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Perlelux Cream: Anti-Aging Skin Moisturizer For Fine Lines?


Perlelux Cream is a topical skincare treatment that helps consumers to look younger, as it soaks in the nourishment of healing proteins and vitamins. The treatment is available as a trial offer, though consumers will be enrolled into a subscription service as well.

What is Perlelux Cream?

Skincare is an ongoing issue that everyone has to consider. Most people focus on protecting their skin with sunblock, while others go the extra step to nourish their skin with the right cleansers and lotions.

However, after age 50, all those methods have to change, because the skin does not produce the same sebum and chemicals that it previously supported. As a result, when someone does not change their skincare routine, they form wrinkles and even end up with discoloration. Instead of seeking out an invasive remedy that can be painful, consumers can take on a treatment like Perlelux.

Perlelux Cream is part of an entire system that uses pearl powder as its basis for nourishment. This type of powder offers several benefits, but the primary use is to increase the natural enzymes of the skin with antioxidants.

There are 17 different amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals, and conchiolin. Conchiolin is a unique type of protein that is involved in the creation of the pearl itself. Theoretically, the same activity should take place in the skin, improving the amount of collagen that the skin produces. Collagen is the substance between the skin’s layers, which naturally keeps it looking plump. By recreating the production, the skin should look smooth and youthful.

Using Perlelux

This treatment is exclusively meant for daytime use. Consumers should wash their face, and allow it to fully dry, before using the cream. Once applied, allow it to soak into the complexion before the user puts on makeup or other skincare products.

If the treatment does not improve the way that the consumer’s skin looks, then they may want to seek out another treatment that works to their advantage.


When consumers make their purchase, they will not have to pay the full price of Perlelux. Instead, the user will have up to 14 days to see how the product works for their complexion. After the trial, the user will be charged $149.95 for the kit, which includes two of the creams.

Once the trial is over, and the consumer has used the product for a full 30 days, then they will be enrolled in a subscription service. The service sends the user a package with the cream every 30 days for $99.87.

Contacting the Creators of Perlelux

With the minimal details available with Perlelux, consumers are bound to have questions that they need answered. The customer service team offers both a phone number and an email address to get ahold of them.

  • Phone number: 646-335-0449
  • Email address: support@perlelux.com

Perlelux Cream Conclusion

Perlelux Cream is meant for consumers over age 50 that have already noticed the wrinkles starting to form on the skin. Regardless of whether the issue is due to aging or the exposure to UV rays, consumers still need to support the needs of the complexion to keep it healthy.

While this treatment should improve moisture, the moisture can only seep so deeply into the skin without injection or surgery.

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