Arthrozene: Natural Joint Pain Relief – 2020 Research Updates

Arthritis, lupus, gout, and tendinitis are some among several causes for poor joint health. This not only suppresses one’s independence but also leaves one feeling hopelessly in pain. What was once presumed as a consequence of aging has resulted in all consumers experiencing it at some point in their life.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [1], women are more likely to experience joint issues than men. Moreover, those between the ages 45 and 64 have a higher chance of experiencing some kind of joint issue (30.7%) followed by 18 to 44 years (24.9%) and 65 years of age and over (24.3%). How can said numbers be reduced? Here’s where it is best fit to introduce Arthrozene.

Arthrozene aims to target joint issues by resorting to research findings and ensuring that the chosen ingredients are suitable for consumer health. The following review will provide a complete breakdown on Arthrozene and the overall impact it may have on joint health.

What is Arthrozene?

Arthrozene is a dietary supplement that has been designed to tackle joint-related concerns. As per the claims made, this solution takes on three steps and focuses on targeting stiffness from the very root of the problem. In doing so, not only is stiffness expected to disappear, but one can also expect a betterment in flexibility and mobility.

What ingredients went into making Arthrozene?

The creators of Arthrozene have disclosed that results can be witnessed within five days of use. How is this possible? It all rests in the three ingredients that went into making Arthrozene. Here’s what one should bear in mind when it comes to what will be delivered to the body:

B-2Cool® (40mg/serving)

Manufactured by Bioiberica, b-2Cool® is deemed a natural ingredient because it delivers native type II collagen. This is supposedly achieved by extracting from chicken sternums. Type II collagen is important because it is the main type of protein housed in the cartilage. As for how b-2Cool® works, it enters the Peyer’s patches within the small intestine, and prevents T-cell attack against type II collagen. As a result, it is expected to lower immune response, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Mobilee® (80mg/serving)

Mobilee® is composed of 60 to 75% hyaluronic acid, 10% polysaccharides and 5% collagen. It has been approved by both the FDA and the European Commission as a dietary supplement and has also been backed by six pre-clinical trials and five clinical trials. One of the clinical trials looked at oral ingestion of yogurt combined with Mobilee® and found that the duo increased muscle strength in the knees, reduced severity of pain, and improved overall joint mechanism in the body.

AprèsFlex® (100mg/serving)

AprèsFlex® is simply a patented extract of the Boswellia plant, which is native to areas including North Africa and the Middle East. The main intentions behind this patented ingredient is to support joint health, ensure comfort and flexibility is achieved and to maximize connective tissues health. AprèsFlex® also resulted from conducted studies, just like the prior two ingredients, and is said to have improved joint comfort, function, mobility and blood markers.

What are Arthrozene’s proclaimed benefits?

As per the creators of Arthrozene, there are a number of benefits to consider. Given the aforementioned ingredients, consumers are expected to witness:

  • Increase in mobility and flexibility
  • Slowdown in cartilage breakdown
  • Increase in joint fluid
  • Reduction in discomfort and soreness

How should one ingest Arthrozene?

To make the most out of Arthrozene, it has been recommended to take one capsule per day with a glass of water. Best results are said to be attainable if the supplement is taken on an empty stomach.

Although Arthrozene is an all-natural formula that has been trusted as being safe and effective, consumers under prescription medications should resist from making decisions on their own and should seek their respective health professionals for advice. Finally, this product has been advised against those who are pregnant, nursing or under 18 years of age.

How much can one expect to invest in Arthrozene?

Consumers have three options to choose from and they are as follows:

  • One bottle (30 servings): $49.95
  • Three bottles: $44.95 each
  • Six bottles: $39.95 each

Arthrozene Final Thoughts

With Arthrozene, consumers appear to be getting reassurance because the selected ingredients have been studied multiple times and have been approved by established federal agencies as proper ingredients for food supplementation. Furthermore, the doses are anticipated to be easier on the stomach as consumers are only required to take one per day (until the pain dissolves).

Bearing these two points in mind, the prices are definitely fair. There exist several supplements that cost just about the same but come without actual findings, leading one to make a risky purchase. This clearly is not the case with Arthrozene, as they’ve been very transparent about what’s in the supplement and how everything made it in. To find out more on Arthrozene, click here.


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