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Ironbound: Review Blue Heron Health’s Hemochromatosis Guide

Ironbound by Blue Heron Health News is a Hemochromatosis management strategy from Shelly Manning that uses natural remedies to treat HCT and optimize iron absorption with specific nutrients.


Blue Heron Health News has published a hemochromatosis therapy book called Ironbound.

The book shares strategies for managing hemochromatosis. By following the recommended strategies in Ironbound, you can purportedly turn around hemochromatosis and sidestep the need for HCT treatments.

What will you learn in Ironbound? Can you really avoid hemochromatosis treatments? Find out everything you need to know about Ironbound and how it works today in our review.


What is Ironbound?

Ironbound is an eBook sold online through and

The eBook was written by Shelly Manning. According to the sales page, Shelly Manning’s program has helped thousands of men and women around the world turn around hemochromatosis and avoid HCT treatments.

Hemochromatosis is a disorder where too much iron builds up in your body. Some people refer to it as excess iron or iron overload.

If you have hemochromatosis, then doctors need to regularly remove blood from the body, restoring iron to safe levels.

There’s no known cure for hemochromatosis. It’s a condition where your body absorbs too much iron from the foods you eat – and scientists have not discovered a way to cure the condition.

However, Shelly Manning seems to suggest differently. In Ironbound, readers can purportedly discover how to end hemochromatosis treatments and turn around the condition, among other benefits.

The Story Behind Ironbound

One man featured on the Ironbound sales page claims he “used to suffer from hemochromatosis” until following the lessons in Ironbound. Today, he is officially cured of the condition, claiming he is “past all that now” and has “been clear for a little over 3 years”:

“….after years of battling HCT I’m past all that now. I’ve been clear for a little over 3 years. I’ve not been back to the hospital at all in that time except for an annual checkup – and to make sure my iron levels are, indeed, well within safe ranges. Which they always are.”

Despite suffering from hemochromatosis for years, that man claims he no longer does HCT therapy – yet his blood iron levels are normal.

Ironbound also describes its recommended therapies as “the scientific end to hemochromatosis” and that “HCT for life…is no longer inevitable.” It’s purportedly “a choice, not a life sentence.”

Let’s take a closer look at how Ironbound claims to eliminate hemochromatosis and end HCT therapy.

Jack Hendricks Case Study and Ironbound

The Ironbound product page features a case study of a man named Jack Hendricks.

Jack claims he used to suffer from hemochromatosis, but the natural two-step process in Ironbound changed his life forever.

After following the recommended hemochromatosis therapies in Ironbound, Jack claims he has “not had a single HTC symptom for 3 years.”

Jack claims to be an ordinary guy. He has no science background. He simply followed the program, did the right things, and used the recommended supplements. Now, he no longer has hemochromatosis, nor does he do HCT treatments. Jack effectively cured hemochromatosis using the recommended therapies in Ironbound.

Obviously, there’s no known cure for HCT. So let’s take a closer look at what Ironbound recommends for HCT – and how it helped Jack eliminate HCT from his life.

How Does Ironbound Target HTC?

Shelly Manning recommends taking specific supplements and foods to eliminate hemochromatosis.

By following Shelly’s recommended dieting strategies, you can purportedly remove iron from your blood, stop getting HCT therapy, and eliminate hemochromatosis from your life, among other benefits.

Shelly specifically recommends taking 5 “superstar” nutrients to target hemochromatosis. We can’t spoil those nutrients upfront, but they purportedly provide the following benefits:

Rejuvenates gut bacteria, helping your gut produce a healthy amount of butyrate just like it did before you developed hemochromatosis

Enables the hemochromatosis gene to produce hepcidin to end the over-absorption of iron

Introduces powerful, natural chelating nutrients into the body, including substances that bind with iron and make it harmless, allowing the body to discharge it as waste

Here’s how Jack explains the five superstar nutrients and how they helped him:

“Combined, these 5 superstar supplements stopped HCT at its source… and cleaned up all the iron that was soaked into my blood and body tissues.”

Jack adds that he bought these nutrients at his local supermarket. They weren’t exotic nutrients found at random grocery stores or shipped overseas. Anyone can buy them at a reasonable rate.

Best of all, Ironbound claims these nutrients clear up hemochromatosis for life – even if you only take the nutrients temporarily. After following the recommended therapy for a short period, Jack claims he no longer takes them:

“I don’t have to take these supplements any more. Once they’ve done their work they are no longer necessary. It is necessary to include some specific foods on a weekly basis – foods that keep your gut bacteria happy. I buy those foods each week at my local supermarket and I make sure I eat them. It really doesn’t get more complicated than that.”

Typically, doctors recommend using chelation or blood removal to manage hemochromatosis. Jack claims he does neither – yet has no symptoms of hemochromatosis thanks to Ironbound.

Other Benefits of Ironbound

Ironbound claims to eliminate hemochromatosis for your life and end your body’s over-absorption of iron, among other benefits.

However, the Ironbound sales page mentions other dramatic benefits linked to the program, including:

  • Strong protection against heart disease, liver malfunction, and kidney issues
  • Protection against tumor growth
  • Protection against erratic blood sugar, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and bone weakness
  • Measurable improvement in sexual functioning, including higher sex drive in men and women

Who is Shelly Manning?

