Fitness & Exercising Mediterranean Diet Plan: Reviewing Kimberly Clark’s 30-Day Challenge

Mediterranean Diet Plan: Reviewing Kimberly Clark’s 30-Day Challenge

The Official Mediterranean Diet Plan is a 30-Day Challenge by Kimberly Clark that gives users basic nutrition concepts and advanced principles of meal recipes as an optimal food eating program.


The Mediterranean Diet is a 30-day challenge promoted online and purchasable on the official product website.

Diets surrounding The Mediterranean Diet have existed for many years in various forms. It might be helpful for users to understand that any diet plan should be combined with moderation in caloric intake and continual exercise in order to be effective.

With the The Mediterranean Diet 30-Day Challenge, you pay $37, then gain access to several PDF guides that walk you through the Mediterranean diet. By following the guides for 30 days, you can purportedly lose weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, and enjoy a number of additional benefits to take back control of your health, mind and body.

Mediterranean Diet Plan

Is The Mediterranean Diet worth the price? What makes it different from any other plan Find out today in our comprehensive review.

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What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is a series of eBooks and guides available online through The guides are marketed as a 30-day challenge: you follow the lessons in the guides for 30 days, then enjoy powerful weight loss results and other benefits.

The guides explain the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. You get recipes, tips, shopping lists, detox info, and more.

The Mediterranean diet is no secret: it’s one of the most popular diet systems available today. Researchers have found that people in Italy and other Mediterranean countries eat pasta or carbs, drink wine, and engage in other ‘unhealthy’ diet habits, yet live longer than people in other countries.

Research suggests that by eating healthy fats (like olive oil) and whole, healthy foods, you can get healthier without resorting to fad diet or exercise routines.

“Italy is officially the healthiest country in the world,” explains Kimberly Clark on the guide’s official website.

“Walk the beaches of Naples, and you’ll see Italian bellisimas and signores in PERFECT shape…Toned muscles…Tight skin…Almost ZERO wrinkles…Even the 40 year old mamas and 70 year old nonnas! But it’s not just obvious to onlookers…Because a study by Bloomberg ranks Italy at #1 on matters of health…AHEAD of Iceland, Switzerland, and even Japan.”

The same study found that the United States was “one of the most obese countries in the world”.

The Mediterranean Diet 30-day challenge is led by Kimberly Clark, a nutritionist, health advisor, and pilates instructor who has published several guides through Clickbank in recent months.

How Does The Mediterranean Diet Work?

The Mediterranean Diet is a series of digital products available online. You pay $37, then instantly access the digital products.

The digital products include mostly PDF guides that walk you through the Mediterranean diet. All of the guides revolve around a 30-day challenge. There’s a 30-day challenge meal plan, for example, and a 30-day challenge detox guide.

By following these guides for 30 days, you can kickstart a weight loss routine and get started towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

You can find plenty of similar information about the Mediterranean diet available online for free. However, Clark and her team have collected all of this information into one place for convenience.

The guides do not seek to change the Mediterranean diet. Instead, they simply explain how the diet works, what to expect, and how to maximize the results of that diet.

According to the Mayo Clinic, key features of the Mediterranean diet include:

  • Daily consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats
  • Weekly intake of fish, poultry, beans, and eggs
  • Moderate portions of dairy products
  • Limited intake of red meat

The diet also emphasizes social interaction with family and friends, an occasional glass of red wine, and being physically active.

Expect to read lots about ‘healthy fats’ when following The Mediterranean Diet guides. The diet recommends avoiding unhealthy fats – like saturated and trans fats, which contribute to heart disease. Instead, use olive oil, which provides monounsaturated fat and has been found to lower cholesterol.

You’ll also read lots about poultry, eggs, and seafood, which are central to the Mediterranean diet. Red meat is eaten only occasionally.

Overall, experts have repeatedly praised the Mediterranean diet for being easy to follow and delivering effective results. By buying The Mediterranean Diet, you can discover how to implement the diet into your daily life.

What’s Included with The Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet includes eight digital products, all of which revolve around a ’30 day challenge’. The challenge doesn’t start on a specific date. You follow the lessons in each PDF guide, implementing the lessons into your day-to-day life over a 30 day period.

Here is what’s included with your $37 purchase:

The Beginner’s Guide to The Mediterranean Diet: This eBook explains the simple rules behind the Mediterranean diet, including how to use the diet to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: This 92-page cookbook features easy-to-cook, delicious recipes, including low-calorie desserts. All meals follow the rules of the Mediterranean diet.

