Zenith Labs Cacao Melody: Reviewing the Supplement Research

Zenith Labs Cacao Melody is a doctor-formulated raw cacao powder supplement that features advanced chocolate superfoods with healthy natural powerful antioxidants for fighting free radicals.

Full Disclosure

Cacao Melody is a nutritional supplement from Zenith Labs.

Zenith Labs describes their formula as an “advanced raw cacao supplement.” The formula includes raw cacao (cocoa flavanols) and supporting nutrients for antioxidant benefits, all delivered in a chocolate-flavored powdered mix.

How does Cacao Melody work? Can something really taste like chocolate and be healthy? Is Cacao Melody worth the price? Find out everything you need to know about Cacao Melody today in our review.


What is Cacao Melody?

Cacao Melody is a cacao powder supplement made by Zenith Labs. The supplement uses raw cacao powder and other ingredients to provide various benefits.

Each serving of Cacao Melody contains 13 nutrients to support various benefits. Zenith Labs markets the supplement to anyone who wants to support metabolism, boost energy, and enhance mood, among other effects. Some people take the Cacao Melody to support weight loss and fat burning. Others take it because they like the flavor of chocolate.

Like other Zenith Labs supplements, Cacao Melody is doctor-formulated. Zenith Labs employs medical director Dr. Ryan Shelton, who uses his background in medicine and nutrition to create supplements targeting different health goals.

Cacao Melody is available online through, where it’s priced at $35 to $50 per jar.

Cacao Melody Features & Benefits

Zenith Labs markets Cacao Melody with all of the following features and benefits:

  • Fortifies metabolism for faster fat burning
  • Gives you a balanced appetite for less extreme hunger and food cravings
  • Helps with stress
  • Provides daily energy
  • Helps you feel healthy, beautiful, and confident

We’ve seen other cacao supplements advertised online with similar benefits. These supplements use cacao and other ingredients to control your metabolism, support mood and flood your body with antioxidants, among other effects.

How Does Cacao Melody Work?

Cacao Melody works by delivering raw cacao and supporting nutrients into your body.

Cacao, for those out of the loop, is a pure form of chocolate. It’s like a raw, just-harvested form of chocolate. Most chocolate (cocoa) is derived from cacao.

Recent research has connected cacao with various benefits. Cacao is rich with flavonoids, which are antioxidants found in various foods and beverages. Flavonoids are in green tea and red wine, for example. These antioxidants help support your body against stress, reducing inflammation and oxidation throughout your body, both of which are crucial biomarkers for disease.

Cacao isn’t just similar to red wine and dark chocolate: cacao may deliver more antioxidants than either compound. Research shows that raw cacao contains 6,350% more flavonols than red wine, 3,500% more flavonols than tea, and 820% more than processed dark chocolate.

With Cacao Melody and other cacao powders, you’re getting a purer, rawer form of cacao. You’re skipping the processing that goes into chocolate products. You’re avoiding the heavy kinds of butter and sugars added to cacao to make chocolate. Instead, you’re getting cacao almost directly from the source.

Of course, there are plenty of raw cacao powders on the market today. So what makes Cacao Melody different?

Cacao Melody, as the name suggests, contains a ‘melody’ of ingredients to support various benefits. The ingredients in Cacao Melody claim to support antioxidants benefits, mood, fat loss, and energy, among other benefits.

In addition to cacao, Cacao Melody contains turmeric, ginger, goji berry, L-theanine, Ginkgo Biloba, and taurine. It also adds MCT oil powder, cinnamon, maca root, ashwagandha, and Rhodiola root. Many of these plant and herbal extracts have been used for centuries to reduce stress and inflammation in the body. By adding all of these ingredients to a cacao formula, Cacao Melody aims to maximize the benefits.

Zenith Labs also claims their powder has a different texture than other cacao supplements. While other cacao supplements are chalky and grainy, Zenith Labs claims to be comforting, chocolatey, and smooth.

Overall, Zenith Labs claims to have created the best raw cacao powder supplement available today.

Cacao Melody Ingredients

Cacao Melody contains cacao and 12 other ingredients to support various benefits.

The formula contains 2.5g of raw cacao in each one scoop (4.3g per scoop) serving. You get 30 scoops / 30 servings in each container, with each serving containing just 15 calories, 0.5g of fat, 2g of carbs, and 40mg of potassium.

Other listed ingredients include 100mg of taurine, 100mg of turmeric, 50mg of ginger root powder, 100mg of MCT oil powder, 100mg of cinnamon bark powder, 100mg of goji berry powder, 50mg of maca root powder, 100mg of L-theanine, 100mg of ginkgo biloba leaf powder, 100mg of ashwagandha root powder, and 100mg of Rhodiola root extract.

