BambooFresh: Bamboo Towels and Activated Charcoal Bags Review

BambooFresh offers two bamboo health products, the Eco-friendly naturally-activated bamboo charcoal air purifying bags and high-quality reusable bamboo fiber cleaning paper towel alternative.

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Air purifying technologies are nothing new. Neither are paper towels. However, BambooFresh has innovated in both of these specialty areas with the BambooFresh Charcoal Bags and BambooFresh Bamboo Towels.

For hundreds of years, various cultures have used devices and natural ingredients to help clear the air of contaminants, bacteria, and allergens. As an international pandemic continues to create fear and panic in many countries, these devices are skyrocketing in popularity. Same goes with

From UV light sanitizers to ionizers, to now anti-odor activated bamboo charcoal bags that deodorize foul smells, neutralize chemicals and sterilize toxins directly from the air – the world is searching for at-home safety protocols and preventative cleansing actions to ensure an optimal indoor breathing environment.

But the growing sector is rife with scams and ineffective solutions. It's hard to know which air purifying devices are truly helpful in promoting cleaner, healthier air, especially considering that researchers are divided within the scientific community about the precise effect that these types of gadgets may have on the elimination of bacteria from the air.

Activated bamboo charcoal is one of the fastest growing popular technologies in the air purifying market. Some research shows that activated charcoal might help to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants from the air around it. It is also shown to trap moisture which can reduce allergies related to mildew and mold spores.

But does activated charcoal actually work? How does Bamboo Fresh anti-odor bag stack up to its competitors like Breathe Green Charcoal Bags? Our BambooFresh charcoal bags and paper towels alternative review will dive into everything you need to know about the natural air purifying solution to unhealthy indoor air – and cover the organic bamboo fiber towels that reduce paper waste and amount to saving hundreds of dollars per year since they can be used over and over again.

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What is BambooFresh?

BambooFresh is a eco-friendly focused wellness company that offers two health-enhancing products to consider adding to your home, office or area of livable environment.

BambooFresh is a company that offers activated charcoal-based air purifying bags that may help to eliminate odors and bacteria in the air. The bamboo-centric company offers free shipping on every order of natural charcoal bags and reusable towels, and customers can purchase these products directly from the official company website.

Let's take a look at the BambooFresh product overviews.

BambooFresh Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

bamboofresh charcoal bags

Keeping a home clean and fresh is no small task, and many consumers have a full pantry of products stocked up to maintain the health of their home and air. However, residual odors can always stick around. The only product that most people can use is a simple air freshener.

Unfortunately, standard air freshener devices can't always do the trick. These activated bamboo charcoal air purifying bags work to mask the smell, but they often fail to eliminate the source of the odor. BambooFresh has created several unique solutions to address bad smells and bacteria at their conception to compliment their bamboo charcoal air purifier.

BambooFresh has placed the environment as a priority, working to create a way to eliminate bacteria, germs, and allergens from the air without introducing dangerous new chemicals to the already degrading environment. Instead, the brand uses a form of activated charcoal, which can naturally pull odors and bacteria from the air to facilitate a fresher fragrance. It doesn’t introduce its own smell to the environment, which means that consumers can use these products practically anywhere.

BambooFresh Reusable Bamboo Fiber Towels

bamboofresh bamboo fiber towels

BambooFresh also offers BambooFresh Towels, which are reusable bamboo towels and claim to be up to 37x times more absorbent than a regular paper towel due to using nature's miracle material in the highest-quality bamboo fiber. The thick and durable machine-washable BambooFresh reusable bamboo fiber towels are available starting at $19.

Cleaning a home takes a lot of supplies, but few products are as versatile as a paper towel. These sheets allow consumers to clean up any liquid, dust, dry off surfaces, and more. However, they can be costly when it comes to replenishment. The BambooFresh Towels may help.

These towels are made of high-quality bamboo fiber, making them incredibly absorbent. Their strength makes it easy to tackle many household cleaning projects, though they also are durable enough to handle more labor-intensive projects. With the ability to replace up to 62 rolls of paper towels, consumers can choose the BambooFresh Bamboo Towels for the most environmentally responsible and cost-efficient option.

