. The pouch protects from wireless EMF radiation and 5G frequencies, preventing you from experiencing the harmful effects of radiation.

Price: $26

Get DefenderShield EMF & 5G Radiation Protection Pouch on Amazon

Lifewinico EMF Protection Shield

Lifewinico EMF Protection Shield

A company called Lifewinico makes an EMF protection shield that claims to provide 360 degree EMF protection using “Tesla technology”. That technology comes in the form of a radiation-absorbing sticker.

Just peel the sticker and attach it to the back of your smartphone, tablet, or anything else. The sticker will provide “broad protection” against all types of EMF radiation. Lifewinico describes their device as an “award winning” product, although they do not disclose which award the product has won. The made-in-Japan product also tosses around terms like “energy saver chip” and “scalar energy”, although it’s never fully explained how this sticker prevents the health effects of EMF radiation.

Price: $12

Get Lifewinico EMF Protection Shield on Amazon

Dr. Valerie Nelson EMF Radiation Neutralizers

Dr. Valerie Nelson EMF Radiation Neutralizers

Dr. Valerie Nelson makes EMF Radiation Neutralizers sold on Amazon by 10-pack. Each neutralizer is a button or tag that can be placed anywhere it needs to go. You can slide it into your pocket, for example, or attach it to electronic devices, cell phones, tablets, computers, and other electronics.

How do the EMF Radiation Neutralizers work? The company claims to have “programmed” its EMF radiation tags “with 30+ homeopathic frequencies” to neutralize harmful radiation. It’s unclear what any of this means or how it protects your health from radiation. However, all “programming” is done in the United States by a family-owned business.

Price: $50

Get Dr. Valerie Nelson EMF Radiation Neutralizers on Amazon

Healing Crystals Chakra Stones Orgone Pyramid

Healing Crystals Chakra Stones Orgone Pyramid

Healing Crystals India sells a set of healing stones that claim to generate positive energy using a pyramid. The orgonite pyramid “helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and aid in strengthening our energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency,” explains the official description.

The pyramid requires no electricity to run. Just leave it on a table and the pyramid will neutralize all harmful radiation around you, including radiation from cell phones, towers, Wi-Fi, computers, and more. Two different pyramid sizes are available, including a 50mm to 60mm option and a 65mm to 75mm option.

Price: $16 to $19

Get Healing Crystals Chakra Stones Orgone Pyramid on Amazon

Meterk EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

Meterk EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

Meterk’s EMF Meter isn’t technically a protective device, but it’s still a must-have item for anyone concerned about EMF radiation or 5G. It’s a trusted, popular, and proven EMF meter that detects electromagnetic field radiation wherever you go.

Concerned about EMF radiation in your house? Until you buy the EMF meter, you can’t be sure. Interested in whether your new EMF protection fabric is working as advertised? Use the EMF meter to measure the difference. The Meterk EMF meter has a straightforward design with a digital display and four simple buttons. It requires three AAA batteries to run (batteries included in purchase).

Price: $46

Get Meterk EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector on Amazon

How We Ranked

All EMF and 5G blockers make similar promises: they claim to protect you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation in various ways. We used the following metrics to separate good and bad EMF blockers:

Scientific Evidence: Some EMF blockers are backed by no scientific evidence whatsoever. Other companies have invested in legitimate laboratory testing.

Price and Value: EMF blockers vary widely in price. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $2,000 on an EMF blocker. We featured products for all price ranges, although we emphasized good value across all products.

Manufacturer Reputation: The 5G blocker industry is surging, and there are plenty of low-quality manufacturers entering the space. We emphasized high-quality manufacturers with long, proven reputations over newer, less reputable companies.

Transparency: Some EMF blockers disclosed the metals used in their devices, while others refused to disclose anything. We appreciated transparency.

Ease of Use: A device might block 100% of EMF radiation – but it also prevents you from using your phone or wireless router. Or, a cell phone case might be annoying to handle. We emphasized good ease of use.

Multi-Radiation Blocking: Good EMF blockers prevent RF, EMF, 5G, 4G, ELF, and other types of radiation.

Advertised Health Benefits: Many EMF blockers go overboard with health benefits, claiming their devices protect you against everything from cancer to the flu. Other EMF blockers are more reasonable and trustworthy.

