Fitness & Exercising SIT Exercise One and Done Workout: Sprint Interval Training Benefits?

SIT Exercise One and Done Workout: Sprint Interval Training Benefits?


One and Done Workout is a system by Meredith Shirk of Svelte Training that that helps consumers to naturally increase their metabolism to make it easier to slim down. The Metaboosting-companion program boasts only requiring seven minutes of dedication a day and shows multiple “customers” that have lost over 30 pounds and up, regardless of age.

But is Meredith Shirk's One & Done Workouts legit enough to buy? Let's review the inner workings of the popular at-home fitness plan to see if you should consider trying the One and Done workout program.

What is One and Done Workout?

With all of the body positive movements and the fad diets, it is sometimes hard to remember that the body can only handle so much. Having extra weight on a body frame that was not meant to hold it can put pressure on the heart and other organs, struggling to keep up. Realistically, being overweight is a health hazard, and everyone seems to have a solution. While plenty of trainers and enthusiasts believe that deprivation and long workouts are the key. However, the creators of the SIT Exercise One and Done Workout believe something a little different.

According to the claims on the website, the One and Done Workout regimen takes seven minutes daily. With that promise, the writer of the advertisement – Meredith Shirk – bursts into a long explanation of how she managed to use this system to lose weight for herself. She describes the claims of the medical industry, which says that consumers must exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, but these workouts lead to inflammation and can stress the body.

The website indicates that participation in this program will:

  • Improve the user’s endurance
  • Reduce sleeplessness
  • Increase muscle tone in the butt and thighs
  • Increase the metabolism
  • Promote better flexibility

The creator of the regimen, which appears to be Shirk, says that “7 minutes is really all you need” when you are trying to trigger the metabolism. Supporting her point, she follows the comment with an image of her sculpted abs with a baby that cannot be more than a few months old. She appeals to readers with the reaction she got from her husband and how she did not have to five up what she liked to eat.

It is not until halfway down the advertisement, after dozens of paragraphs of people who have had substantial success, that Shirk tells the reader the key to the program. This key says, “Your body can never turn on its natural [metabolic] multipliers unless you move your body in a very specific way.”

She discusses how high-intensity workouts push the body, and notes that each of these types of workout are different, connecting with her theory that a minute of a workout can be just as good as 45 minutes. However, she says that these workouts “don’t take into account the human factor,” launching into another long speech about the way that typical workouts do not help.

Finally, she exposes how the program works – Sprint Interval Training.

Sprint Interval Training = SIT Exercise

Spring Interval Training, which Shirk reduces to “SIT,” requires no running. The process involves a high intensity exercise for 20 seconds at time, followed with a minute of an “active rest period.” The workout goes back and forth between these two cycles until the user reaches the 7-minute mark.

Shirk comments that this type of routine allows the body to be in a constant state of preparation for the next section of exercise, which extends into the time of day that the user is not exercising. Citing a study in April 2008 that the American College of Sports Medicine published, she added that the correct use of SIT will cause the participant to maintain a higher body temperature. Hormones developed during the workout will continue the fat burning process for up to two days, which is common with any kind of cardio.

With the success that Shirk had with other clients, she decided to develop this entirely online regimen with multiple components that consumers can use to get in better shape as well. Furthermore, the time on the regimen is only 14 days.

What’s Included with the One and Done Workout System?

When a customer orders the system, the first component they will see is the high-definition videos of Shirk, showing the user how to perform the exercise combinations. These exercises can be repeated over and over, completing a 14-day cycle as many times as the user wants.

One of the most important aspects of this program is the main manual. This manual explains the ins and out of the metabolism, and why it reacts to the exercise regimen the way it does. Though diet does not appear to be a major part of the regimen, buyers are provided with a bonus guide that has 151 smoothie recipes from Shirk to enhance the reaction from the metabolism.

To view the materials, the users will have access to an online portal, introducing them to the One and Done Workout system with a welcome video. The participant will also receive an email under the same sentiment, which includes login details.

Changes to the diet are not a required part of the regimen. However, to basically create a healthier body overall, Shirt tells customers, “You should drink adequate water, eat your greens, fruit, and protein, and you’ll want to cut back on alcohol, sweets, and junk food.”

