Fitness & Exercising The Smoothie Diet: Reviewing the 21-Day Weight Loss Program

The Smoothie Diet: Reviewing the 21-Day Weight Loss Program

The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day fat-melting meal replacement recipes program by Certified Health Coach Drew that gives users a life transformation health system for 3-week weight loss results.


The Smoothie Diet is a weight loss program is centered around homemade smoothies, which are meant to increase energy and promote better health in the process. The regimen takes 21 days to go through, but consumers can restart from the beginning to keep up with the progress.

Smoothie diets are nothing new in the diet and exercise industry. Smoothies are particularly popular because they offer a simple and easy way for consumers to access the proteins and minerals they need while enjoying a tasty treat. Unfortunately, the expansion of smoothie diets in the weight loss sector has led to the creation of a number of ineffective or even counterproductive dieting smoothies.

Does the Smoothie Diet actually help you lose weight? Can it improve other aspects of general health? Or is it just another ineffective product masquerading as a genuine weight loss tool? Read more in our comprehensive product review of the Smoothie Diet.

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What is the Smoothie Diet?

What is the Smoothie Diet?

Getting started on a diet is one of the worst parts of weight loss, specifically because it can be difficult to let go of old habits. Most people think of diets as deprivation, and they aren’t altogether wrong. Some diets are intensely restrictive, which is why so few people stay on a regimen that they’ve started. Unfortunately, diet food is somewhat lacking in the flavors that consumers enjoy having, but the Smoothie Diet brings consumers more flavors and recipes to keep them interested.

This three-week plan is advertised as a plan that will guarantee weight loss, though the creators also promise that the user will “feel better than you have in years” as it reduces fat at a rapid pace. Claiming to act faster than any other plan on the market, it isn’t like other smoothie-based diets that just give the user a list of ingredients to blend. Instead, every single smoothie needs to be consumed in the right order for the desired results. Every week includes recipes with different amounts of nutrients and portions to make sure the body continues to lose weight, rather than reaching a plateau.

The creator of The Smoothie Diet – Drew, a health coach – states that he’s already learned from the clients he hosts that the system works, studying the ingredients himself. As he sees it, the only thing that that the user needs to do is use the recipes in the right order, using them as a way to replace the meals that they ordinarily have.

Buying The Smoothie Diet

Exclusively offered as digital content, consumers will get all of the materials within minutes of paying the $37 price tag. With the purchase, the user has exclusive access to a total of 36 different recipes to take them through the next three weeks, all with explicit instructions that ensure that no one will make any errors in preparing them. The information also includes shopping lists and other tips for optimal results.

Along with the main guide, consumers will have access to a few bonus materials, which don’t necessarily need to be used but will maximize results. Those bonuses include:

The 3-Day Detox, which clears out the gut and eliminates toxins that could stop the nutrients from being fully absorbed

The Quick-Start Guide, which is basically a shortened version of all of the content that consumers get from the main guide, so no time is wasted

Every person is different, which means that this regimen may not always work for them. If they find that the Smoothie Diet isn’t the right fit, then they purchase is covered by a 60-day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Smoothie Diet

Despite the intuitive nature of many smoothie diets, finding clear information on them can sometimes be difficult. This section will answer many of the most commonly asked questions about the Smoothie Diet.

Q: What if the program doesn't work in 21 days?

A: If users don't get the results they want, the Smoothie Diet can be repeated multiple times in a row to get the desired results. The user will learn what they need to know to repeat the process with the same delicious flavors as they began with. As you continue to use the program, you should be able to figure out what works and what doesn't work for you.

Q: Will you regain weight after stopping the diet?

A: Not necessarily. The point of this program is to help improve the user’s health with weight loss. Scientific studies show that about three weeks is needed to break any kind of habit, which may be why so many people reported a lack of sugar cravings after their initial run with this program. The smoothies can be easily integrated as a regular habit for the users, which means that they can continue to get the benefits after the initial run of the diet. As long as you take the advice of the diet and use them after quitting, you should maintain your gains.

Q: Can you use the Smoothie Diet if you have diabetes?

A: Since the creator is not a doctor, consumers may want to speak with a medical professional to make sure the recipes they use are safe for their medical condition. It is unclear whether or not the Smoothie Diet is useful for people who have type I or type II diabetes.

Q: Is the Smoothie Diet program easy to follow?

A: Yes. In fact, individuals that are fairly busy in their day with a lot to keep up will probably find the smoothies are far easier to integrate into their routine than most other diet foods. All the user needs to know how to do is work a blender, and any blender will do. The shopping lists are filled with ingredients that are easy to find and not as expensive as other programs.

Final Thoughts

The Smoothie Diet is an easy way for consumers to get in shape without much effort. It isn’t this fast scheme to just drop water weight, offering recipes that have real nutritional value to improve the user’s physique. By breaking the habit of sweets and replacing it with fruits and vegetables, consumers will inherently create the habits that can help them keep off the weight over time.

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