Guides How To Be Healthy Fit After 50: Reviewing Mark Mcilyar’s Home Workout Program for Men

Fit After 50: Reviewing Mark Mcilyar’s Home Workout Program for Men

Fit After 50 is a home workout program for men over the age of fifty by ripped-grandpa Mark Mcilyar that features fitness exercises to naturally boost testosterone levels via metabolic strength training.


Fit After 50 is a package of digital guides that help you lose weight at any age.

We’ve seen various versions of Fit After 50 released over the last several years. Most versions prominently feature a “56-year old ripped grandpa”. By following the lessons in Fit After 50, you can purportedly look as good as that grandpa.

Is Fit After 50 the right choice for you? How does Fit After 50 work? What will you learn in Fit After 50? Find out everything you need to know about the Fit After 50 exercise and weight loss program today in our review.


What is Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 is a weight loss program marketed primarily towards men who are middle-aged or older. The guides share the story of a 56-year old “ripped grandpa” who achieved significant weight loss results by following this program as well as boosting testosterone naturally.

Most of the workouts in Fit After 50 are designed to be performed at home with minimal equipment. The workouts are also designed to be performed by anyone regardless of fitness level – even if you have never been to the gym or lifted a weight in your life, you can follow the Fit After 50 program to achieve successful results.

Fit After 50 guides men through three phases of working out at home, including:

Phase 1: Burn: You start the program with a burn phase, removing excess toxins and fat from your body while preparing for the next step.

Phase II: Build: This phase emphasizes 4 weeks of muscle and strength training, boosting testosterone and libido.

Phase III: Sculpt: This phase involves the final stages of muscle building and fat burning, putting the finishing touches on your new body.

By following the Fit After 50 program, you can purportedly boost testosterone, lose weight, and gain muscle at any age.

The program is available online through, where it’s priced at $37.

About Mark Mcilyar

Fit After 50 features a 56-year old ripped grandpa named Mark Mcilyar. Mcilyar is a fitness expert featured on multiple men’s health websites in recent years. Despite being close to 60, Mcilyar has a better physique than men half his age. He is also the creator of Live Anabolic.

“At 56 – I’m passionate about helping men like you life your healthiest, strongest and best years in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond,” explains Mcilyar on the Fit After 50 sales page.

Mark claims he wasn’t always a ripped grandpa. He had a normal body for most of his life. Then, he decided to get into shape – so he began training and researching how to get ripped after 50.

How Does Fit After 50 Work?

The sales page for Fit After 50 claims it’s not your fault that you’ve lost your jump over the years. According to the authors of Fit After 50, it’s not normal to feel sluggish, weak, or achy at any age – even as your body gets older.

Instead, these issues are linked to pharmaceutical companies, poor workout habits, and other issues. Many men perform the wrong type of workouts, for example, following workout programs that are inappropriate for their bodies or fitness goals.

Three Problems with Traditional Workouts

What’s the problem with traditional workouts? Why do men over 50 struggle to lose weight?

Many workouts are designed for younger men. They’re led by young men with different physical limitations. Many of these high-impact workouts are fine for younger bodies – but cause serious damage to older bodies.

Fit After 50 identifies three problems with traditional workouts, including:

They Increase Estrogen: Spending hours at the gym increases cortisol levels. Cortisol lowers testosterone and increases fat storage. Excess fat creates a chemical called aromatase that turns testosterone into estrogen. It’s a vicious cycle – all caused by lengthy, ineffective gym routines.

They Cause Inflammation: Traditional workouts can cause inflammation. The authors of Fit After 50 claim running is particularly bad: “If you’re trying to burn fat, you should never do normal workouts like running on a treadmill…”. Repeating the same movements over and over grinds your bones, putting excess strain on your joints and tendons. This isn’t ideal at any age, but it’s particularly tough for older bodies.