While some supplement companies hide individual ingredient dosages behind proprietary formulas, Zenith Labs takes a different approach, explicitly listing the dosage of each ingredient. We appreciate this level of transparency, as it makes it easy to compare Zenith Labs supplements to other cacao powders.

Scientific Evidence for Cacao Melody

Zenith Labs claims their formula can support antioxidant effects, mood, fat burning, metabolism, and other effects. Is there any evidence supporting these benefits? Let’s take a closer look at some of the science.

In this 2011 study, researchers reviewed 45+ studies on cacao, cocoa powder, and cocoa supplements. Researchers analyzed studies on cacao and cocoa powder, then compared results to studies on other superfruit powders.

Researchers analyzed studies based on the measured antioxidant capacity (in ORAC) and their total polyphenol content. Researchers found that cocoa powder delivered the most concentrated source of ORAC and total flavonols compared to other superfruit powders and juices. Researchers concluded that “Cocoa powder and dark chocolate had equivalent or significantly greater ORAC, TP, and TF values compared to other fruit powders and juices tested,” adding that “cacao seeds thus provide nutritive value beyond that derived from their macronutrient composition.”

Researchers even went so far as to conclude that cacao and cocoa powder met the media’s definition of a “superfruit.”

We know cacao is rich with antioxidants. But can those antioxidants lead to legitimate benefits?

This 2011 study found that cocoa and dark chocolate were rich with antioxidants like flavonoids and that these antioxidants were connected to legitimate benefits. Researchers connected the antioxidants in cacao to anti-inflammatory effects, nitric oxide production, cardiovascular benefits, gene expression, and other benefits.

Based on their analysis, researchers concluded that “the benefits of moderate cocoa or dark chocolate consumption likely outweigh the risks.”

What about the other ingredients in Cacao Melody? Do they really provide a ‘melody’ of additional benefits?

Most other ingredients in Cacao Melody are backed by research showing they provide antioxidant effects and other benefits. However, dosages may be smaller than recommended.

Most turmeric supplements contain 500 to 2,000mg of turmeric per serving, for example, while Cacao Melody contains just 100mg. Some studies on turmeric have used dosages as high as 12,000mg per day.

Other ingredients in Cacao Melody, however, seem to have more appropriate dosages. There’s 100mg of L-theanine, for example, which is approximately four times the average L-theanine in a cup of green tea. Cacao Melody also contains significant doses of ashwagandha, MCT oil powder, taurine, and Rhodiola, among other natural ingredients.

Cacao Melody FAQ's

How will Zenith Labs “Anti-aging” formulas help consumers?

We only work with the best, clinically tested ingredients available. Our formula is only available in Zenith supplements – no other “anti-aging” product comes close. Plus, we never skimp on dosing. What you see on our label is exactly what you’re getting, per the official website.

Can it negatively interact with the medication I’m currently taking?

No, but please consult with your doctor or physician if you’re concerned about a health condition or an issue with your medication. The company reports they have not had any complaints. However, they can’t guarantee it’s 100% effective for everyone.


Cacao Melody Pricing

Cacao Melody is priced at $35 to $50 per bottle, depending on whether or not you sign up for the auto-ship program. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Jar (30 Servings): $49 + Free Shipping
  • 1 Jar Autoship (30 Servings): $34.90 Per Month + Free Shipping

You can pay online using PayPal or any major credit card. Cacao Melody is only sold through, and the company does not currently sell the supplement through Amazon or other third party retailers.

Cacao Melody Refund Policy

Zenith Labs has one of the most generous refund policies in the supplement space. The company allows you to request a refund within six months of your purchase. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can request a complete refund at any point within six months.

About Zenith Labs

Zenith Labs is a McHenry, Illinois-based nutritional supplement company that emphasizes industry-leading quality and doctor-formulated supplements. The company is led by Medical Director Dr. Ryan Shelton and his team, who formulate each supplement based on their research and analysis.

Zenith Labs manufactures its supplements at an FDA-registered, cGMP certified facility in the United States. The company claims to get its cacao and other ingredients “from the most prestigious sources,” although it’s unclear where those sources are. Cacao Melody is not USDA Organic certified, nor does it claim to have any type of organic certification for any ingredients.

Zenith Labs makes a range of different supplements, including Pure Greens, BP Zone, Hair Revital X, and Nano C, among others.

You can contact Zenith Labs via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1 (800) 928-1184
  • Mailing Address: 4610 Prime Parkway McHenry, IL 60050, USA

Final Word

Cacao Melody is a cacao powder supplement that claims to be different from competing formulas. Instead of just containing raw cacao powder, Cacao Melody contains a ‘melody’ of additional ingredients, including antioxidant-rich plant extracts and adaptogenic herbal extracts.

To learn more about Cacao Melody and how the supplement works, visit online today at The company sells a jar of Cacao Melody for $35 to $50, depending on whether you choose the auto-ship option or not.

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