House & Home Bathroom EcoJet Bidet Sprayer: Reviewing the 2020 Research

EcoJet Bidet Sprayer: Reviewing the 2020 Research

EcoJet bidet sprayer offers bathroom goers a chance to reduce toilet paper use and elevate your hygiene with a portable, handheld water spraying device for cleaning your tush after bowel movements.


While bidets have been popular in Europe and many other parts of the world for many years, the toilet tools are just now becoming more mainstream in the United States. This rise in interest is due in no small part to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. As Americans fretted over what the disastrous virus might mean for them, many began to hoard toilet paper, buying out entire grocery stores and leaving many consumers without a way to clean themselves in the bathroom.

Bidets present a healthy alternative to toilet paper, and many Americans have turned to bidet manufacturers to help clean themselves while panic shopping continues to dominate the toilet paper supply in the communities.

An eco-friendly bidet sprayer is an attachable device that uses a gentle stream of water to wash the user's anus after they use the bathroom. Bidets can also come with an adjustable setting to help clean women's vaginas after they urinate. According to industry professionals, a quality bidet can nearly completely eliminate the need for toilet paper.

EcoJet is a Florida-based American company, that wants to make your bathroom visits more hygienic, and healthy offering a battery-operated and portable bidet that features multiple settings. This world's first portable micro-shower bidet claims to provide users with a comfortable, clean refreshing experience that can help to replace traditional toilet paper needs and even improve anal health overtime.

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What is EcoJet?

Toilet paper has been touted for decades as the best solution for cleaning the body after using the bathroom. But is it actually? In the face of a toilet paper shortage this year, wipes rose in popularity as a solution, but these cannot be flushed properly, so cities quickly asked users to stop flushing wipes to prevent a plumbing disaster.

Bidets provide a unique option that can reduce stress on the plumbing system while keeping users clean and happy.

EcoJet bidet sprayer is a handheld, electronic device that you fill with cold or warm water and use to gently clean yourself after using the bathroom. EcoJet is different than most bidet devices, as it doesn't need to attach to a toilet to work properly. Users can take the device anywhere to keep themselves hygienic without using toilet paper nearly at all.

With the EcoJet, consumers are able to use water to clean themselves directly, rather than using toilet paper or wipes. There are some consumers that have already directly installed a bidet in their bathrooms, but EcoJet Portable can go anywhere with the user to get the optimal cleanliness with every trip to any bathroom. With a press of a button, anyone can make sure they leave no residue behind, helping them to avoid both irritation and odor.

Frequently Asked Questions About EcoJet Portable

Bidets are still relatively new to many consumers in the United States, so questions are likely to pop-up. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the EcoJew Portable.

Q: Why should you use a bidet sprayer?

A: Cleaning with water helps consumers in a few ways. First of all, spraying with water helps to remove the residue that can be left behind on skin, even with the use of toilet paper. It can also be used for consumers that struggle with medical issues that make it difficult to rub or reach the skin that needs to be cleaned.

Q: Is EcoJet Bidet Sprayer easy to use?

A: Once the user charges the battery, they can fill up the water container with water and lock the lid in place. Consumers have their choice of high or low pressure, and the simple design can be used from the front or back and only takes 25 to 40 seconds of use to clean the area. Please see the diagram below for more specific directions.

Q: Is EcoJet messy?

A: The user is entirely in charge of the water released, and the tube is angled in such a way that it streams directly onto the user’s private areas. However, it could be messy if the user doesn’t follow the proper directions. The good news is that even a mess made by the EcoJet is easy to clean up, because the device only uses water.

Q: Can EcoJet be used by men and women?

A: Yes, this device can be used by anyone. And EcoJet can be used in 2 ways: showering from the back and showering from the front, making it easily adjustable to clean women after they urinate.

Q: How long does the battery last for Ecojet Bidets?

A: With a full charge, the USB-charged lithium-ion battery lasts for about 100 cycles. It takes two hours to fully charge.

Q: Should users still use toilet paper with Ecojet sprayer?

A: While the user’s skin should be clean after using the EcoJet, the company recommends still using two to three squares to eliminate any other residue. This also helps to dry the area, as many users might feel uncomfortable if they fail to dry after washing.

Q: How can EcoJet attachment be cleaned?

A: Wipe down the nozzle and the rest of the device with a disinfectant. The device should be cleaned regularly, certainly after every 10+ uses.

Q: How much water is needed for the EcoJet Portable Sprayer?

A: The container attached to the nozzle can be filled with up to 5.5 ounces of water. The package also includes a water bottle adapter to use in place of the water reservoir, in case the user doesn't quite think the EcoJet has worked sufficiently.

Q: How much noise does the EcoJet make while in use?

A: Very little. The device makes a whirring noise, but the volume is rather low. No one should be able to hear the device unless they are in the bathroom. Some users complain that the device is a little too loud for their tastes, so consumers who might be embarrassed by the sound in public should tread lightly and conduct further research.

Q: Can the EcoJet be used with pubic hair?

A: Yes! In fact, using the EcoJet may provide a substantially cleaner experience than using toilet paper alone.

Q: Where can EcoJet be purchased?

A: Consumers can find EcoJet on the official website, which offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Any other questions can be directed to the customer service team.

Returns and Purchasing the EcoJet

On the website, consumers can presently purchase the EcoJet for $79.99. However, this price is a markdown from the retail value of $159.99. The sale won’t last long, so consumers should make the purchase at this price while they can for a good deal.

If the user isn’t satisfied with the way that Eco-Jet works, they have up to 14 days to return it. For returns, email to notify the company that you would like to return the product.

Returns require the original receipt or proof of purchase and item must in the same condition the consumer received it. It must also be in the original packaging customers must cover return shipping. For returns only send to this address:

Justin Dove Calle 3 Sur #38-125 Apt. 1306 Medellin, Colombia 050020

Contacting the Creators of EcoJet

Even with the information that consumers can get from the website for EcoJet, there are still other questions that they may have. To get ahold of the customer service team, send an email to

Final Thoughts

The EcoJet Portable Bidet can be used by any consumer to reduce the residue that toilet paper and even wipes or toilet paper can leave behind. The device is simple to use, and the quick charging time ensures that it will be ready to bring along wherever the user goes.

As toilet paper shortages continue to spread across the United States, consumers should be aware of the plethora of interesting alternatives for self-cleaning in the bathroom that exist. This portable bidet is one such alternative; users can use EcoJet to avoid the cost of toilet paper while providing themselves with a deeper, healthier clean.

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