Diet Programs Diabetes Joel Baumgartner Blood Pressure Reversed: Hypertension Cure?

Joel Baumgartner Blood Pressure Reversed: Hypertension Cure?


Blood Pressure Reversed is a guide for consumers that want to regulate their blood pressure without the use of medication. The treatment is easy to work with, and consumers will have the content delivered to them online right after they pay.

What Is Blood Pressure Reversed?

Millions of Americans suffer with hypertension, or high blood pressure. The pharmaceutical industry has developed many different types of medications to manage this condition, but the big problem is that so many of these options come with intense side effects. There is so much research already done on high blood pressure that these problems should no longer be commonplace, but they are. Some holistic consumers recommend the use of a natural regimen, which is what Blood Pressure Reversed elaborates on.

Blood Pressure Reversed offers plenty of details about how high blood pressure interferes with the lives of consumers, focusing on one food and mineral that can chance the body and improve health. The whole goal of the regimen is to help consumers improve their health, which involves natural remedies. Unfortunately, if consumers listen carefully, they will notice only “some” of the remedies have been studied and tested, and the company even recommends doing away with medication.

This website claims that high blood pressure is not caused by high sodium levels, lifestyle choices, or genetics, which leaves participants to wonder what the culprit actually is. That’s how the website’s video hooks watchers. Read on below to learn about the creator of the Blood Pressure Reversed guide and what consumers can take away from the use of it.

About The Creator: Dr. Baumgartner

The CEO of Blood Pressure Reversed and the creator of this regimen is Dr. John Baumgartner. According to the advertisement, he is an international speaker and has attended the World Congress for Anti-Aging Medicine and sat in on meetings for American Association of Orthopedic Medicine. He is also a board-certified physician in Missouri, where he claims to have won Best Specialty Physician for the last two years.

All of these qualifications should help consumers to feel more comfortable with the recommended treatment. However, the person in the advertisement is not approved by any medical board in the United States, upon further research. Additionally, the only John Baumgartner who has had a medical license died at the age of 81 in 2014. That being said, it could be difficult to trust anything in the advertisement.

What Consumers Will Learn From Blood Pressure Reversed

Consumers will have a lot of details to take in from the recommendations in Blood Pressure Reversed, though the qualifications of the “doctor” may sway how helpful the details are. According to the advertisement, consumers will learn:

  • The hidden history of blood pressure
  • Why blood pressure should not be managed with the use of prescription medication
  • What minerals the body needs to regulate blood pressure
  • How modern medicine is standing in the way of the health of consumers
  • The side effects of using medication
  • How stopping the use of medication can make the whole body feel better
  • How these changes also help with the metabolism and anti-aging
  • What the pharmaceutical industry already knows about hypertension

The Blood Pressure Reversed program has the guise of being centered on the changes in blood pressure. However, the creators also note that this program helps with the metabolism and weight loss, due to the changes. It is hard to determine which of the results they state is the catalyst for hypertension support.

Pricing For Blood Pressure Reversed by Joel Baumgartner

Consumers can pay $37.00 to gain access to the content from Blood Pressure Reversed that will show them how to change their struggle with their blood pressure. The e-guide will be available as soon as the payment goes through, allowing consumers to access the content through their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

If the content does not change their situation, they have up to 60 days to request a refund.

Contacting Blood Pressure Reversed

Even though the website attempts to provide consumers with enough information to make their decision, there may be other questions about the company or Blood Pressure Reversed itself.

Blood Pressure Reversed Conclusion

The Blood Pressure Reversed regimen is meant for consumers of any stage of hypertension – whether they have received a diagnosis, are considered pre-hypertensive, or that feel like they should be tested. However, despite the details provided, consumers may want to err on the side of caution, since the creator of the regimen does not make accurate claims about his qualifications.

Any changes to the regimen that consumers use to handle their condition should be monitored by a doctor, with or without medication.



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