Poor Recovery Habits: The authors of Fit After 50 claim that poor recovery habits are making men sick, tired, and slow. Traditional exercise “doesn’t keep you healthy”, explains the official website. “It actually makes you sick”. Over 40, exercising creates unnecessary wear and tear on your body. Poor recovery habits increase these dangerous side effects.

Fit After 50 recommends middle-aged and older men take a different approach to weight loss, strength training, and cardio.

What Makes Fit After 50 Different?

Fit After 50 emphasizes training strategies for older men, including metabolic strength training, functional cardio, ab workouts, and other strategies. These workouts are designed to work on men over 50, boosting testosterone, increasing muscle mass, and lowering body fat, among other benefits.

Strategies recommended by Fit After 50 include:

Metabolic Strength Training: Fit After 50 emphasizes metabolic strength training to reduce cortisol and estrogen, eliminate fat, and boost testosterone. With metabolic strength training, you can build muscle and burn fat using home workouts. Fit After 50 teaches you how to perform metabolic strength training workouts at home.

Functional Cardio and Abs: Fit After 50 recommends functional cardio and abs routines for better results after 50. Their recommended cardio and abs workouts purportedly improve blood flow, increase energy, and eliminate belly fat.

Recovery Focused Workouts: Many men suffer issues because of poor recovery habits. Fit After 50 recommends a different approach, suggesting that men focus on recovery-oriented workouts. These recovery workouts combine functional cardio and ab training. You do just enough to get your body burning fat and building muscle – but you don’t push your body over the edge. Instead of feeling exhausted and in pain after a workout, you feel clear headed and energized.

Overall, by following the recommended workouts in Fit After 50, you can purportedly boost blood flow, increase sex drive, raise testosterone, burn fat, improve muscle tone, and experience many other benefits at any age.

Fit After 50 Features & Benefits

The authors of Fit After 50 emphasize all of the following features and benefits:

  • Skyrocket testosterone levels
  • Boost fat loss
  • Build functional strength
  • Increase anti-aging chemicals
  • Boost energy levels
  • Lubricate joints
  • Lower blood sugar and reduce high blood pressure

The authors also mention other benefits, like better cardiovascular support, stronger muscles and bones, and improved memory and brain health.

What’s Included with Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 claims to contain everything older men need to get ripped. The program includes:

Phase 1: Burn: This guide explains the first phase of Fit After 50, which involves fat burning and upgrading your metabolism.

Phase 2: Build: This guide walks you through the 4 week ‘Build’ phase, where you’re building muscle and boosting testosterone with functional workouts.

Phase 3: Sculpt: This guide puts the final touches on your body, emphasizing muscle growth and fat loss to give you a sculped physique.

12 Week Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan: This eBook contains recipes, nutritional guidance, shopping lists, and more.

Fit After 50 Exercise Execution Guide: This eBook gives step-by-step images walking you through every workout in the Fit After 50 program.

Fit After 50 Pricing

Fit After 50 is priced at $37.

You can pay online via PayPal or credit card. All purchases are processed through Clickbank.

There are no physical products with your purchase. All materials are emailed to you after your purchase.

Fit After 50 Refund Policy

Fit After 50 comes with a 365 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within one year of your purchase with no questions asked.

Since Fit After 50 is a digital-only program, there’s no need to return any materials. Just contact the company to request a refund.

Final Word

Fit After 50 is a training program marketed towards middle-aged and older men who want to get ripped. The program is based on the idea that most workouts are ill-suited to older men. Most workouts are designed for younger men with younger bodies. With Fit After 50, you get workouts built specifically with older men and older bodies in mind. While opting to use the best testosterone boosting supplements may be a viable option, there is no substitute for hard work and consistency when it comes to working out and exercising daily.

By following the training program in Fit After 50, you can build muscle, burn fat, raise testosterone, and boost libido at any age, according to the authors of Fit After 50.

Fit After 50 has a 365 day refund policy, which is one of the most generous refund policies we’ve seen in the fitness training space. To learn more or buy today, visit

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