BioTRUST AbsorbMax: Review the Digestive Enzymes Supplement

BioTRUST AbsorbMax is a full spectrum digestive enzyme supplement acting as an ultimate digestion support formula using powerful ingredients with maximum absorption to support gut health.

Full Disclosure

BioTRUST AbsorbMax is a digestion support supplement.

By taking AbsorbMax daily, you can purportedly reduce bloating, lower belly bulge, and other gut issues using a full-spectrum digestive enzyme blend.

Does BioTRUST AbsorbMax really work? How does the supplement work? Find out everything you need to know about BioTRUST AbsorbMax today in our review.


What is BioTRUST AbsorbMax?

AbsorbMax is a nutritional supplement made by BioTRUST. The supplement claims to solve bloating, gassy digestive issues, brain fog, low energy, food cravings, and other issues.

To solve these issues, AbsorbMax uses a range of digestive enzymes. Each serving contains over a dozen digestive enzymes, ranging from protease (for protein digestion) to lactase (for dairy digestion).

BioTRUST calls their formula a “full-spectrum digestive enzyme blend.” It’s marketed as a way to soothe digestive discomfort while providing ultimate digestive support.

Your body needs digestive enzymes to function properly. Without digestive enzymes, your body may struggle to process the foods you eat. You might feel bloated. You might have less energy. You could face stomach discomfort or other digestive issues.

To solve these issues, many people take digestive enzyme supplements – like BioTRUST AbsorbMax.

Let’s take a closer look at BioTRUST AbsorbMax to see how it compares to competing digestive enzymes formulas.

How Does BioTRUST AbsorbMax Work?

BioTRUST’s AbsorbMax works similar to other digestive enzyme supplements. The formula includes over a dozen different enzymes that break down the natural chemicals in the foods you eat.

Ideally, your body already has all of these digestive enzymes, and your body can easily break down every food you eat. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Due to toxins, unique diets, and other issues, your body may have unbalanced digestive enzymes.

That’s (partly) the reason some get digestive issues when eating dairy products or other problem foods. Dairy products have a protein called lactose. Your body uses a digestive enzyme called lactase to break down this protein. If you don’t have enough of this protein in your digestive tract, then you’ll encounter digestive issues. Your body will struggle to break down dairy products, leading to digestive discomfort with milk, cheese, and other foods or beverages.

BioTRUST AbsorbMax contains far more than just lactase. The supplement also contains cellulase, pectinase, bromelain, protease, peptidase, amylase, glucoamylase, lipase, alpha galactosidase, and plenty of other digestive enzymes linked to a range of benefits.

Here’s how BioTRUST explains some of the main digestive enzymes in AbsorbMax and how they work:

Amylase: Amylase breaks down longer-chain carbohydrates, including polysaccharides. The formula breaks down things like starches into smaller sugars, making them easier for your body to absorb.

Glucoamylase: Glucoamylase works in conjunction with amylase to break down longer carbohydrates.

Lactase: As mentioned above, lactase is best known for breaking down the sugar in milk called lactose. Specifically, lactase breaks lactose into glucose and galactose, making it easier for your body to absorb.

Alpha Galactosidase: Alpha galactosidase helps break down hard-to-digest carbohydrates, reducing the risk of bloating. If you frequently experience bloating after eating beans and similar carb-rich foods, for example, then your body may struggle to break down raffinose and stachyose.

Cellulase: Plants produce the cellulase enzyme – not humans. Cellulase helps break down the cell walls of plant-based foods, including fruits and vegetables.

Pectinase: Pectinase, like cellulase, is not produced by humans. Pectinase breaks down carbohydrates like pectin that your body struggles to digest.

By including all of these digestive enzymes, BioTRUST AbsorbMax supports digestion in multiple ways. Whether you struggle to digest dairy products or other foods and beverages, BioTRUST AbsorbMax claims to help in multiple ways.

BioTRUST AbsorbMax Ingredients

BioTRUST contains over a dozen digestive enzymes at various doses. The company packages all ingredients into a gelatin capsule with dextrin, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, and silica.

The full list of ingredients in BioTRUST AbsorbMax includes:

  • 21,500 HUT of protease SP
  • 2,500 PC of protease S
  • 90 SAPU of aspergillopepsin
  • 50 DPPIV of peptidase
  • 3,750 DU of amylase
  • 20 AGU of glucoamylase
  • 1,000 FIP of lipase
  • 475 FCC ALU of lactase
  • 150 GaIU of alpha galactosidase
  • 500 CU of cellulase
  • 10 BGU of beta glucanase
  • 10 endo-PGU of pectinase
  • 150 XU of xylanase
  • 100,000 PU of bromelain
  • 150 million LCU of ATPrime

As you can see, digestive enzymes have vastly different dosages. The letters after each digestive enzyme refer to different metrics.