The Official Mediterranean Diet Calendar: This calendar is a 30-day nutrition journal that promises to help you shed excess fat, eat healthy, and stay on top of your diet. Each day has 4 time slots where you can record what you ate, what you drank, and your daily activity.

The Beach Body Program: Your purchase comes with a beach body program that claims to give you the body of your dreams in just 3 to 6 months. The program emphasizes one 30-minute home workout per day you can perform with minimal equipment without hitting the gym.

The Detox Guide: This 14-day detox guide helps you fight inflammation that has built up in your body over time from years of unhealthy eating. The guide emphasizes healthy greens and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, among other compounds.

The Winner’s Morning Routine Guide: How do the world’s most successful people start their mornings? This guide explains the habits, routines, and breakfasts of successful people around the world.

Bulletproof Guide: This guide promises to turn your body into a “disease fighting machine”, improving your longevity and helping you live 10 years longer. The lessons in the guide can “prevent diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and osteoporosis”, according to the official site.

Access to Facebook Group: All buyers get access to The Mediterranean Diet Facebook accountability group. This community keeps you accountable during your 30-day challenge.

All of the products above are digital, and you’ll receive access to all products via email after confirming your purchase.

About Kimberly Clark

The Mediterranean Diet eBooks were created by Kimberly Clark, a nutritionist, health advisor, and pilates instructor. Although Clark wrote the eBooks, she did not create the Mediterranean diet itself: the diet has been around for thousands of years and has been promoted by dietitians for decades.

Clark has released several digital products in recent months, including Back To Action, a back pain elimination system.

There’s limited information about Kimberly Clark available online – like where she’s based or her formal certifications. This is a bit troubling, but many diets have been created by people with little or no online information available.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mediterranean Diet

With so many variations of this diet available online, it's tough to know what you might get with a given product. This section should help out by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about The Mediterranean Diet, as well as the science and people behind it.

Q: Can the Mediterranean Diet help you lose weight?

A: Absolutely. Versions of the Mediterranean diet have circulated among weight-loss experts and advocates for many years. At its core, the Mediterranean diet helps you to limit your intake of high-calorie food without taking away all the foods you love to eat. In addition to helping to limit caloric intake in general, this might help you retain motivation as you continue along your weight loss journey.

Q: How can The Mediterranean Diet help you?

A: In addition to the obvious benefits stemming from weight loss, this diet might also help consumers to lower their risk of heart disease and diabetes, improve energy levels, and increase their overall wellness and mood. Additionally, the community of weight-loss experts and practitioners might also help you substantially as you work to improve your life.

Q: What is included with The Mediterranean Diet?

A: This package includes access to eight unique items. It comes with a beginner's guide to the diet, an accompanying cookbook, the Official Mediterranean Diet Calendar, “The Beach Body Program,” a guide to detoxification, “The Winner's Morning Routine Guide,” “The Bulletproof Guide,” and access to the Facebook Accountability Group.

Q: Who created The Mediterranean Diet?

A: It's hard to say who created the original diet, as it's just based generally on the diets of people living in the Mediterranean part of the world. As for this specific program, it was apparently pioneered by a woman named Kimberly Clark. We didn't find much information online about her backstory, but it appears that she works primarily in the physical fitness sector.

The Mediterranean Diet Pricing

The Mediterranean Diet is priced at $37.

Your purchase is processed by Clickbank, which sells many similar digital products online.

The Mediterranean Diet Refund Policy

The Mediterranean Diet has the same 60 day refund policy as all other products sold through Clickbank.

You have 60 days to request a complete refund on your purchase. You do not have to return your digital products to qualify. Just email the company within 60 days to request a refund.

Get The Official Mediterranean Diet 30-Day Challenge Here

Final Thoughts

The Mediterranean Diet claims the American diet is “poison”, and that people living in Mediterranean countries eat delicious food and wine while living longer.

The Mediterranean diet is no secret: you can find plenty of free information about the diet available online. It’s a popular, well-researched diet recommended by many health experts worldwide.

With The Mediterranean Diet 30-Day Challenge eBooks, you get all of this information packaged into a series of eBooks. You can follow the one month long challenge, detoxifying your body and kickstarting weight loss within just 30 days.

To learn more about Mediterranean Diet and Kimberly Clark's 30-day challenge, visit online today at

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