Frequently Asked Questions About BambooFresh

Especially with the confusion causes by the present pandemic, users can never be too careful looking into the background of potential air purifiers and reusable cleaning towels. This section should help users satisfy this need by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the Bamboo Fresh line of products.

Q: How does activated charcoal work?

A: Charcoal naturally absorbs the odors and bacteria from the air around it, neutralizing them as it traps moisture and allergens. Charcoal has found many uses through the years, and it is mostly known for its purifying properties.

Q: Why is moisture in the air bad?

A: When moisture lingers in the air, can lead to mildew and mold spores. By allowing the charcoal to eliminate it, consumers reduce their risk of toxic bacterial growth, which can be harmful to the health of consumers as it is breathed gradually into the lungs over time.

Q: Can you use activated charcoal around children and pets?

A: Yes. Since there are no artificial cleaning chemicals in activated charcoal, consumers can safely use these packets around children or pets. As of now, there are no documented side effects of activated charcoal on children or pets, so users can be relatively confident that this product will be safe to use in their homes.

Q: What if Bamboo Fresh activated charcoal stops working?

A: Try recharging it. If the pack isn’t eliminating unwanted odors, users can leave it in the sunlight for an hour and it will start working again. It can be reused many times. Exposure to sunlight is part of the activation process necessary for the charcoal to function effectively.

Q: What can BambooFresh Towels be used for?

A: The BambooFresh Towels provide an ideal composition in place of paper towels, cleaning up messes at home, while traveling, during childcare, and more.

Q: How big are each of the BambooFresh Towels?

A: Each sheet measures 11” by 12”. A single roll fits with any standard paper towel dispenser.

Q: How many times can BambooFresh Towels be used before disposing?

A: Each sheet can be used up to 80 times.

Q: How should BambooFresh Towels be washed?

A: Users can wash the towels by hand or by placing it in the machine.

Any other questions can be directed to the customer service team.

Pricing for BambooFresh Products

The total cost of the BambooFresh activated charcoal bags depends on the specific products you choose to purchase. There are presently three options on the website, which include:

  • Anti-Odor Bag: $22.95
  • Mini Bags: $14.99 (2-pack)
  • Fridge Deodorizer: $14.99

All of these products offer the benefits of activated charcoal, but they differ in specific applications and uses. If the user is not satisfied with the performance of any Bamboo Fresh product, they have up to 30 days to get a full refund on their purchase.

For the BambooFresh reusable bamboo fiber towels, there are a few options to choose from as well. The only place that consumers can find the BambooFresh Towels is on the official website, which has several packages available. The options include:

  • One BambooFresh Towel for $19.99
  • Two BambooFresh Towels for $32.90
  • Three BambooFresh Towels for $44.88
  • Five BambooFresh Towels for $67.25
  • Ten BambooFresh Towels for $119.50

If the user finds that this product doesn’t work with their needs, they have up to 30 days to request a refund.

Contacting Customer Service Team

Even though the website has a lot of information, consumers may find themselves with other questions that they want to address. Though there’s no direct phone number or email address, consumers can fill out the form at for electronic correspondence.

Final Thoughts

BambooFresh all natural activated charcoal deodorizing bags are eco-friendly air purifying, anti-odor products that offer a non-toxic, fragrance free way to remove allergens, pollutants and bacteria safely.

BambooFresh reusable bamboo fiber towels offer a strong, sustainable, absorbent alternative made from nature's miracle material and replaces the need for overuse of paper towels while saving money and being having a natural antibacterial property. Whether cleaning the counter surface, window, floor or mobile device, BambooFresh towels win in the battle against dirty dishtowels and kitchen sponges.

At the end of the day, BambooFresh offers products that purify the air to leave just freshness behind, rather than some new aroma – and – add an eco-friendly option against paper towels.

The activated charcoal bags pull odors and toxins from the air wherever they are used, thanks to the natural properties that exist in activated bamboo charcoal. The reusable, antimicrobial bamboo fiber towels are a next-level paper towel in the making. There are products for the home, office, and even the fridge; so the only thing that consumers need to do is place the anti-odor packs accordingly to start freshening the home or start using and reusing the bamboo towels from BambooFresh.

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