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Pantothen: Vitamin Skincare Blend Reduces Acne Breakouts?


Tired of dealing with unpleasant acne? Does the use of tea tree oil, aloe vera or other acne “resolving” solutions bring inefficient results? For the longest time, consumers have been blaming their actions as being the main cause of visible acne. Believe it or not, uncontrollable factors like environmental aggressors and hormonal imbalances also tend to contribute towards such misery. Simply put, a topical solution will not suffice, as the problem is not on the skin surface, but rather on a cellular level. This is where Pantothen can potentially help consumers.

Based on research evidence, consumers, both teens and adults, can benefit from Pantothen ingestion as it is believed to help ease back acne, cysts white and blackheads, papules, nodules, and acne rosacea to name the least. To see how Pantothen differs from topical solutions, here is an analysis based entirely on its purpose, works, suggested uses and price factor.

What Is Pantothen?

Pantothen is a dietary supplement that has been proclaimed as a natural acne solution. Its formula has been comprised into pills and is said to work independent of other topical, acne solutions. What makes it a possible solution is its ability to trace back to the main cause. To better understand such a strong claim, let’s take a quick look at how acne takes form and Pantothen’s role at large.

How Does Pantothen Work?

While oil is crucial for the body, when it is present in excess, acne takes form. It is normally housed within one’s pores. There has been a high correlation between zits and pores due to acne, because it prevents pores from performing its respective functions. In order to control oil content, it is clear that consumers need a solution that can prevent excess storage from within. This is why a supplement like Pantothen is required.

Coenzyme-A is a type of antioxidant known to deal with oil, however, the body can only produce enough to maintain a regular oil content. To deal with this problem, the Pantothen has been created using two components, which include Pantothenic Acid and L- Carnitine.

By incorporating Pantothenic Acid, it helps to increase Coenzyme-A production to fight off oil. Next, L-Carnitine directs excess oil towards a path leading to Coenzyme-A. Simply put, Pantothenic Acid creates an army of Coenzyme-A to fight off oil, while L-Carnitine constantly seeks any hidden oils and brings it to light.

How Should Consumers Take Pantothen?

Consumers are suggested to take four pills on a daily basis. Each serving should be consumed in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening. Since Pantothen consists mainly of ingredients that are naturally found in the body, those who prefer to take topical solutions as well can do so without having to stress over any unwanted side effects.

What Can Be Said About Its Overall Price Factor?

The prices vary according to the quantities purchased. For one, three and five months' worth of supply, consumers can expect to invest approximately $39.95, $79.90 and $119.95 respectively. Clearly purchasing in bulk is ideal, as consumers will get their money’s worth. While it is normally suggested to test a product prior to committing to it, based on Pantothen’s use of natural ingredients, it is safe to assume it as effective.

Pantothen Conclusion

Based on the analysis above, it should be clear by now that the purpose of Pantothen is to target the root cause of acne, whereas topical solutions deal with its associated symptoms.

A potential reason why consumers might choose Pantothen over topical solutions is because of its ability to bring permanent results over the long-run. In particular, creams, serums and other solutions might only remove a mark in one facial region without realizing the presence of another. In order to prevent hormonal imbalances and excessive oils from taking over one’s skin health, treating it on a cellular level is the only solution.

While the serving sizes may not appear attractive at first, the fact that one can split between different times of the day shows the increased emphasis placed on consumer comfort and flexibility. Lastly, when considering both solutions with respect to prices, the two do not differ at large, making Pantothen, a possible long-term healer worth considering. For more information, check out: https://www.pantothen.com/m/index.html

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