About Advanced Living Affiliate Disclosure for AdvancedLiving.com

Affiliate Disclosure for AdvancedLiving.com

Advanced Living's Affiliate Disclosure:

Our full disclosure and disclaimer applies to all informational and educational contents found within https://www.advancedliving.com and will be referenced as AdvancedLiving.com.

Full Affiliate Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) makes it mandatory under federal regulation to disclose any and all relationships and strategic partnerships in which we receive compensation on when you click through on one of our links contained in our informative guide articles, news announcements or product reviews.

In a bid to be the most authentic and genuine health publication in 2020 and beyond, AdvancedLiving.com wants nothing but complete transparency and integrity when it comes to how we operate, function and grow as a team with all of our valued visitors and frequent followers.

As part of AdvancedLiving.com's mission and vision of leading the wellness enhancement charge towards living a healthy lifestyle, we do align ourselves with top companies and the best brands that offer tried and true supplements. Between AdvancedLiving.com vetting individual product vendors to participating in the Google Adsense program and the Amazon Associate Program, these channels allow us to pay our research team and executive editorial staff to keep the dream alive of sharing Advanced Living research and education. It should be known that any link found within an article of ours will result in us getting a commission paid directly to us should you buy the product or program at hand.

From the retail platforms, we refer to, products we reference, to the clickable advertisements found on AdvancedLiving.com, all of them are a form of generating rewards to keep our team healthy and happy. All of the dedicated due diligence, effort and resources required to put forth a factual investigative analysis takes time to formulate and real skill to separate the facts from fiction. Thus, when recommending any supplement on AdvancedLiving.com, we are only doing so because the company checks all the right boxes for being reputable, credible and trustworthy. In turn, the small amount of commissions earned goes back into growing our team, momentum and overall Advanced Living movement.

For the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, we will earn a 4% commission on any product you click directly from AdvancedLiving.com and purchase within a 24-hour window. We do not pick and choose which products Amazon displays in the widget box as that is all done using their algorithm for what they feel is most closely associated with the product page you are visiting. The Amazon.com based products we recommend will contain a button that says buy directly from Amazon to ensure you are getting the product directly from the official company's Amazon product listing page.

The Google Ad Network also works the same way, in which we do not control the advertisement or marketing language displayed as that is all based on what they control, however, we will receive a small reward for clicking on the ad positioned on AdvancedLiving.com. In the future, the Google Adsense ad placements will be above the article, below the article and sidebar.

Both Google and Amazon have superior standards when it comes to who gets to successfully run ads through their networks and we trust both of these platforms to ensure only quality products and services are displayed on AdvancedLiving.com.

Along with these two ad networks, AdvancedLiving.com has sought out strategic partnerships with high-quality brands and companies that offer exceptional supplements. This is done on a one on one basis as we will never promote anything we do not have direct contact with or have either tested, reviewed thoroughly, or both.

If, for any reason, you want to avoid AdvancedLiving.com receiving compensation from a personal order of yours, please ensure you do not click on any links pointing directly to the product vendor's official website. Instead, search the brand or product name to locate the company's official sales page using a search engine or type in the website URL directly once finding it through our website without clicking on a referral link taking you there. Also, please be sure to block all cookies from our site in your web browser or open up a private incognito tab to ensure there is no direct connection to AdvancedLiving.com. For those who may have already clicked a link via our AdvancedLiving.com website, make sure to switch devices or browser tabs and remove all cookies. Also, please note that using our link does not affect the buyer's price and should be the same with our without visiting the company's product page through AdvancedLiving.com

And, most importantly; whether its Google Ad Network banners, Amazon supplement widgets or product reviews we recommend, ALWAYS KNOW AdvancedLiving.com remains true to the core when it comes to what we research, review and recommend. All reviews will never show a biasness or construed in any way in order to make a commission.

Please be sure to reach out to us via our contact form or email info@advancedliving.com directly and we will be sure to respond within 24-48 hours regarding your inquiry. We encourage all of our valued readers and growing audience to always conduct further research and gather more insights from other credible sources online before making any product purchase.

The primary reason we display ads and recommend select supplements is to grow the team and the AdvancedLiving.com vision and mission. To scale with skill and grow into the Advanced Living ecosystem we want to create in 2020 and beyond we must receive additional funding to pay for hosting, graphics maker, researchers, editors, and publishers. At the end of the day, AdvancedLiving.com thinks there is no better way to optimize our health universe than to align with the best of the best supplements and recommend products that have the potential to help you live a healthier quality of life.

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