Fitness & Exercising Fitness22 – Mobile Fitness App With Simple Workout Plans?

Fitness22 – Mobile Fitness App With Simple Workout Plans?


The year 2018 is just starting and there are already worthwhile fitness companies that are worth mentioning and that are poised to change the field in terms of what’s available and the resources individuals have to get their health on track.

One new fitness company and its nifty application that is starting to take the fitness world by storm is called Fitness22. While the company is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the application is becoming massively popular – to date, it has been downloaded over a million times. Those who are ready to start the year the right way may want to give this new application a try.

What Is Fitness22?

Fitness22 is a new fitness startup that features a corresponding mobile application that goes by the same name. the application is available for download for both iOS and Android systems. Dissimilar from most other fitness applications on the market, Fitness22 boasts a number of applications in its repertoire – such as options for helping users train for a 5K race, building abdominal muscles, and to sleep well. Interestingly enough, to gain in popularity, the company has not needed to advertise. Instead, its growth has been entirely dependent upon word-of-mouth and the satisfaction that users have experienced from the applications.

Fitness22 Mobile Applications Of Simple Workout Plans Various

Choosing the right fitness applications for one’s needs can be extremely difficult. Very few fitness companies provide individuals with a range of applications that they can count on for multiple capabilities. Fortunately, Fitness22 is a different type of fitness company and it has created a range of options that men and women can incorporate into their lifestyle for stellar results. Those who visit the company’s app store on their mobile device will find app bundles when searching Fitness22. The bundles include options such as those that follow:

  • Fitness All-in-1 Pack
  • Fitness Pack: Great Body
  • Get in Shape: Couch to 5K
  • Bodyweight Fitness Pack

In addition to the packs, the company also boasts individual applications so that individuals can choose the particular options that work for them.

A Growing Fitness Community

Those who are looking for more than just an application for their mobile device and the opportunity to enhance their health will also find that Fitness22 is a good option. For example, the company boasts a growing fitness community. To date, Fitness22 has accumulated over 35 million members who have been able to achieve their health and fitness goals with the company’s tools and resources.

Better yet, the company makes all of its members’ stories available on its main webpage. To learn about individual successes, all one needs to do is to visit the website and click on “read their stories.” Doing so will not only provide motivation, but it will also give insight as to just how well the applications work.

Fitness22 Benefits

There are many benefits to be had when choosing Fitness22 as a go-to potion for one’s health and fitness needs. Here are the main advantages of this application so that individuals know what to look forward to:


First, all of the applications provided by Fitness22 are simple and reliable. Those who use the applications will find the interface intuitive so that they don’t need to spend hours on end figuring out the product’s capabilities and how it works. Instead, the applications are easy to incorporate into one’s lifestyle so that users can get started in achieving their health and fitness goals with ease.

Audio Coach

Second, many of the applications come with an audio coach as well. The coach provides guidance and it makes it easier to follow the application’s directions while one is working out, provided that one has headphones as well. The coach will walk individuals through the steps and ensure that they are completing the process as needed.

An Inspiring And Motivational Tool

Third, Fitness22 provides individuals with inspiring and motivational resources to stay on track and to achieve optimal health and fitness outcomes. Those who start working out often find themselves struggling to keep going – but with these tools, individuals can stop worrying and focus on making it to the finish line.


Finally, all Fitness22 applications are designed for those who need flexibility in completing their health and fitness routines. The applications can be used from anywhere and at any time to generate the right outcomes. Those who use the applications on a regular basis and as directed will see improvements in their growth, strength, sleep, and so much more.

Clearly, there are many positive qualities to be had when one adds Fitness22 to their lifestyle. The company’s applications are reliable, effective, and they generate optimal health outcomes as well. Those who are interested in viewing the range of applications available through Fitness22 can do so through the brand’s website or on their mobile device when they search the app store.

Fitness22 Media Feedback

These days, its becoming difficult for most fitness applications to prove their worth. However, Fitness22 seems to be succeeding. The company and its applications have received stellar feedback from various media sources such as Fox Business, Business Insider, App Advice, App Picker Gizmodo, Gigaom, TheStreet, Mashable, SlashGear, and the New York Times. With such positive attention, those who choose this application can be certain that they are making the right decision for their needs. Further, there are numerous news stories concerning the company as well.

Fitness22 Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in a range of high-end fitness and health applications may want to give Fitness22 a search on their mobile device. The applications can be accessed through both iOS and Android systems. To get started and to download the applications, just go to the app store and to learn more about the brand, visit its website today.

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