Clear Nails Plus: 2020 Product Review for Removing Foot Fungus

Clear Nails Plus is a once-daily supplement that improves the functioning of the immune system to eradicate fungal infections that affect the feet and toenails. The formula is sold through the official website, which features testimonials and special discounts on orders of three bottles or more.

What is Clear Nails Plus?

Fungi are found nearly everywhere, but consumers may be surprised to find that the most common places to find it in buildings and homes include ventilation systems and air conditioning units. These bacteria can attack any immune system, but weaker immune systems are often the most prone to attacks and infections.

Foot fungus, toenail fungus, and worse can all arise as a result of lowered immunity, though exposure to yeast and mold is the main cause. It flourishes most in warm and moist places, though consumers that wear shoes with poor air circulation or the presence of a toenail injury increase the risk. The medical industry’s market is filled with ways that consumers can topically subdue an infection, but erasing it requires something more, like Clean Nails Plus.

Clear Nails Plus Benefits

By using Clear Nails Plus, the company explains that customers will experience:

  • Clean and clear nails
  • Less embarrassment (after eliminating the infection)
  • Improved energy levels
  • Stronger nails
  • Prevention from future fungal attacks
  • Less bloating
  • Healthier bowel movements
  • Improved digestion

Clear Nails Plus is rich with many probiotics and anti-fungal ingredients that support the immune system. Read on below to learn how all of the components work together to eliminate painful and unsightly fungal infections.

How Clear Nails Plus Works

One of the top ingredients in the immune-boosting Clear Nails Plus formula is curcumin, which is the extract found in turmeric that helps with inflammation. It has been included in a multitude of supplements for joint pain, arthritis, and similar products, though WebMD reports that its use may also keep blood sugar levels low and fight viral infections.

The website for Clear Nails Plus focuses heavily on an imbalance in the gut brings on the core of the issue with foot fungus, stating that digestive upset in the gut can leave the immune system compromised. This weakened state is all that a fungal infection would need to grow and flourish, but probiotics introduce good bacteria into the gut to reestablish the necessary balance, making them another important component of Clear Nails Plus.

Probiotics are another type of bacteria, but it infiltrates the gastrointestinal tract to flood it with healthy bacteria. As it flourishes, toxic bacteria are flushed out, which also helps the immune system to operate at its best capacity. This particular supplement includes Bacillus Subtilis and Bifidobacterium Longum, which are known for decreasing infection frequency. It also includes Bifidobacterium Breve to promote healthier digestion.

Along with these ingredients, the Clear Nails Plus formula offers Bioperine, which is a black pepper extract. Bioperine is often included in supplements for its ability to increase the bioavailability of other nutrients. While it seems that other ingredients may be involved in the Clear Nails Plus formula, there is no ingredient list on the website that can offer more clarity.

But why choose an oral, encapsulated formula? Simply put, the majority of anti-fungal infections don’t do what they are supposed to do. Instead of treating fungal infections at the root, these remedies only treat what is literally on the surface, and this type of problem can’t be solved without tackling the root of the infection.

All of the ingredients involved with Clear Nails Plus are both vegan and GMO-free, offering no useless additives or fillers.

Directions for Using Clear Nails Plus

There are many products on the market that require a topical application, which is messy and can be rather fragrant. Instead of bothering with serums, nail polishes, or a foot soak, Clear Nails Plus simplifies it with a capsule. Not only does the formula come in a capsule, but users only need to take one capsule a day to get the results. All of the ingredients work from within to heal the core issues.

Consumers that presently have any medications, especially ones that treat fungal infections, should speak with a medical professional before integrating Clear Nails Plus into their daily regimen.

Purchasing Clear Nails Plus

The only way to purchase Clear Nails Plus is by using the official website, where there are multiple packages available. Customers get the best deals by purchasing the bigger packages, but there’s also a starter pack with a single bottle to see if this treatment is right for them.

Choose from:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $59 each
  • Six bottles for $49 each

The team that creates Clear Nails Plus is fairly confident that consumers will get their desired effects from the product. If the user finds that this treatment isn’t helping with their nails, the purchase is covered by a 180-day refund policy. However, customers never have to return the products.

Contacting the Creators of Clear Nails Plus

Even though the website is rich with information about Clear Nails Plus, consumers may have other questions that they want to address. The customer service team can be reached by a phone call or email.

  • Phone number: 844-927-9220
  • Email address:

Clear Nails Plus Summary

Clear Nails Plus targets foot and nail fungus by treating the immune system via the gut. The formula doesn’t offer many details about the science behind it, but the main purpose is to clean the gut and reduce inflammation. Though the supplement may reduce the risk of contracting foot fungus, the indirect treatment method may take a little while to heal the user’s extremities.

In severe cases of foot fungus, consumers may find that a trip to the doctor’s office targets their particular predicament a little easier. However, for consumers that may be prone to fungal infections on their feet, Clear Nails Plus could reduce the severity, frequency, and duration of these problems.


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