Safety: Some EMF blockers actually double radiation in use. The shield that’s supposed to protect you from radiation actually acts as a mirror, reflecting the radiation back towards you.

Who Should Use EMF Blockers?

EMF blocker

EMF blockers are for anyone concerned about the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, radio frequency (RF) radiation, 5G technology, 4G signals, wireless technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, and other forms of radiation.

Every day, the electronic devices around you emit this radiation. Your smartphone emits radiation. Your wireless router emits radiation. Even human beings emit a very small amount of radiation.

Radiation is all around you – but it’s avoidable thanks to EMF blockers and similar products.

Evidence linking EMF radiation to health problems is mixed, at best. Most health authorities believe that EMF radiation is not harmful at the amounts emitted by smartphones and other consumer electronics. However, certain studies have suggested that even small amounts of radiation are linked to long-term health problems.

If you believe that EMF, RF, ELF, and other radiation is harmful, then you may want to buy one of the EMF blockers listed above.

It’s not just for conspiracy theorists: many of the EMF blockers listed above are marketed towards pregnant women. Pregnant women may want to do everything in their power to protect a child, and that means blocking radiation using EMF blockers.

Other EMF blockers are marketed towards those living in busy cities surrounded by signals. Your body might be bombarded by radiation every day. Yes, this radiation is not harmful at low dosages. But when you’re surrounded by thousands of devices, the radiation can add up.

Do EMF Blockers Actually Work?

Many of the EMF blockers listed above claim to prevent 99% or even 100% of all radiation, giving you complete protection against harmful rays.

Some of the EMF blockers even claim to have been tested at FCC accredited laboratories, where they were proven to block 99% of EMF radiation and 92% of ELF radiation.

Do EMF blockers actually work? Or is it all junk science?

The “FCC certified” label is extremely controversial. An investigation into EMF blocker products revealed that these products are deliberately confusing customers with FCC lab results:

“Take a closer look at the product claims. Many refer to their “shielding technology” and not the product itself. In many cases, the “FCC Certified” labs they cite are actually testing how much RF the raw shielding material can block. They’re testing the materials used in the products. They’re not testing how much RF the actual products block while on a real-world phone.”

Let’s say the EMF blocker uses lead, which has been proven in multiple scientific settings to block radiation. The EMF blocker adds a couple particles of lead to its product, then claims that the EMF blocker is 100% effective because it contains lead. Do you see why this is a problem?

Some labs do test EMF blockers in real-world situations using cell phones. However, even these tests are problematic. The labs use a controlled signal generator that emits a constant signal. In the real world, radio frequency (RF) fluctuates based on cellphone signal and power.

4G and 5G networks use radio frequency (RF), and your cell phone emits this radiation. RF spikes at the beginning of the call (after dialing) and drops significantly during the rest of the call. EMF blocker companies scare you into thinking that your cell phone is constantly emitting high doses of radiation all the time – which isn’t always the case.

So how do EMF blockers work in real world phone calls? One electrical engineer and EMF specialist teamed up with journalists to find out. They used three RF meters set at fixed positions next to an iPhone. Then, they tested some of the leading EMF blockers on the market, including the SafeSleeve, DefenderShield, and other EMF blockers.

After getting a baseline ambient RF reading in the room, the team tested the phones in four different positions, including with the case closed or open and facing in different directions.

After all of this work, the team found that EMF blockers worked as advertised: the EMF blocker flip cases reduced RF by an average of 85% to 90% out of the face of the phone when the front cover was closed.

However, not all cases were this effective. Some of the cases actually amplified the amount of RF radiation coming from the phone.

The team tested one flip case with the case folded behind the phone, which is how most people use their phones in the real world. They found that the case actually doubled the amount of RF coming from the face of the phone. The frequencies of the phone were reflected “like a mirror” into the face of the user.

There’s a reason why DefenderShield’s EMF blockers are some of the top-rated options available today: DefenderShield has invested in FCC-certified testing to prove their devices work.

DefenderShield’s Testing page proves that its DefenderShield technology blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation from 0 to 10 GHz, 99.9% of radio frequency (RF) EMF radiation (including 5G, cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth), and 98.25% of extremely low frequency (ELF) emissions. These are real tests conducted by a real laboratory using authentic DefenderShield products.

