Guides How To Be Healthy Reviewing The Secrets of Underground Medicine Book Research

Reviewing The Secrets of Underground Medicine Book Research

The Secrets of Underground Medicine book by Natural Health Response's Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. shares insights on how one can try to beat cancer naturally using the holy grail of medical science.


A growing number of Americans have become increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional medical industry. Big Pharma has created thousands of pharmaceutical solutions that come with both a high price tag and oftentimes, a number of harmful and unwanted side effects for consumers to contend with.

But alternative medicine presents a way to avoid the harm done from both Big Pharma and the traditional American medical infrastructure. Alternative remedies have been studied for thousands of years, and many out-of-style medicinal practices come with far fewer costs and side effects than the endless bottles of pills prescribed at the nearest doctor's office.

The Secrets of Underground Medicine is a book that teaches consumers the keys to potentially eliminating cancer, or preventing it to begin with based on discoveries made decades ago.  The guide will consolidate information and research to keep consumers informed about The Secrets of Underground Medicine.

What is The Secrets of Underground Medicine?

The health and medical industries are constantly evolving as scientists learn more about the body and how works. There are shocking discoveries found all the time concerning new methods to cure major illnesses, and it is only with these advancements that the human population has survived for as long as it has. However, the creators behind The Secrets of Underground Medicine claim to have found a number of advancements and discoveries that consumers might not even know exist.

The creator of this guide, Dr. Richard Gerhauser, states that there’s a “life-saving miracle” that could easily be the most important discovery to ever take place for the medical industry. Stating that this information has been sourced from WWII documents, Dr. Gerhauser discusses a German scientist and doctor who is believed to have found the cause of many cancers, along with related cures. To make this discovery even greater, Dr. Gerhauser reveals that the solution involves no chemotherapy, radiation, or a surgery.

He states that this story of discovery starts with the obsession that overtook Adolf Hitler after he discovered a polyp on his vocal cords. Allegedly, Hitler pushed and pushed to find a cure for cancer, leading him to Dr. Otto Warburg. Dr. Warburg discovered both why cancer occurs and how it can be stopped, stating that there’s a “cellular fuel” that is typically used by the healthy cells that needs to be cut off from cancer cells. He plans to unveil all of this information in The Secrets of Underground Medicine. Warburg also uncovered;

  • In each cell in our bodies, are tiny powerhouses known as mitochondria responsible for cellular respiration, this is the process of converting food and oxygen into energy to power our body's cells.
  • Warburg's revealed and stated that “cancerous cells are formed due to dysfunctional mitochondria, and these cancerous cells fuel the mitochondria using glucose rather than oxygen.”
  • Mitochondria dysfunction leads to uninhibited cell proliferation (tumor growth). Usually, the stimulus for the change of mitochondria fuel from oxygen to glucose is environmental or genetic.

The guide includes many details that can help consumers to improve their lives, like:

  • The way to fight diabetes with food
  • Reducing pain in the joints
  • Preventing heart attacks
  • The vitamins that consumers are deficient in like Nutrient K the essential nutrient that consumers are lacking in. Nutrient K has cardiovascular protecting abilities
  • Details about the Methuselah Diet and various ways of prolonging your well being and longevity
  • Reducing your prostate cancer risks
  • Tips to recreate muscle tone, unlimited energy, and boosting testosterone levels
  • Common diseases and the remedies for handling these chronic conditions
  • The Devastating side effects of taking prescription drugs
  • And all the newest health solutions of today

This 323-page guide is completely free, but consumers can actually get a lot more with it.

Free Bonus Report

Along with the lengthy, free guide described above, consumers will also have access to a bonus report called Beat the System: How to Survive a Hospital Stay and How to save on Medicare report. Due to the many illnesses and medical conditions that can invade a hospital, any amount of time in one of these facilities can put individuals at risk. With the use of this guide, consumers can learn how to avoid major mistakes in the operating room and how to avoid illness in the first place.

This guide, like the main e-book, is entirely free. However, consumers can only get this content if they purchase a subscription to a newsletter from Natural Health Response, that comes out every month.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Secrets of Underground Medicine

Consumers should have many questions about any treatment that claims to help cure something as deadly and serious as cancer. This section will answer some of the most important commonly asked questions consumers have about The Secrets of Underground Medicine.

Q: Who created The Secrets of Underground Medicine?

A: This answer is two-fold. The person behind the creation of the guide itself is Dr. Richard Gerhauser, a medical professional who discovered the secrets included in the guide during his research. But truthfully, the original creator of the theory that underscores the guide is Dr. Otto Warburg, a German doctor who discovered a unique approach to understanding and responding to the growth of cancer cells.

Q: How does the guide help cure cancer?

A: This guide tells users how they can adjust their lifestyle and medical treatment plans to better account for Dr. Warburg's findings, which suggested that cancer cells should be starved of the essential energy sources which all cells feed from.

Q: Is The Secrets of Underground Medicine free?

A: Kind of. The guide and its bonus content comes free only if consumers purchase a year-long subscription to the organization behind it but the consumer may cancel anytime within the first 12 months. The Natural Health Response subscription costs $74, although senior citizens can bring that cost down to $37.

Q: Should you consult your doctor?

A: Yes. Always consult your physician before beginning any new alternative treatment plan. Especially if you currently have cancer or are identified as a high-risk individual for the later contraction of cancer, please bring this idea to you oncologist before proceeding.

Returns and Purchasing The Secrets of Underground Medicine

Purchasing can be done on the official website of The secrets of Underground Medicine, and can be found on Amazon for purchase for $90.00. Even though users can get The Secrets of Underground Medicine and its bonus report for free, these gifts are only available after you purchase year-long subscription Natural Health Response organization behind the guide, however you can cancel anytime within the first 12 months. For a year-long subscription, the total cost is $74.00. However, senior citizens can get a 50% discount, bringing their cost down to $37 for the 12 issues published every year. As soon as this payment is made, consumers will have free access to The Secrets of Underground Medicine and Beat the System.

Even with all of the benefits that the subscription and guides offer, consumers have the ability to get a refund at any time. To cancel your subscription to the monthly Natural Health Response newsletter contact the billing department at; or call 1-844-802-5375. Refunds take approximately 14 days to be processed.

Contacting Customer Service

Even with the information presently available on the official website for the subscription and the guides, consumers may find themselves with other questions. The customer service team can be reached by a phone call or an email.

Phone number: 1-844-802-5375

Email address:

The customer service team works to answer any electronic inquiries within 48 hours of receiving them.

Final Thoughts

Being healthy is important, and the advancements being discovered in medicine today are not worth missing out on. While the total price for the subscription may seem high, the value of all of the content that consumers will receive is far greater. There’s a lot of secrecy around what is actually revealed in this guide, but consumers may want to commit to the subscription to learn if all the hype is truly worth it.



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