Fitness & Exercising Wrist Blaster – Forearm & Hand Exercise Roller Improves Strength?

Wrist Blaster – Forearm & Hand Exercise Roller Improves Strength?


The Wrist Blaster is a simple workout accessory that allows consumers to work on a muscle group that is often ignored at the gym. The product is sold through, with the option of either a cylinder or a sphere to work with.

What Is Wrist Blaster?

Working out at the gym is a healthy way of getting in shape with the main muscle groups, but there are still a few parts of the body left without support. The main muscles in the upper arms and legs have multiple machines that help, but smaller areas, like the forearms, need something with a little more concentrated precision. That is where the Wrist Blaster comes in.

The Wrist Blaster uses a rolling method to improve the user’s strength and endurance. The simple accessory is made with sanded birch wood, and comes with different instructions to help the user get into the necessary routine for their muscle’s needs. With the purchase, Amazon is presently offering two complementary water weights to add to the resistance.

Using Wrist Blaster Forearm & Hand Exercise Roller

Start off by holding the Wrist Blaster with a straight line from the crease of the elbows to the fists. Flex the hands upward, forming a 90-degree angle with the hands still grasping the cylinder. This causes the forearm to flex, along with attached muscles and tendons around the wrists and hands.

Purchasing Wrist Blaster

To buy the Wrist Blaster, the total cost is $29.95. While the order is listed on, Amazon Prime does not actually provide the purchase. There is no Prime shipping available, so consumers will be at the mercy of the shipper, as far as the time-frame.

However, if consumers choose the sphere option, rather than the cylinder, the order is processed through Amazon Prime for expedited shipping at no added cost.

Wrist Blaster Conclusion

The Wrist Blaster can be used by anyone that wants to improve the muscle in their wrists and forearms, and is compact, so it can go wherever the user goes. There is no risk involved, but consumers will need to maintain the quality of the birch wood to ensure that the accessory does not lose its shape or stability.

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