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AlphaBurn – MuscleSport's Thermogenic Fat Burning Matrix?


Burning fat requires a lot of control with regards to one’s training and diets. The main problem that arises in many instances is that each individual’s bodily system functions differently. Therefore, multiple factors, like one’s biology, medical condition and lifestyle may influence the way in which the body burns fat. How can consumers pinpoint the exact cause? Can fat burning be achieved? This is where the AlphaBurn comes into play.

The AlphaBurn is believed to stimulate fat burning properties by activating one’s metabolism and regulating estrogen levels. To make sense of its overall works, the following review will analyze the AlphaBurn with respect to its purpose, active ingredients, directed uses and affordability.

What is AlphaBurn?

AlphaBurn is an innovative, dietary supplement created by MuscleSport. The intention behind its formula is to stimulate one’s metabolism and Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. A boost in metabolism can contribute towards fat burning, as it is represents the speed which food is properly digested.

Similarly, ATP production is crucial to consider, as it increases energy production on a cellular level; ensuring that consumers have a sustainable energy source. According to the claims made, various forms of carnitine have been incorporated to stimulate results as well as thermogenic properties.

What Can Be Said About its Ingredients?

Thermogenic is the act of stimulating bodily heat to boost one’s metabolism. Here is a quick look at the AlphaBurn’s ingredients list:

L-Carnitine Tartrate

The purpose of the L-Carnitine Tartrate is to induce fat breakdown and energy production. Other studies have suggested its uses in recovering damaged muscle tissues and soreness.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-Carnitine Fumarate is believed to be effective when combined with its counterpart, the L-Carnitine Tartrate, otherwise it is useless. The combination may give an extra push needed to increase energy levels.

Paradoxine Aframomum Melegueta Seed Extract

Like the two types of L-Carnitine, this respective ingredient contributes towards one’s energy levels. What differentiates the Paradoxine Aframomum Melegueta Seed Extract from the latter two, is its ability to ensure that the body makes use of the energy available, as opposed to storing them as fat.


The use of CapsiAtra is said to increase the body’s ability to burn calories. More specifically, it targets the fat storage content.

Lean GBB

Since L-Carnitine is a key player in the AlphaBurn, the Lean GBB has been included to stimulate L-Carnitine production. In addition, it may contribute towards sustainable energy needed while trading.

While the AlphaBurn may appear as a fat burning and energy-inducing supplement, its formula also claims to include ingredients that can potentially promote cognitive abilities to maximize one’s focus and alertness while training.

How Should Consumers Make Use of AlphaBurn?

The most effective way to achieve results is by taking one serving of the AlphaBurn with 8 to 10 ounces of water. Consumers can take less depending on one’s energy levels, however taking more than the recommended dosage is not advised. For maximum energy, consumers should ingest it 30 minutes prior to training.

How Much is its Suggested Price?

For a quantity of 30 servings, the suggested price of the AlphaBurn is approximately $65.99. The price is fair given that consumers are offered a formula that can potentially increase different areas of the body that work together to shed fat.

AlphaBurn Review Summary

Based on the breakdown of the AlphaBurn, it appears that consumers are offered a supplement that works on a cellular basis. By targeting specific components of the cell, like the mitochondria, and the body’s natural energy production like that of the ATP, the end-results are said to be sustainable.

For long term results, consumers should consider combining the AlphaBurn with an appropriate diet and training that best reflects one’s abilities and limits. For more information, check out: http://musclesport.com/shop/fat-burning/alphaburn/.

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