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Shine Bathroom Assistant: Automated Toilet Cleaning Device

Shine is an automated toilet cleaner that uses advanced AI and water-cleaning technologies to regularly monitor and respond to a number of problems in the user's bathroom.


A disdain for cleaning toilets is universal among humans. No one wants to spend hours cleaning a dirty toilet just so they can feel comfortable in their bathroom. This is one reason why the toilet cleaning market is a billion dollar enterprise. Even with the most powerful cleaning supplies, the actual process of cleaning is still often a source of annoyance for many consumers.

Shine is a company attempting to shift this paradigm for the modern cleaner. Shine is a comprehensive automated “Bathroom Assistant” that can complete a number of tasks related to toilet maintenance.

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What is Shine Bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the most-used common areas in any home, and it can get a lot of traffic. But most people, and certainly most visitors, don't clean the toilet after each use. After a while, this high-traffic area can build into a menacing mess that's hard to handle. The answer to keeping this room clean isn’t to follow every person that visits it with a toilet brush and multi-purpose cleaner. Instead, the creators of Shine have an option that they believe is more effective than Clorox, 409, Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, and many of the other cleaning chemical companies out there.

The Shine Bathroom Assistant creates a clean atmosphere in the bathroom by automatically cleans and removes odors. Rather than using dangerous chemicals, the device uses electrolyzed water technology to break down buildup. The battery, which lasts for six months, requires no plug-in, allows users to put their outlets in the bathroom to other uses. The device can be placed anywhere, provided that the spray bar can reach the rim of the toilet.

Because this product features artificial intelligence technology, it can also detect any leaks in the room, finding the source of the leak and neutralizing the threat. The technology can also track water usage, helping consumers to cut down on their water waste and bill.

After finding the right location for the device, consumers just add water, insert the cleaning pod, and leave it alone. Entirely controlled by the mobile app, the patented software is what enables Sam, our AI, to be so helpful. Consumers will see a major difference in their bathroom cleaning routine and the freshness in their home.

Full setup instructions can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shine

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Shine's cleaning solution.

Q: How do you install and use Shine?

A: After placing the device close enough for the spray bar of the device to reach the rim of the toiler, users simply add water, insert a cleaning pod, and leave the AI to do its work. The device can be controlled through the mobile app which comes with the initial purchase. For detailed instructions of use, visit the official product website.

Q: How does Shine Bathroom Assistant work?

A: Shine uses AI technology to provide a comprehensive, automated toilet cleaning service. The device detects odors and works to neutralize them using its AI, automatically cleans the toilet bowl when grime builds up, automatically detects and maintains leaks, and tracks water usage. Using no harmful chemicals, Shine makes use of electrolyzed water technology to clean toilet bowls.

Q: Is there a return policy for Shine?

A: Unfortunately, such a policy is not readily available. Consumers should research to verify that they will be satisfied when they receive their product.

Q: How does Shine power itself?

A: Shine uses batteries that last for up to six months, which means that users don't have to use a valuable plug-in outlet for the device.

Purchasing the Shine Bathroom Assistant

The device can be found exclusively on the company's official website, where consumers can purchase up to six devices per order. The total cost of the Shine device is $99.99 for a single unit. However, consumers can save on the cost per unit by purchasing more than one at a time. Right now, the website offers the following discounted prices:

  • $199 for two to three devices
  • $299 for four devices
  • $399 for six devices

Contacting Shine

There is no return policy listed on the website, so users have no inherent protections if their product fails to function properly. However, consumers can reach out to customer service if necessary with any concerns about their purchase. The customer service team can be reached electronically by sending an email to

Final Thoughts

The Shine Bathroom Assistant is meant for any consumer that wants to keep their toilet (and the rest of the bathroom) cleaner on a regular basis. The device is easy to set up in any bathroom, and the long battery life ensures that users can set it up and just leave it alone. There are no chemicals to replenish and no maintenance is required from the user. Instead, after downloading the app, consumers can simply cross their bathroom cleaning chores off of their daily “to do” list.

See the Shine Bathroom Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance Assistant



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