Shelly Manning is a female researcher who seems to have discovered a cure for hemochromatosis.

The sales page for Ironbound describes Shelly as “a highly respected alternative health practitioner” who has created a number of natural health remedies.

There’s limited information online about Shelly Manning, her medical experience, or where she has published her research.

Typically, if a researcher discovers a cure to a condition that was previously not curable, it’s a big deal. It’s unclear where Shelly published her research – but it would be ground-breaking if published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Scientific Evidence for Ironbound

Science tells us there’s no known cure for hemochromatosis. For various genetic and dietary reasons, some people absorb more iron than others. If your body absorbs more iron, then you have hemochromatosis, and you must undergo regular HCT therapy (blood draining) to remove excess iron.

Is there really a secret cure for hemochromatosis? Can you really take certain foods and supplements and stop HCT therapy?

Ironbound’s claims have not been published in any peer-reviewed medical journal. As far as we can tell, Ironbound’s recommended treatment system has not completed any formal clinical trials or scientific studies.

Nevertheless, the Ironbound sales page is filled with anecdotal evidence of people who cured their hemochromatosis using the Ironbound system. As mentioned above, a man named Jack claims he hasn’t had HCT therapy in 3 years after following Ironbound – even though he no longer takes the supplements. He permanently removed his condition after following Ironbound’s recommended therapy.

Let’s examine the scientific evidence.

As Mayo Clinic explains, hemochromatosis is difficult to detect. Early warning signs of HCT include joint pain and fatigue.

To confirm hemochromatosis, researchers run two tests to detect iron levels in your body:

Serum Transferrin Saturation: Researchers examine the amount of iron bound to a protein called transferrin. This protein carries iron in your blood. If your transferring saturation is greater than 45%, then this is considered high, and it could mean you have hemochromatosis.

Serum Ferritin: This test measures the amount of iron stored in your liver. If your serum transferrin saturation levels were high, then a doctor may use a serum ferritin test to confirm hemochromatosis.

Most people with hemochromatosis have two gene mutations linked to the condition. Hemochromatosis is more common in certain ethnic groups. However, diet also seems to play a role.

Doctors recommend two treatments for hemochromatosis, including blood removal and chelation. Both are backed by decades of proven evidence showing they work to manage the condition. However, there’s no known cure for hemochromatosis.

Blood Removal

Most doctors safely remove blood from your body to manage hemochromatosis. The process is similar to donating blood. In fact, many people with hemochromatosis donate their blood regularly to help with the condition. By removing blood, you reduce your iron levels to normal.

Typically, doctors recommend removing a pint of blood once or twice a week (usually at a hospital or doctor’s office).

As iron levels return to normal, you can remove blood less frequently. Doctors may remove blood every 2 to 4 months, for example.

Some people also maintain normal iron levels without having any blood taken. Others need to have their blood taken monthly. It depends on your unique physiology, including the amount of iron your body absorbs.


Some people can’t undergo blood removal. They have anemia or heart complications, for example.

In this case, doctors recommend using medication to remove excess iron. Doctors may inject this medication. Or, you take a prescription pill.

The medication removes iron from your body: it binds to excess iron in your bloodstream, then allows you to pass iron out of your body naturally through your urine or stool. This process is called chelation.

Natural Therapies for Hemochromatosis

Doctors typically recommend one of the two treatments above for hemochromatosis. However, they may also recommend natural remedies to support hemochromatosis, including:

Avoid iron supplements and multivitamins that contain iron, as they can increase your iron levels even more

Avoid vitamin C supplements, as vitamin C increases your absorption of iron

Avoid alcohol, as alcohol greatly increases the risk of liver damage in people with hemochromatosis

Avoid eating raw fish and shellfish, as these foods are rich with bacteria that could particularly target people with hemochromatosis

As far as we can tell, there’s limited evidence proving the recommended supplements in Ironbound can relieve symptoms of HCT or help you stop taking HCT therapy, and there’s certainly no evidence that thousands of people have used these therapies to permanently eliminate hemochromatosis from their lives.

Overall, we’re skeptical of Shelly Manning’s recommended hemochromatosis treatment plan, and you should always listen to your doctor when managing a condition like hemochromatosis.

Ironbound Pricing

Ironbound is priced at $49.

The book is exclusively available in digital form. You receive a digital copy of the book immediately after your purchase is processed.

Ironbound Refund Policy

Ironbound comes with a 60 day refund policy.

If Ironbound does not completely eliminate your hemochromatosis within 60 days of buying the eBook, then you are entitled to a complete refund on your purchase.

About Blue Heron Health News

Ironbound was created by Blue Heron Health News, an online health and wellness company offering a range of guides targeting different conditions.

You can contact Blue Heron Health News via the email form here:

Final Word

Ironbound: A Strategy for the Management of Hemochromatosis is an eBook that claims to target and eliminate hemochromatosis.

The book has purportedly helped thousands of people stop HCT therapy and blood removal. By taking the recommended supplements, you can purportedly end HCT symptoms for life.

Overall, there’s no evidence that Ironbound can permanently cure hemochromatosis in anyone. However, the book comes with a 60 day refund policy, allowing you to try Ironbound’s recommended treatments, see if they end your hemochromatosis, and request a complete refund if the treatments are unsuccessful.

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