Fitness & Exercising Airofit Respiratory Trainer System: Reviewing the Research

Airofit Respiratory Trainer System: Reviewing the Research

Airofit Respiratory Trainer uses lung resistance-training technology to help consumers increase breathing strength by working out processes used to support vital capacity and anaerobic threshold.


Respiratory health is a major key to general wellness. A healthy respiratory system can help all organs and parts of the body to get the oxygen necessary to perform their best. For Americans who workout regularly or want to start a regular exercise regimen for weight loss, a healthy respiratory system can make-or-break any major effort.

But for many Americans looking to promote better respiratory health and wellness, traditional medical tools simply don't do the trick. Some medications for respiratory health are costly, while others come with a long list of unnecessary and certainly unwanted side effects that users must contend with.

Alternative treatment methods present a viable replacements for consumers who want to avoid the clutches of the traditional medical industry while still demonstrably improving their respiratory health and strength.

Airofit is a device that allows consumers to train their respiratory muscles to be stronger using resistance technology. The device is available on its official product website, which also offers a book called “Breatheology: The Art of Conscious Breathing” to help consumers adjust to using this new device to train their breathing and respiratory strength.


What is Airofit?

Every muscle group in the body requires work to keep it strong and in shape, and the muscles that control breathing are no exception to this rule. The performance of these muscles can be weakened over time when they aren’t challenged, leading athletes like runners or boxers to easily run out of breath. Training these muscles is the key to keeping the body from running out of breath, and the creators behind Airofit believe that they have a solution.

Airofit lets consumers train their respiratory muscles, ensuring that they can absorb more oxygen and increase their diaphragm’s flexibility. These changes can be beneficial to athletes of all kinds, whether their activities take them to a court, field, or pool.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airofit

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Airofit; all other concerns should be directed to the customer service team.

Q: What is a respiratory training system?

A: The Airofit device is “a respiratory training system” that puts the user through breathing exercises to improve athletic performance. It offers an alternative to traditional medical approaches to improving respiratory strength and ability.

Q: How does Airofit work?

A: With the use of resistance wheels, the breathing trainer restricts air flow to cause fatigue in the muscles being used. As a result, the muscles become stronger and are able to improve respiratory efficiency. Consumers can find the training instructions included with their product. The premise is simple; users breathe through the resistance to fatigue and train the muscles of their respiratory system.

Q: How do you use Airofit?

A: The Airofit device can be used while the individual is not engaging in other physical activities, like at bedtime or before a work day. Users will need to have their smartphone with them, as the app takes the user through the workouts and provides live feedback.

Q: What separates Airofit from similar products?

A: Currently, Airofit is the only breathing trainer on the market, so it can’t really be compared to “similar” products. However, since the creators recognize that every user can have different needs and different skill levels, the customized routines ensure that each person can train from their current thresholds.

Q: Is Airofit backed by scientific research?

A: The development of Airofit is centered around research regarding respiratory training, and it has been tested by the AMBU med-tech company in a study of 68 healthy individuals. Consumers have 14 days to use the Airofit for themselves to see if it helps them reach their desired goals.

Q: What age group can use Airofit?

A: Though there’s no specific age limit indicated, the only way to use the mobile app is to register, which cannot be done by anyone under 13. The results are compared to other individuals at the user’s age, and there’s no consistent data associated with anyone under this age.

Q: How often should you use Airofit?

A: For first-time users, the company recommends two sessions that last five minutes each per day. Eventually, the user should work up to 10 minutes per session at their own pace.

Q: Is there a warranty available?

A: All products come with a two-year warranty.

Any other question or concern can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing Airofit

The only place that consumers can presently purchase Airofit is on the official website, where it is listed for $274. However, consumers can also get the Airofit and Breatheology Bundle for $419, which includes a book about conscious breathing and the training itself. A carrying case for the device is included as well, priced at $14. Per the official website, “Airofit offers certain enhanced features of the Services which you can purchase as a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription (“Subscription”). A description of features associated with Subscriptions is available via the Services.”

If this device doesn’t work, users have up to 14 days to return it for a full refund.

Returns and Contacting Customer Service

Even with the information on the official website, consumers may find that they have other questions that they want to address with the company. To reach out to the Airofit customer service team, send a message to

Final Thoughts

Airofit provides consumers with everything they need to naturally increase the strength and health of their respiratory system. With both the resistance-training device and an in-depth guide on the art of breathing for the base price of the product, users can reap the benefits of renewed respiratory strength without having to go through the hassle of traditional medical treatments.

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