ColonCare360 Complex: Reviewing the Constipation Aid, Digestion Support

Stop Aging Now ColonCare360 Complex is a digestive support supplement that relieves occasional constipation due to a natural, triple-action formula for healthy bowel movements and softening stools.

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ColonCare360 Complex is a digestive health supplement by Stop Aging Now that uses natural ingredients to make bowel movements substantially easier for individuals that periodically experience constipation. While the triple action formula will need to be taken daily, the impact is much less severe than taking a laxative to temporarily relieve the problem.


What Can ColonCare360 Complex Do?

What Can ColonCare360 Complex Do?

Bowel movements can tell a story about the GI tract health of the body. “Wavelike contractions of the colon muscles, that move waste through your system and out of your body,” this necessary function purges the body of every bit of waste that it produces, parasites, toxins, food by-products can disrupt how your body functions causing the rest of the body's systems within to not function properly.

According to most doctors, every person should have a bowel movement one to three times a day have healthy movement, which basically means that it shouldn’t require much strain and should be a balance between soft and firm.

While there are many people that don’t pay that much attention to what is left in the toilet bowl when they are done in a restroom, it is sometimes a necessity. Everything from age to stress and even dehydration can make a difference in how regular a bowel movement could be, and the pain from constipation can be anything but mild. While laxatives and stool softeners may help for a moment, they don’t address the core issue that the body faces.

The Stop Aging Now ColonCare360 Complex tackles this issue by improving the climate of the body from within. As consumers use ColonCare360 supplement, the creators claim that they will:

  • Have healthier and more regular bowel movements
  • Reduce constipation

Referred to as a “triple-action” formula, ColonCare360 Complex deals with improving three areas that the body needs to be kept healthy to get results. Those areas include offering enough fiber to collect all waste, softening the stool for less strain and a gentler impact, and stimulating the muscle contractions of the colon. With this approach, consumers are able to regain their balance in the body once again with the daily use of ColonCare360 Complex treatment.

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How ColonCare360 Complex Works

How ColonCare360 Complex Works

The whole success of ColonCare360 Complex centers around the use of natural ingredients that are meant to make stools softer and nourish the digestive system’s general functions. Those ingredients include:

  • Psyllium husk
  • Cape aloe
  • Bacillus coagulans
  • Prune powder
  • Ginger extract
  • DGL licorice root
  • L-glutamine

Psyllium husk is one of the star players in this formula, offering a healthy source of fiber that can pull in water and eliminate waste throughout the gut. Fiber is essential for the body’s digestive process, helping to create softer stools with the right amount of water and waste. However, the type of fiber used can mean the difference between substantial gas and bloating versus none at all. Psyllium husk is used to focus more on the latter.

Cape aloe is crucial to peristalsis in the colon, which is just the process that pushes waste out of the body. Combined with psyllium husk, this ingredient can naturally push along the process that is otherwise impeded while constipated.

Bacillus coagulans is a probiotic strain of bacteria, helping to eliminate the toxins in the body while increasing the healthy microorganisms in the gut. With this type of targeted relief, consumers will experience more bowl movements, less bloating, and less gas.

Prunes are often used for consumers struggling with constipation, since they have a natural sugar alcohol called sorbitol. Though they are a good source of fiber, sugar alcohols are able to bring in more water to the bowels and cause the user to have a bowl movement, but with greater ease. In fact, too big of a serving of prunes can cause the body to have a completely different issue with their stools.

Ginger has been used for centuries for its ability to soothe an upset stomach. Like psyllium husk, it eliminates the risk of gas and bloating, while stimulating the natural laxative benefit offered by prunes and other ingredients in ColonCare360 Complex.

Licorice root helps to soften stools without distressing the stomach, as it creates more mucus in the bowels. This mucus lubricates stools and helps to reduce the strain that can be placed on the body while trying to push out waste from constipation.

L-glutamine is included for the way it can line the intestines with healthy epithelial cells. It is also often used in body-building formulas for muscle metabolism that other amino acids cannot offer.

Where to Get Stop Aging Now ColonCare360 Complex

Where to Get Stop Aging Now ColonCare360 Complex

Since ColonCare360 Complex was created by a brand called Stop Aging Now, it can be found on the company’s official website for the best pricing and the chance for auto-shipments.

A one-time purchase is available for $32.99 for a single bottle, though the website also offers a three-month supply for $89.97.

For consumers that want to sign up for a subscription, the only package option is a 3-bottle order. This package is shipped out every three months and will save $15 total on the order. The total cost of this package is $83.97.

Frequently Asked Questions: Know More About ColonCare360 Complex

The market is filled with solutions for digestive issues and constipation. Let’s go over a little more information about ColonCare360 Complex that can help customers make a decision.

Q. What does ColonCare360 Complex do?

A. ColonCare360 Complex acts as both a stool softener, a laxative, and a digestive health aid by triggering peristalsis, creating bulk and as a stool softener.

Q. How fast does ColonCare360 Complex work?

A. Thanks to the ingredients like cape aloe, the body should start to feel relief from constipation in just a few hours as ColonCare360 Complex stimulates peristalsis.

Q. How much of the ColonCare360 Complex formula needs to be taken daily?

A. Users will need to take two capsules daily. Each capsule should be taken before a meal, but should be broken up into two meals?

Q. How long can ColonCare360 Complex safely be taken?

A. The company recommends taking ColonCare360 Complex no longer than 14 consecutive days, stating that using this formula for longer may create dependence on it.And ColonCare360 is made in an FDA inspected and registered facility to meet all the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines.

Q. When do these shipments go out?

A. New orders are shipped the following business day and if the customer is not satisfied with you purchase you have a one full year from the date of shipment to contact the company for a refund minus shipping and handling.

What if the customer has other questions?

The customer service team at Stop Aging Now can assist customers with anything else they may want to know via phone call (800-627-9721) from 8:00am to 11:00pm PST. Or by emailing the company's customer service. The company also offers a talented, knowledgeable and professional team of Product and Nutrition Experts, if you need advice or have any other product concerns to speak with a nutritionist.


ColonCare360 Complex offers a natural and temporary way to relieve constipation and get the body back on track. Though it is not meant for long-term use, the fact that consumers can get relief in as little as a few hours makes this product a good one to have on hand. The natural ingredients are much easier on the body than the harsh chemicals that laxatives and other medications offer, and promote optimal digestive health.

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