Belissas Whitening: Reviewing the Teeth Whitening System

Belissas Whitening is a teeth whitening kit that connects to your mobile phone, uses hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, be-white whitening lamp, mess-less gel trays and gel applicator for brighter teeth.

Full Disclosure

Belissas Whitening is a teeth whitening system that claims to whiten your teeth in 20 minutes.

Using the power of blue light, Belissas Whitening claims to eliminate discoloration caused by red wine, coffee, tea, cigarettes, and more.

You place gel in a tray, place the tray in your mouth, then clamp down on the device. Turn on the light and hold in place for 20 minutes. By repeating this process daily, you can quickly whiten your teeth using the Be-White blue light LED lamp.

As the world continues to learn about the ultraviolet light benefits, from UV light sanitizers, UV humidifiers or UV vacuums, to all of the benefits of teeth whitening, is Belissas Whitening too good to be true? Does it actually work to whiten your teeth? Or will it cause more harm than good? Find out everything you need to know about Belissas Whitening today.


What is Belissas Whitening?

Belissas Whitening is a teeth whitening system that uses hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, and blue light.

How Does Belissas Whitening Work?

The kit comes with a tray that molds to your teeth. You place the Belissas Whitening solution inside the tray, then clamp down on the tray around your teeth. Turn on the lamp, and the blue light from the lamp will activate the ingredients inside the formula, turning your teeth whiter.

By re-applying the formula for 20 minutes per day, you can enjoy a visibly brighter and whiter smile.

The company also markets its teeth whitening kit as the “Be-White” kit. The company markets the kit to people who have discolored teeth from tea, red wine, cigarettes, antibiotics, candy, soft drinks, and more.

Belissas Whitening is exclusively available to order in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

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How Does Belissas Whitening Work?

Belissas Whitening is one of many teeth whitening kits available today that uses a combination of blue LED light and hydrogen peroxide to give you visibly whiter teeth.

Belissas Whitening Review

However, Belissas Whitening is one of the few teeth whitening kits that has added essential oils to the hydrogen peroxide. Belissas Whitening describes its combination of hydrogen peroxide and essential oils as “the whitening dream team”.

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent that attacks organic pigment molecules in the enamel of your teeth. The oxidation breaks the pigment apart, making it easy to scrub and remove.

By applying blue light to hydrogen peroxide, you can purportedly increase the oxidation activity. The blue light makes hydrogen peroxide more effective, enhancing its teeth whitening power.

The best teeth whitening kits use ultraviolet light – not blue light – to whiten teeth. Ultraviolet light is proven to have germicidal effects, although blue light shows no such effects.

It’s also not clear what the essential oils do. The company claims the essential oils “help strengthen the bond between the peroxide and the pigmented molecules that cause yellowing”, which helps your smile “stay whiter and brighter for longer”. However, there’s limited evidence that essential oils work that way.

What is Belissas Whitening?

The main purpose of the essential oils in Belissas Whitening is likely to enhance the aroma and flavor of the teeth whitening system, convincing you that it’s cleaning your teeth more effectively.

Belissas Whitening Features & Benefits

Belissas Whitening is advertised online with all of the following features and benefits:

  • Whiten and brighten your smile in 20 minutes or less
  • Increase confidence, boost self-esteem, and improve relationships
  • Enjoy hands-free whitening
  • Apply before big events, family portraits, weddings, job interviews, and other occasions
  • Tough on discoloration but gentle on enamel
  • Mess-free teeth whitening kit

Belissas Whitening Pricing

Belissas Whitening Pricing

Belissas Whitening is available to order online in the United Kingdom, Germany, or France, although all pricing is in GBP.

  • 1 Kit: £99 GBP + £8.95 Shipping
  • 2 Kits: £198 GBP + £8.95 Shipping
  • 3 Kits: £222.75 GBP + £8.95 Shipping
  • 4 Kits: £297.00 GBP + £8.95 Shipping
  • 5 Kits: £321.75 GBP + £8.95 Shipping

Does Be-White Teeth Whitening Kit Actually Work?

LED teeth whitening kits are a hot new trend over the last few years. You can find dozens of LED teeth whitening kits on Amazon and other online retailers. Most are priced between $50 and $150 USD.

