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C'est Moi: Gentle Beauty & Skincare Products That Clean & Protect?


C'est Moi is a company that creates makeup and cosmetics that keep sensitive skin healthy during and after application. There are several sets available that let consumers get a more value for the purchase they make.

What Is C'est Moi?

Maintaining adequate skincare is the responsibility of every individual, even though they may not realize the impact that the right products can make. Sensitive skin is one of the hardest to treat, because so many skincare products have perfumes and chemicals that can cause a bad reaction. When a consumer has this type of skin, even makeup is hard to find. But the goal of C’est Moi is to help consumers get products that overcome that issue.

C’est Moi, which translates from French to mean “It’s Me”, is made especially for the younger consumer, since the influx of hormones from puberty makes skin hard to treat. Every product gives a gentle level of treatment to sensitive skin, which is easy to find in skincare products. However, the makeup available with C’est Moi is also meant for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of blemishes, clogged pores, and irritation.

Read on below to learn about the two different types of remedies that consumers offer, and the large variety of neutral colors in the cosmetics available.


Skincare is absolutely essential for every consumer, even if they do not have any cosmetics that they like to use during the day. The right products for the skin type is essential to balance, and C’est Moi offers a few different options for consumers.

Choose from:

  • The Three-Step Gentle Skin Care Set, which has everything that consumers with sensitive skin will need in their daily routine ($26.00)
  • Gentle Foaming Cleansing Gel, which helps to clear the particles out of the pores for cleaner skin without blemishes ($11.99)
  • Gentle Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, which helps to get rid of foundation, eye makeup, and even lip colors ($9.99)
  • Gentle Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, which has SPF 30 to protect the user from UV rays and free radicals ($14.99)
  • Gentle Moisture Lotion, which supports the needs of sensitive skin and hydration ($14.99)


Once consumers have healthy and glowing skin, they may want to ensure that it stays that way with healthy cosmetics as well. Much of the selection focuses on a range of neutral tones, ensuring that the user can get a fresh look without concealing the beauty of their natural features.

The selection of cosmetics is rather small, but consumers have the opportunity to buy:

  • Aspiring Cheek Palette, with three different blush colors in one palette ($15.99)
  • Brilliance Pressed-Powder Foundation, with four individual hues with light to medium coverage ($15.99)
  • Envision Eyeshadow Palette, with six assorted colors in one palette to combine or use separately ($16.99)
  • Fearless Eyeliner Pencil, with a velvety texture in black ($7.99)
  • Luminary Lip Crayon, with six color options ($9.99)
  • Muse Mascara, which nourishes the eyelashes with shea butter and grapeseed for growth ($14.99)
  • Reflect Lip Gloss, with three colors that come from organic oils and a clean shine for the lips ($9.99)
    • Trio available with all three colors ($18.99)
  • Visionary Makeup Crayon, which has 14 assorted colors that can be used on any part of the face for a burst of color ($7.99)
    • Six-piece set ($25.00)

Contacting Customer Service For C'est Moi

Even though there’s information online, consumers may want to learn other details about the products or a recent purchase. There is no phone number or email address listed on the website, but consumers can send their inquiries through the form on the website at https://www.cestmoi.com/contact-us/.

C'est Moi Conclusion

C’est Moi offers products for the younger men and women in the industry, without causing more damage to their acne-prone skin in this transition in their lives. The remedies come with a wide variety of options, depending on the look that the user wants to achieve.

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