Pricing for One and Done Workout

To gain access to all of the advertised materials, consumers will only have to pay $29. The access to the content would be delivered by email to the customer. Though no physical materials are provided, users with access can print off a hard copy of the manual if they need to.

If the user is unhappy with the results, or the program is not what they originally though, there is a 60-day refund policy. This workout plan is made to work with anyone from 0 to 70 and is easy for all fitness levels.

Contacting the Creators of One and Done Workout

Despite the plentiful content on the website, there are some questions that can only be handled by customer service itself. If the user wants to learn more before making a purchase, they can fill out the online form at to learn more. However, as a participant, the customer would be able to file a question through the online database.

To contact the host of the content, Svelte Media LLC, customers can also call 317-204-4848 on weekdays until 5:00pm MST.

Frequently Asked Questions About One and Done Workout?

What is One and Done Workout?

One and Done Workout is a workout that is meant to help consumers activate their metabolism quickly, taking on a seven-minute workout to trigger enough calorie burning to be more successful than longer workouts.

How does One and Done Workout work?

One and Done Workout is an entire regimen that includes videos to guide consumers through a seven-minute routine that will trigger the weight loss. The program includes two e-books that describe smoothies and a 10-day keto diet to promote success on the regimen.

Is One and Done Workout Legit or is it a scam?

While there are many individuals that would immediately believe that this type of regimen is just a scam, that’s not true. The One and Done Workout capitalizes on a seven-minute regimen that was brought to life by trainers years ago, teaching consumers how to make the most of this safe and effective workout.

Who is One and Done Workout for?

The One and Done Workout is designed to meet the needs of participants of all ages and all weights. Furthermore, it is designed to meet different skill levels as well, ensuring that anyone can take on this type of routine.

How much does One and Done Workout cost?

The total cost of the One and Done Workout guide is $29. As soon as the product is purchased, users will have immediate access to the digital content.

Where can I buy One and Done Workout?

The only place that consumers can purchase the One and Done Workout is from the official website.

Is the 7 minute workout effective?

According to the official website for One & Done, the regimen has been “proven” to have greater effectiveness than taking on 45 minutes of exercise. There are multiple customer reviews on the official website and on other websites that support the successful results that consumers have seen.

What are the exercises in the 7 minute workout?

All of the exercises involved in the 7-Minute Workout of One and Done are detailed exclusively in the exercise combination manual and the high-definition videos. This content is only available to paying participants of the regimen and is not available for free.

What is the 7-minute S.I.T. strategy?

The S.I.T. strategy is “sprint interval training,” which involves short bursts of high intensity exercise, combined with low-intensity aerobics. It has been linked to the improvement in insulin sensitivity, and it has helped with fitness and health amongst adolescents and adults, based on clinical studies.

Do ten minute workouts really work?

How effective a ten-minute workout is will depend on how much work the user is putting into it. However, scientific studies have revealed that as little as 10 minutes of exercise could realistically help consumers to lose weight and improve fitness, especially if they have not been working out already.

Is a 10 minute HIIT workout enough?

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, workouts are ideal for consumers that have a busy lifestyle, due to the little amount of time that consumers have to spend on it. According to The Body Coach and many other resources, engaging in a 20-minute routine is ideal, though consumers can still make an impact on their body within 10 minutes. If their goal is to get in shape, they may need more time, depending on the regimen.

One and Done Workout Summary

One and Done Workout has the appeal of working with many different experience levels, ages, sizes, and more. The actual description of the content will not be made available without a purchase, but the cost is so low that consumers will not really lose out by trying it. However, the vague aspect of the website, and hype about this mystery solution to losing weight, could make it difficult to determine if this is truly a helpful regimen. Furthermore, the lack of dietary changes may make it difficult to lose weight.

Even though the program claims to be for all fitness levels, and it is not excessively strenuous, changing a physical routine can be risky to someone’s health. Before beginning a new regimen, it is important to speak with a doctor beforehand, especially if the customer has any medical conditions that could be affected.

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