Nutrition Food daRosario – Organic Truffle Oil & Butter Products For Cooking?

daRosario – Organic Truffle Oil & Butter Products For Cooking?


daRosario is a company that offers truffles and truffle oils for a refined taste at home or at a restaurant. The website offers the products for commercial and personal purchase.

What Is daRosario?

Finding a way to reinvent a meal every night of the week is not an easy task, especially for a home cook. There are certain flavors that consumers rely on each day to make a meal, but there are some ingredients that take meals to an entirely new level. While butter and olive oil are classic go-to’s, using truffle oil in a dish can make a difference. That is what Da Rosario brings to the table.

daRosario has been making truffles and truffle oils for over 30 years, and has been developing them for restaurants as well. A truffle is actually fruiting body of a specific type of fungus, which is known for its aroma and intense smell, which is similar to the taste of syrup. A truffle oil helps to introduce both the scent and the flavor of truffles into any dish, and is commonly used as a finishing oil, rather than one to prepare a dish.

The original creator of the company, Rosario Safina, is the primary reason that truffle oils became popular in the first place, captivating food lovers everywhere. He even wrote a book to show other consumers how important this simple ingredient is, which established him as an expert. The book is titled “Ultimate Luxury Everyday Pleasure,” which is available for $129 on the website.

Read on below to learn about the different products that Da Rosario offers.

daRosario Organic Truffle Oil & Butter Products

There are plenty of products that consumers can get from daRosario to transform the food that they eat. Consumers can choose from some of the 100% organic oils and butters, which include:

  • White truffle oil ($35)
  • Black truffle oil ($33)
  • Truffle oil butter ($32 for two jars)
  • Porcini oil ($30)
  • Truffle “vegannaise” ($29 for two jars)
  • White truffle acacia honey ($24)

Some of the options from daRosario go past the truffles and truffle oils that consumers find typical of the company. Right now, the only one available seems to be the 100% extra virgin olive oil (starting at $30.75).

For consumers that want to get the most value for the food that they order, they can choose from one of the gift baskets or combination packages. Choose from:

  • Best Organic Truffle Basket Ever ($72.90)
    • Includes a bottle of organic white and black truffle extra-virgin olive oil, a bottle of organic white truffle acacia honey, and a bottle of family-grove extra virgin olive oil
  • 3-pack of 100% Organic Truffle Oils ($91)
    • Includes white, black, and porcini oil
  • Set of organic white truffle oil, organic black truffle oil, and truffle honey ($38)

If the user does not like the product that they order, they will need to speak with a representative to process the return. There is a link to the policy on the website, but there must be editing going on, because consumers will not be able to view the time limit right now. However, the customer service should be able to bring up any of the questions that consumers have.

Contacting daRosario

The website offers limited information on these products, which could make it difficult for consumers to make a decision, regarding the best remedy for them. The customer service team offers both a phone number and email address to reach out to a representative.

  • Phone number: 917-250-8878
  • Email address:

daRosario Summary

daRosario has a delicious array of options available to consumers, though they center around finding organic nourishment to ensure purity in their formulas. Each one has been crafted delicately to preserve the integrity of the truffles and extracted oils, so consumers may want to prepare themselves for the potent taste. There are no recipes on the website, so novice users may want to do some research to figure out a dish that they want to make with it.

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