We’ve listed several EMF blocking stickers above. However, there’s limited evidence that EMF stickers work as advertised to block radiation. These stickers make big promises about their effectiveness, claiming to block 99% of radiation simply by sticking to the back of a smartphone or tablet. In reality, EMF blocking stickers are backed by limited scientific evidence. The FTC has previously charged EMF blocking sticker makers with making false claims.

Some of the EMF zappers, blockers, shields, and other products on this list aren’t backed by any scientific evidence. There’s limited evidence, for example, that any of the “stones” or minerals can “soak up” EMF radiation or significantly reduce ambient radiation in a room – despite what companies tell you.

Overall, the right EMF blockers are proven to block radiation. There’s conflicting evidence over whether this radiation is harmful, but there’s no question that certain EMF blockers work as advertised to block radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions About EMF Blockers

With the massive misinformation campaign surrounding EMF radiation and blockers, it's no wonder that consumers are often confused and disoriented when first entering this expansive space. This section should help by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about EMF and radiation blockers.

Q: What is an EMF Blocker?

A: An electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation blocker is a physical device, case, or other product that blocks radiation from an electronic device. All electronic devices and living organisms emit radiation. EMF blockers block this radiation. The amount of radiation emitted by these devices is generally considered to be negligible, although some researchers suggest that extensive exposure could have negative effects.

Q: Why should you block EMF radiation?

A: Some studies have shown that EMF radiation is linked with health problems, even at low dosages. Other studies have shown no connection between health issues and the radiation emitted by electronic devices. Depending on who you believe, you may or may not want to block EMF radiation.

Q: Do EMF blockers really work?

A: The EMF blockers made by reputable companies do seem to block EMF radiation as advertised, preventing 85% to 90% of RF radiation from cell phones, for example. However, some EMF blockers are made by less reputable companies and backed by no science whatsoever. Additionally, we cannot speak to the legitimacy of any health claims by EMF blocker manufacturers, as the scientific community is not yet sure that EMF radiation is dangerous when it comes from phones.

Q: How do you know if an EMF blocker is working?

A: The best way to tell if your EMF blocker is working is to buy an EMF meter or a gaussmeter. You can find them online for $30 to $60. However, buyers should be cautious, as a number of scam products exist in this market for EMF meters.

Q: What types of radiation does an EMF blocker block?

A: EMF blockers can prevent radio frequency (RF) radiation, extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, and other types of radiation. 4G and 5G devices and many other wireless products emit RF radiation.

Q: Is there any science behind EMF blockers?

A: Yes, many EMF blockers use metals and substances that have been proven to block certain radiation in lab and real world settings. However, some EMF blockers use junk science and are backed by no scientific evidence.

Q: Do phone radiation blockers work?

A: Phone radiation blockers work when used properly. The best phone radiation blockers use a case to shield your head against RF radiation while still allowing the cell phone signal to leave from the far side of the phone. Your phone gets a signal and your head stays protected.

Q: What are the best quality EMF radiation blockers?

A: The devices listed above are some of the best EMF radiation blockers available today. QuanThor, DefenderShield, and other companies are well-known in the EMF blocking space.

Q: What materials can block radiation?

A: The most common radiation blocking materials included on EMF blockers include aluminum, lead, tin, tungsten, and bismuth, among other items. The material used in these products varies greatly, so it is smart to research to figure out which material you prefer before making a purchase.

Q: What’s a faraday cage?

A: A faraday cage is an enclosure that blocks electromagnetic fields. You can create a faraday shield with a continuous covering of conductive material – or a mesh of such material.

Q: Does a faraday cage block EMF radiation?

A: Yes, faraday cages can work as EMF blockers. Router Guard, for example, wraps your wireless router in a faraday shield, blocking 85% of EMF radiation while still letting your router operate.

Q: How do EMF blocker stickers work?

A: EMF blocker stickers are backed by limited scientific evidence, and they are generally considered to be scams by most professionals within the industry. We caution consumers against purchasing EMF blocking stickers from any company.

Q: Can phones cause radiation?