A typical kit includes whitening gel, a UV light system, and a charging system.

Do these teeth whitening kits actually work? Or are they just junk science?

Most reports online seem to indicate the kits work as advertised to make teeth brighter. Most customers agree that it whitens teeth more effectively than, say, a whitening toothpaste.

Some dentists have publicly supported the teeth whitening kits. The Today Show interviewed Dr. Alina Lane, DDS, who said,

“Current research shows that the use of LED whitening kits is quite safe when used infrequently, however it is extremely common to see an increase in tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation immediately after using these products.”

That dentist also added that, “using a LED light can also increase tooth surface dehydration, which can roughen and soften enamel. To help restore damaged enamel and reduce sensitivity, I recommend using a re-mineralizing paste…”

There’s some disagreement, however, whether teeth whitening LED kits are more effective than teeth whitening strips. A package of teeth whitening kits costs $30 to $60, while LED kits are significantly more expensive. Many users agree that the two kits offer similar results – but at different price points.

The science behind Belissas Whitening and other teeth whitening kits is legitimate. The primary ingredient in teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide or a close derivative called carbamide peroxide. These molecules are made up of hydrogen and oxygen. As the molecule interacts with your teeth, the hydrogen and oxygen break apart, creating a deep cleaning action.

Certain light will kick this process to the next level. The molecules will become more active when exposed to your teeth, higher temperatures, or ultraviolet (UV) light.

You may have noticed that hydrogen peroxide (the stuff that cleans wounds) is sold in a brown bottle. That’s on purpose: the brown color prevents sunlight from penetrating the bottle. This is also why the bottle needs to be stored in a cool place.

However, it’s important to note that Belissas Whitening uses blue LED light, which is much different from UV light. Some cheap teeth whitening kits use basic LEDs that produce visible light or light at other wavelengths: they don’t produce the UV-C light that kills germs.

Belissas Whitening Features & Benefits

The sales page for Belissas Whitening describes the light as “LED” – not ultraviolet. There’s no science suggesting that LED lights can increase the effectiveness of the teeth whitening formula. UV light does that – but not LED light.

There’s also no evidence supporting the use of essential oils in a teeth whitening system. There’s no proof that essential oils can clean teeth in any way.

Overall, Belissas Whitening uses the right cleaning solution (hydrogen peroxide), but the wrong light and essential oils. The hydrogen peroxide should work as advertised to whiten your teeth, although the essential oils and light may not have any effect.

Making things look worse for Belissas Whitening is that the price is significantly higher than similar teeth whitening systems sold through Amazon and other retailers – including teeth whitening systems that use the right wavelength of UV light.

Belissas Whitening Refund Policy

Belissas Whitening offers no refunds on opened or used products. The company only offers refunds on unopened, unused products in their original packaging.

To request a refund, contact the company within 14 days of your purchase, then return the products for a refund, minus shipping (£8.95 per order).

Who’s Behind Belissas Whitening?

The ecommerce company behind Belissas Whitening provides limited information about itself online. The company does not disclose where the products are manufactured. The company simply refers to itself as Belissas Whitening Cosmetics.

The company appears to sell other teeth whitening kits online, including the Antonija Mandir Mobile Whitening Kit, which is marketed to internet users in Sweden.

Belissas Whitening seems to be a subsidiary brand of Albrand Group AB, a Sollentuna, Sweden-based internet company.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: Aspvägen 5B, 19141 Sollentuna, Sweden, 556937-2146

Final Word

Belissas Whitening is a teeth whitening kit that makes big promises about its effectiveness, yet fails to live up to those promises. High-quality teeth whitening kits use hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light. Belissas Whitening uses hydrogen peroxide – but uses blue LED light instead of UV light. There’s no evidence that blue LED light can enhance the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide.

The product also has a very limited refund policy: you cannot return any opened products. If the kit doesn’t work to whiten your teeth, for example, then there’s no way to get a refund.

Ultimately, you can find better teeth whitening kits available for a cheaper price online through Amazon and other retailers – including kits that use ultraviolet light instead of blue LED light.

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