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Dapiz Baby Feet: Exfoliating Foot Mask For Soft & Smooth Skin?


Baby Feet is a topical formula that helps consumers to smooth their heels and eliminate the dry, painful calluses that form on feet without the right attention. The remedy is easy to use for any consumer, though full details are not available on the website.

What Is Dapiz Baby Feet?

Taking care of the skin is an important responsibility, but most people think that only includes the skin on the face. In reality, the skin on the feet is one of the most ignored areas of the body, which leads consumers to deal with calluses, cracks, and other issues. Some people try to solve these problems with petroleum jelly or lotion, but Baby Feet helps to soothe the skin and eliminate the dryness.

Baby Feet does not include many details on the website at all, apart from the fact that this remedy contains 17 different extracts that are known for their healing benefits. The formula helps the user to naturally exfoliate without the use of a foot file, which is often embarrassing and frustrating to use in the first place. The formula will work into the skin on the foot, and the remedy will cause dead skin to shed from the surface over time.

The website claims that Baby Feet is capable of removing the buildup of any kind of dryness and skin cells, even if the damage is something that no pedicurist wants to handle. There is no scrubbing necessary, and the remedy can be used for any skin type.

Using Dapiz Baby Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask

While other products require massaging a remedy onto the foot, or soaking them in a cumbersome foot bath, this formula has everything that consumers need in a sock-like mask. The user only has to slide on the “sock” and leave it on for the amount of time listed on the package.

The website does not actually state instructions, so consumers will need to only refer to the details in the package, or they can reach out to customer service.

Pricing For Dapiz Baby Feet

The total cost of the Baby Feet mask just $15.99, which is enough for a 3-pack of the remedy. Typically, the same type of treatment will run consumers about $39.99 from other websites. Since this treatment can be performed intermittently, consumers will not have the option to sign up for a subscription on the website.

On the off-chance that this product does not work for the consumer, they will need to reach out to the customer service team to learn about the return policy.

Contacting The Creators Of Dapiz Baby Feet

With any new spa product, consumers want to make sure that they have all of the information possible before use. The customer service team offers no phone number, but consumers are able to send an email to hello@dapiz.com.

Dapiz Baby Feet Conclusion

Everyone wants to have soft and smooth feet, especially as the weather gets warmer and sandal season is in. With the use of Baby Feet, consumers can get rid of the unsightly and unhealthy buildup so that consumers can go into these shoe sales without embarrassment. The treatment can be used whenever the dry skin builds up, though it may take a couple of days to shed it.

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