House & Home Bathroom Clear Rear Bidet: Reviewing the 2020 Research

Clear Rear Bidet: Reviewing the 2020 Research

Clear Rear is a customizable cleansing bidet that sprays water on the tush, effectively reducing toilet paper use by washing backside bums and improving personal hygiene via this bathroom enhancer.


Upgrade Your Bathroom and Save Money on Toilet Paper?

In the midst of the global pandemic known as COVID-19, toilet paper has been flying off the shelves. For one reason or another, Americans have been buying toilet paper in record numbers, creating shortages all over the country. As this shortage continues, a growing number of consumers are turning towards bidets to replace toilet paper in their hygienic routines.

Bidets are devices that attach to the toilet and use a soft stream of water to clean the anus after defecation. The toilet seat attachment devices can be adjusted to help women clean themselves after urination as well, making the bidet device into a comprehensive alternative to toilet paper to help Americans stay clean and healthy while cutting down toilet paper costs.

ClearRear is an eco-friendly, refreshing, and ultra-hygienic bidet device that consumers can attach to their toilet and easily install in 15 minutes. Once installed, this bidet device can almost completely replace toilet paper and provide consumers with a higher level of cleanliness.

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What is Clear Rear Bidet?

Keeping the body clean is a necessary part of life, and general hygiene products tend to be in short supply nowadays. However, even when toilet paper is constantly available, with the amount of money spent weekly on this product it can get to be expensive with consumers using 34 million rolls of toilet paper everyday. To save money and get perfectly clean with every bathroom visit, consumers may want to check out ClearRear as an alternative to toilet paper.

The ClearRear dual jet bidet will save consumers thousands of dollars on toilet paper, since it basically eradicates the need to purchase it. There’s no professional or plumber needed. Installed in as little as fifteen minutes, users simply remove the toilet seat and tighten the device to the two existing holes. The water used in the device is sourced directly from the existing water tank on the toilet.

Bidets eliminate irritation caused by course toilet paper. They can also cut-down on toilet clogs, which often happen as a result of an overuse of toilet paper.

Since consumers don’t have to actually touch their body with this bidet, their hands stay clean and they limit the spread of bacteria that otherwise arises from not washing their hands after using the bathroom. This device has customizable pressure settings and features dual cleaning nozzles. And per the official website, these products are “trusted by over 9,179 Americans and that number is growing every single day.”

Frequently Asked Questions About ClearRear

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about ClearRear, as well as bidets.

Q: How does ClearRear work?

A: Users attach ClearRear by taking off the seat and tightening the device onto the 2 existing holes. Once installed, ClearRear easily cleans users after they use the bathroom with the use of a gentle stream of water.

Q: What toilets will ClearRear fit?

A: ClearRear is compatible with nearly any American toilet. And attaches to toilets with two piece and one piece toilets. If your toilet is incompatible with ClearRear, you can consider contacting the company to take advantage of their refund policy.

Q: What do consumers need to do to set up ClearRear?

A: The ClearRear device runs entirely off the water supply line. It takes about ten minutes to install, and the device should work indefinitely once installed.

Q: Is dirty toilet water used in ClearRear?

A: No. The water supply is sourced from the user’s toilet tank, which is unsoiled.

Q: Where can ClearRear be purchased?

A: ClearRear is available on the official website exclusively.

Any other questions can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing ClearRear

Consumers can presently choose from a few different packages, with discounts depending on the number of products they would like to purchase. Purchasing options include:

  • One ClearRear device: $49.97 (plus $7.95 for shipping)
  • Two ClearRear devices: $44.97 each (free shipping)
  • Three ClearRear devices: $42.97 each (free shipping)
  • Four ClearRear devices: $40.97 each (free shipping)
  • Five ClearRear devices: $39.97 each (free shipping)

If the user is not satisfied with ClearRear, they have up to 30 days to return it for a full refund.

Returns and Contacting ClearRear Customer Service

Even with the information available online, consumers may want to know more information before they make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to For consumers who are not satisfied with their purchase, will need to contact the customer service team to obtain a RMA return merchandise number, which is only valid for 15 days after contacting the service team, and the consumer will be responsible for return shipping fees, and a small restocking fee. ClearRear returns can only be returned to this address, ClearRear Returns C/O FULFILLMENT 7390 Eastgate Suite 130 Henderson NV 89011.

Final Thoughts

ClearRear bidet is meant for anyone that wants to improve their personal hygiene and quit wasting money on toilet paper and wipes. Bidets are a hands-free approach to cleaning your bottom and attaches easily to your existing toilet. The bidet works on a variety of toilets, and requires no professional installation. The various pressure options allow users to get a customized clean experience.

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