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Sparta Nutrition Cogni Keto – Ketogenic Cognitive Booster?


You may have heard of Keto, a new trend in the nutrition world. And, you are probably familiar with the supplements available for cognitive function. What you may be hearing for the first time is that these two have come together and delivered a supplement that tackles both the health and wellness component through ketogenic, and the cognitive enhancement through ingredients specific to cognitive skills.

You might be thinking to yourself that’s too good to be true, and ordinarily you would be right. However, Sparta Nutrition has over delivered on this product based on the current descriptions and reviews.

What is Sparta Nutrition Cogni Keto?

As the name might suggest, Sparta Nutrition Cogni Keto is a combination of ingredients that work to enhance your cognitive function such as; focus, concentration, motivation, etc. and, the magic of keto.

Let’s back up, what is keto anyways? Ketosis is what happens in your body when people eat a low or no carb diet. What happens is molecules called ketones build up in the bloodstream. Low carbohydrate levels can cause lower levels of blood sugar and the body then is able to break down fat for energy instead of things that get in the way.

When we consider the amount of benefits per serving in the Cogni Keto, its impressive. With a two-scoop serving of the Sparta Nutrition Cogni Keto, you receive 10 grams of BH ketones which is deemed a substantial dose of the product. In addition to that, you also receive 2 grams of MCT oil powder.

MCT oil has been making headlines more and more commonly for its effectiveness in weight gain, maintenance, muscle growth and toning, energy, etc.

One Scoop Versus Two Scoops

When taking a closer look at the label, there are two (2) different recommended servings. One includes the benefits to one scoop and the other, two scoops. The grams mentioned above are applicable to the two scoop serving size.

When browsing the ingredients, and the nutritional values two scoops is without question the best option – and just keep in mind that each container holds forty (40) servings at one scoop and then only twenty (20) servings using two scoop servings.

Having said that, ensure that you are ordering ‘enough’ based on your serving size plan.

Other key ingredients found in the Cogni Keto product by Sparta Nutrition include;

  • Alpha-GPC
  • 125 milligrams of Caffeine
  • 100 milligrams of lions made
  • 100 milligrams of rhodiola
  • 75 milligrams of Theanine
  • One milligram of huperzine A

To say that this ingredient line up wasn’t a powerhouse would be false.

The unique blend of ingredients that target both the keto lifestyle choice and the other that focuses on the cognitive side – is pretty remarkable.

More About the Sparta Nutrition Cogni Keto Launch

The bad news is this product hasn’t made it to market yet but is expected to early this year. Once launched, Sparta Nutrition is also expected to launch more of its Keto series that will include Cogni Keto and three more of Keto Pro Extreme, Keto Coffee and Keto BCAA.

Sparta Nutrition didn’t hold back when it came to Cogni Keto, and we are sure many are looking forward to its debut in the marketplace.


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