AirDoctor Air Purifier: Reviewing the Research [Updated]

AirDoctor professional air purifier combats at-home indoor airborne pollutants such as dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, ozone, invisible gases and volatile organic compounds.

Full Disclosure

AirDoctor is at-home professional air purifying device that can be effective for cleaning indoor pollution using a UltraHEPA filter combined with a proprietary dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filtration system, resulting in fewer toxins and allergens for safe breathing air.

Using WhisperJet fans and a built-in air quality monitor, the AirDoctor air purifier claims to be 100X more effective than ordinary air purifiers that features a digital display, auto-sensors, sealed system, VOC and formaldehyde filters and says it can remove 100% of particulate matter at .003 micron size.

At the height of the coronavirus craze, premium pricing on N95 face masks and lung health supplements are growing in demand, but let's review the AirDoctor benefits to see if the research adds up on whether or not this professional anti-pollution air purifier is actually better than the competition at removing harmful toxic contaminants from indoor air.


What is AirDoctor?

The world is filled with toxins that float through the air without being seen by the naked eye. While at home, every person wants to feel safe and secure, but these irritants can be found in the home as well. Whether someone has pets that leave dander, or dust everywhere, they could be breathing in contaminants that are floating in the air from items consumers use everyday in their homes such as carpeting, furniture, bedding and even our electronics. AirDoctor has a product that has set out to help improve the quality of air in your home.

AirDoctor Air Purifier is capable of providing substantial protection for consumers from a variety of contaminants in their own home, including:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Pet dander
  • Synthetic materials
  • Pollen
  • Allergens
  • VOCs
  • Ozone from appliances, like the television and computers

How Does the AirDoctor Air Purifier Work?

According to information on this website, the AirDoctor offers 100 times more in the effectiveness that other air purifiers on the market offer. With too much pollution in the home, its inhabitants are prone to symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, itchiness in the eyes/throat/nose, hives, congestion, fatigue, and other problems. While these health conditions are not always obvious at the start of exposure, the symptoms can often arise over time. Unfortunately, long-term exposure can lead to respiratory disease, heart conditions, cancer and worse, which are risks not worth taking.

Typical air filters are unable to provide all of the benefits that the AirDoctor supplies because they are only able to remove some particles from the air, AirDoctor uses a filter that uses a dual action filter, and uses a 100% sealed system that doesn't allow air to escape through parts of the device without first be pulled through the filter and cleaned. In fact, the company has even published their official results on the official website at

To be more specific, there are a handful of ways that this air purifier sets itself apart. Along with the ability to capture 99.99% of the particles in the air, this purifier uses an UltraHEPA filter that uses a “proprietary dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter.” This filter is capable of eliminating compounds like gas and even formaldehyde from the air. However, the 2 of the 3 internal filters will need replaced over a certain amount of time, per the official website, “Both the Gas Trap VOC filter and the UltraHEPA™ filter are available for $59.95 each, plus shipping and processing.”

The device also offers a professional-grade sensor that checks the quality of the air around the room to keep users aware of the purity of their air. The color on the sensor shows how well the filtration is working, showing a blue color for good air quality and a red for poor quality. While orange indicates that the air quality is moderate, it is still a good warning sign that the air needs to be purified before it reaches red, giving the user time to change the filters.

FAQ About AirDoctor Professional Air Purifier

Let's summarize the facts about AirDoctor professional air purifier by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about this new clean-air filtering device.

Q: How often do AirDoctor filters need replacements?

A. This depends on a couple of different factors. Specifically, the quality of the air in your home and how many hours per day you operate the unit. Based on the air quality in the average home, if you should run the unit 24/7. The creators recommend that you leave your AirDoctor set to Auto, which will allow your device to adjust automatically, based on the filtering needs inside your home.

Q: What is an UltraHEPA?

A. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters are designed to capture particles that is 0.3 Microns. UltraHEPA™ captures particle down to 0.003 Microns. That is 100 times smaller than regular HEPA filters.

Q: How often do AirDoctor's air purifying filters need changed?

A. The built in automatic sensor notifies you when it's time to replace each of the two filters mentioned above, the Gas Trap VOC filter should last 6 months and the UltraHEPA™ filter should last a full 12 months before they need to be replaced. (Note: There is also a 3rd pre-filter, which can be easily removed and washed. With proper care and under normal operating conditions, this filter should not need to be replaced).

Q. How much do AirDoctor replacement filters cost?

A. Both the Gas Trap VOC filter and the UltraHEPA™ filter are available for $59.95 each, plus shipping and processing.

Q. How long is the AirDoctor warranty good for?

A. AirDoctor comes with a one-year limited warranty, however the filters are consumables and are not covered under this warranty.

Q: Why has the fan speed on my AirDoctor changed by itself?

A. If you have AirDoctor as the auto mode selected, it may have detected polluted air, which causes the AirDoctor to increase the fan speed in order to clean the air faster.

Q: How many square feet of space will the AirDoctor clean?

A. The AirDoctor is powerful enough to filter all of the air in a 2400 sq. ft. room once every hour.

Purchasing, Shipping and Refund Details for AirDoctor

The only way that consumers can purchase the AirDoctor is on the official website, as it has only recently been made available to the public. A single unit costs $629, and customers will have to cover the $29.95 fee for shipping and handling.

Refund Policy, If, within 30 days of receiving AirDoctor, you are not satisfied with the product, simply call customer service and return the product for a complete refund of your purchase price (less shipping and processing). We will refund your payment when your product is timely returned, and within 7-14 business days of our receipt of the returned product if purchased using third-party credit, such as a Visa or Mastercard.

If you are a Member of their autoship program, Automatic Renewal Terms. If you are placing an order online or by telephone as part of our automatic renewal program, your membership in the program will remain in effect until it is cancelled by the customer. All of the orders come with a one-year warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Contacting the Creators of AirDoctor

Even with the information available on the official website, there are always other questions that customers may have. The customer service team can be reached by calling 800-221-2515 Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 AM and 4 PM PST,
Saturday between the hours of 7 AM and 3 PM PST,  or be reached by email at [email protected]


The AirDoctor device offers a quiet and effective solution to the need for air purification in homes and offices. With the 99.99% elimination of toxins in the air, consumers can feel confident that their home and loved ones are being cared for. While other purifiers are rather expensive, the creators tout this option as a more affordable solution for the everyday consumer. Learn more about the AirDoctor Air Purifier by visiting their official website,

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