Dodow: Natural Sleep Aid Device and Breathing Assistant

Dodow natural sleep aid assistant is a light metronome device system designed by insomniacs to help users fall asleep faster, naturally without any medicine, using a breathing technique and a gadget.

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Put An End to Frustrating, Sleepless Nights?

Dodow is a sleep aid gadget that emits light meant to create more relaxed resting environment with less active thought patterns to promote better sleep using the sleep assistant device with a natural breathing technique.

As a drug-free, battery-powered, portable and wireless rest enhancing device, the Dodow sleep aid device is one of the most popular all-natural light metronome systems available in 2020 and is designed to help switch off your busy mind at night and fall asleep up to 2.5X faster.

Let's review Dodow sleep enhancing metronome-light device's benefits and highlight the features of this trending gadget to see if it can actually quite and restore your mind's natural ability to fall asleep.

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What is Dodow?

What is Dodow?

Getting a good night of sleep is crucial for the human body and for the brain in general, but there are many people that consistently suffer from insomnia in some way. Some people try exercise or change their eating regimen to get the desired results, but the fact remains that it can still be fairly difficult to get to sleep. However, the creators behind Dodow believe they have a solution.

Dodow offers a specially designed metronome light that creates a therapeutic atmosphere for the user almost similar to what some might reference with yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy. According to the creators, this type of light offers a hypnotic quality and is “scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns,” creating an atmosphere that is easy to fall asleep in. There’s no aromatherapy or chemicals associated with this device, and it simply uses the lights to help the brain avoid focusing on stressful thoughts.

Without this stress, the brain is able to relax quicker and free the mind to wander into dreamland, as the lights guide the users breathing patterns. By following the pattern, the user’s breathing rate should lower down to 6bpm, while simultaneously reducing how often the user exhales, which shows the mind how to rest adequately. Many of the users end up using this device frequently enough that they are able to fall asleep eventually without using Dodow, unlike consumers that often use sleeping pills that can be addictive.

Dodow Benefits

  • Take your mind’s focus off busy, stressful thoughts
  • Calms and quiets your mind
  • Slows your breaths which relaxes your mind and body
  • Guides long exhales which release CO2 in your bloodstream and makes you feel sleepy
  • Reduces brainwave frequency which naturally happens right before you fall asleep
  • Switches off the fight or flight response, which removes anxiety and really helps calm you down

Frequently Asked Questions About Dodow

official dodow sleep aid device

Here are the answers to some of the questions that consumers have about Dodow and its use.

Q: How does Dodow Enhance Sleep?

A: Dodow displays a light pattern that is naturally calming to the brain to help users sleep better. Users will use the Dodow natural sleep aid device with a breathing technique and brain training techniques that follow the light metronome system's guidance where the gadget helps guide sleepers to breathe-in when the halo grows and breathe-out when the halo light shrinks. This breathing rhythm combined with the Dodow sleep enhancing gadget benefits are supposed to help alleviate stress and anxiety while slowing a racing mind that promotes falling asleep faster and deeper.

Q: How long does Dodow Sleep Aid Device light pattern go on?

A: Users can choose between an 8-minute cycle or a 20-minute cycle of light patterns. Dodowers who have used the slow, regulated breathing techniques which is said to benefit metabolism and relax your body and mind. After the time is up, the light shuts off. These timed-setting fall-to-sleep faster sessions are said to be natural, non-habit forming alternatives that can be effective at an inexpensive cost. Each eight or twenty minute session offers a different approach, but both will induce the benefits of how slow deep breathing shifts the autonomic nervous system and gain the natural-tiredness effects similar to when performing a typical cardiac coherence exercise.

Q: What does Dodow use as a power source?

A: There are no plugs or adapters needed for this device. Instead, consumers just need three AAA batteries to keep the device going.

Q: Will users have to always use the Dodow to get to sleep?

A: No. This device is designed as a way to regulate the brain’s calmness at bedtime, conditioning the brain to naturally relax. Over time, many users no longer have to turn on Dodow to sleep.

Q: What is the Dodow device doesn’t work?

A: Every order is covered by a 100-day return policy for a refund. There are scientific studies that support the use of breathing rhythms and computerized light metronomes but it may not be beneficial to all users for a variety of reasons given your current setup and health status. In reality, sleep and its restorative, memory consolidation benefits should be a top wellness priority for all individuals at any cost. However, given the generous refund policy, a three month window is ample amount of time to see whether or not Dodow can improve sleep cycles.

For all other questions, reach out to the customer service team.

Purchasing Dodow

The only place to purchase the Dodow device is through the official website, and consumers have the ability to purchase one, two, or three devices at once. The total cost per unit decreases as the quantity increases, so consumers that want the best price per device may lean towards the bigger packages.

Choose from:

  • One Dodow device for $59, plus the cost of shipping and handling
  • Two Dodow devices for $88.50 ($44.25 each), with free shipping
  • Three Dodow devices for $118 (about $39.33 each), with free shipping

All of these products come with a 100-day money-back guarantee, in the event that the user doesn’t find the sleep relief they hoped to achieve.

Contacting Dodow Customer Service

Even with the information on the website, consumers may have other questions about the product. The customer service team can be reached by sending a message to [email protected].

Dodow Summary

Dodow review

Dodow offers the ability for anyone, adult or child, to get the sleep that their brain desperately needs without a pill, tea, or exercise to induce it. Only requiring a few batteries, consumers can bring this device wherever they go to help them sleep better, whether they are home or travelling. At a low cost, consumers may even find enough wiggle room to get one for every bedroom in their home.

Reviews of Dodow show the product has a four out of five star rating on major retail platforms and that over a half a million people have purchased the natural sleep aid device. Given its 100 night, 100% money back guarantee, it's hard to sleep on an easy to use, convenient device that helps enhance sleep for the next three months risk-free and could turn into a lifetime of optimal sleep, effortlessly.

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