The HUTs beside protease, for example, refer to the hemoglobin unit tyrosine (HUT) base, while the DUs beside amylase refer to alpha-amylase dextrinizing units (DUs). These numbers refer to the approximate dosage of digestive enzymes in each serving of AbsorbMax.

AbsorbMax Versus Probiotics

Many people take probiotics daily to support digestive issues. Probiotics, like digestive enzymes, break down the foods you eat, making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients and break down foods and beverages.

However, BioTRUST specifically advertises its AbsorbMax supplement as a complementary solution with probiotics for all of the following reasons:

Probiotics and digestive enzymes work in different ways, addressing different digestive issues

Probiotics do not help your body break down the foods you eat or address digestive issues caused by food that is not properly digested (only digestive enzymes do this)

Probiotics do not contain digestive enzymes, and they’re as different “as gasoline and engine oil in your car”, according to the BioTRUST team

For all of these reasons, BioTRUST suggests you could benefit by taking both a probiotic supplement and a digestive enzyme supplement.

Scientific Evidence for BioTRUST AbsorbMax

BioTRUST AbsorbMax has not gone through any clinical trials or scientific studies. BioTRUST has not published any references online, nor do they cite any studies on individual ingredients within AbsorbMax.

However, there are plenty of studies showing digestive enzymes support digestion in various ways.

Your body produces digestive enzymes every day. Naturally-occurring digestive enzymes break down food, helping you soak up nutrients.

Your mouth, stomach, and small intestine produce digestive enzymes, although most digestive enzymes come from your pancreas. Your pancreas notices when foods arrive in the small intestine, then sends digestive enzymes like lipase (to break down fats), amylase (to break down carbs), and proteases or peptidases (to break down proteins).

In this 2016 review study published in Current Drug Metabolism, researchers found that digestive enzyme supplements were able to break down proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, suggesting that they could play a role in the management of digestive disorders, including lactose intolerance and cystic fibrosis. However, researchers cautioned that digestive enzyme supplements vary widely in terms of source, origin, and dosage, which is why it’s important to pick a science-backed formula.

A similar study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2018 found that patients who took a proprietary multi-enzyme formula called DigeZyme had statistically significant improvements in digestion compared to a control group. Researchers observed no side effects or adverse effects from this study, concluding that digestion enzyme supplementation “represents an effective and safe alternative” to managing digestive issues and functional dyspepsia.

However, it’s not all good news for digestive supplements. Because they vary widely in terms of type and quality, digestive enzyme supplements can be good or bad – and some digestive enzyme supplements are completely ineffective.

As Harvard Medical School explains, “there’s little evidence to support their use for common digestive distress like heartburn.”

Although digestive enzymes break down foods and their compounds, digestive enzymes aren’t a cure-all for every digestive issue.

Nevertheless, many people suffer from a condition called pancreatic insufficiency. With this condition, your pancreas is unable to produce enough digestive enzymes to break down foods in your intestine. In some cases, your pancreas produces the enzymes, but the enzymes are destroyed for various reasons before reaching their destination.

For some serious medical issues, doctors prescribe prescription-strength digestive enzymes, which have brand names like Creon or Pancreaze. These products are well-studied and regulated by the FDA. They’re backed by significant scientific evidence. Digestive enzyme supplements are not as well-studied.

Overall, good digestive enzyme supplements can support digestive health, but bad digestive enzyme supplements may be completely ineffective. It’s possible AbsorbMax works as advertised to support digestive health, as the supplement contains a range of digestive enzymes in decent dosages. However, we would like to see more scientific evidence verifying the effectiveness of AbsorbMax.

AbsorbMax Pricing

AbsorbMax is priced at $34 to $39 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle: $39
  • 3 Bottles: $111
  • 6 Bottles: $204

All prices include shipping to US addresses.

AbsorbMax Refund Policy

AbsorbMax comes with a 60 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 60 days. Just return your bottle, even if it’s empty, to request a refund.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

About BioTRUST

BioTRUST is an Austin, Texas-based nutritional supplement company. The company sells a range of supplements targeting different benefits and goals, including turmeric supplements, collagen protein powders, keto diet pills, and more.

You can contact BioTRUST via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-766-5086

Final Word

BioTRUST’s AbsorbMax is a digestive enzyme supplement that could support digestion in various ways. The supplement contains a range of digestive enzymes at moderate dosages, making it easier for your body to break down fats, proteins, carbs, and other compounds.

Scientific evidence shows digestive enzymes can work in some people, although not all digestive enzyme supplements are built equal. Fortunately, AbsorbMax comes with a 60 day refund policy, making it easy to try the formula for yourself to see if it works as advertised to support digestion.

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