A: Yes, phones emit radio frequency (RF) radiation during use. This amount of radiation is generally very low, and most scientists believe it is too low to negatively impact the human body. However, some advocates cite evidence to the contrary.

Q: Do phone cases block radiation?

A: Yes, phone cases can block radiation, especially some of the EMF blocking phone cases listed above.

Q: How much radiation does a phone emit?

A: An average phone emits 1.24 to 2.00 watts per kilogram of radiation. However, radiation emission varies widely based on power usage. A phone can use 2.00 watts at the start of a call, for example, and just 0.02 watts during optimal operation.

Q: Can Wi-Fi cause cancer?

A: There’s no evidence that Wi-Fi routers or Wi-Fi devices cause cancer. Studies show that Wi-Fi routers and Wi-Fi devices emit radiation that does not have significant effects on your health.

Q: Is Bluetooth bad for your brain?

A: One review study found a connection between headset usage and brain tumors. Generally, however, there’s no evidence that Bluetooth is bad for your brain or harms your health.

Q: Is it bad to sleep with your phone charging next to you?

A: Some studies have shown an increased risk of health problems and cancer when leaving a phone charging next to you. Other evidence, however, shows it’s perfectly okay to sleep with your phone charging next to you.

Q: Is 5G dangerous?

A: There’s no significant evidence proving that 5G is dangerous to humans. However, many people are pushing back against the rollout of 5G, claiming 5G is unsafe and unproven technology.

Q: How do you get rid of EMF in the house?

A: The best way to get rid of EMF radiation in your home is to remove all electronic devices immediately. Or, if you don’t want to remove all electronics, just power everything down at night, disconnecting everything from all power sources.

Q: How do you protect yourself from home EMF radiation?

A: Turn off your Wi-Fi router at night, turn off your cell phone at night, don’t sleep with your phone recharging next to you, use wired connections instead of wireless connections, and install EMF blocking systems to protect yourself from EMF in your home.

Q: How do you protect yourself from 5G?

A: If you believe 5G is linked with harmful effects, then you may want to buy an EMF shield or move to a location far away from 5G antennas and equipment.

Q: Do EMF protection devices work in 2024?

A: Many of the EMF blockers listed above are backed by real, scientific evidence. However, there are also plenty of EMF blockers that do not work and are not backed by science. Always conduct thorough research before using any radiation blocker from any company in the contemporary market.

Q: What is an EMF shield?

A: An EMF shield or EMF blocker is any device or system that blocks electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. EMF shields include cases, covers, fabrics, metals, and other materials.

Q: Do crystals and minerals block EMF?

A: Many EMF blockers listed above claim to use crystals and minerals to block EMF. However, there are no studies showing that these materials block EMF radiation, and EMF meters do not register any changes when these tools are used.

Q: Where is cell phone radiation emitted?

A: Your cell phone emits radiation in all directions, including the bottom, top, sides, front, and back. Most radiation is emitted from where the radio frequency (RF) transmitters are located.

Q: Is it bad to have a laptop on my lap?

A: Having a laptop on your lap will directly expose your body to ELF, RF, and heat radiation, which is linked with health risks like fertility issues in men, DNA fragmentation, and ‘toasted skin syndrome', among other issues. However, it’s unlikely that ordinary laptop use will cause significant health issues.

Q: Will you miss phone calls when using an EMF blocker?

A: If your device is in a good EMF blocker, then that EMF blocker prevents any signals from going in or out of the device. However, most EMF blocker cases are designed to allow radiation into the far side of the phone while blocking it from the front of the phone. You can use your phone as normal without being exposed to EMFs.

Q: How does EMF paint work?

A: EMF protective paints are generally made with silicate (or potassium silicate). This (typically) black paint is applied to the wall first, and then you can paint over top of it. EMF paint is expensive and may not be as effective as other EMF blocking technologies.

Final Thoughts

Consumers should approach this growing industry with caution. Science is still not quite in-agreement about how and to what extent EMF radiation can influence the human body, and conspiracy theorists are quick to use global fear of 5G to amplify its negative effects and cause panic.

However, users that do believe that EMF radiation might have long-term effects on the human body might consider using an EMF blocker. Our vetted list of the best picks for EMF blockers in 2024 should help users begin their research journey towards an effective and safe EMF blocker for their home electronic devices.

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