Nutrition Food FREEZiNda: High Whey Protein Powder Frozen Dessert Mix?

FREEZiNda: High Whey Protein Powder Frozen Dessert Mix?


What Is FREEZiNda?

FREEZINda is a healthy dessert option for those trying to lose weight or those who want to stay fit. The product gives its users amazing options with the use of their favorite protein powders with a mix of water/ milk. The secret lies in leaving the FREEZINda mixture frozen up to form a dessert more like regular ice cream. The product makes a good choice if you are having a hard time staying away from sugary products while on a diet.

FREEZiNda Ingredients

Components of FREEZINda are common ingredients which you might find problematic consuming on a regular basis. They include; Erythritol, Baking powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Sugar, Guar Gum and Xantham Gum. These products are known to blend well into a smooth sweet mixture which you can quickly scoop with a spoon.

Vegetable Glycerin And Erythritol

The use of the above ingredients in FREEZINda desert mixture seems to be a well-calculated step as both of them are extracts of natural vegetable sugar alcohol. Therefore, as much as they are sweeter like organic sugar, they contain a way less glycemic index which does little into spiking sugar levels in the body.

You don't have to worry about the two as they are safe to consume. Both Glycerin and Erythritol are present in various food, cosmetic and beverage products. Glycerin happens to be odorless and colorless; you won't even notice its presence.

Guar Gum And Xantham Gum

The presence of the two ingredients in FREEZINda doesn't come as a surprise as they are binding agents. Here they ensure everything blends well to bring you the perfect outcome. The components are popularly used in ice cream making as well as some other types of food. Therefore, they are safe for consumption.

FREEZiNda Nutritional Value

The FREEZINda dessert is said to contain 150 calories, 1.25g fat, 21.3 carbs and 20g protein per single dessert. However, the protein content may vary depending on your choice of protein powder. In overall, this seems reasonable enough given its unlikely for you to consume the whole dessert at a once. So basically, you will be consuming 50g of calories per serving. This is great considering the average calorie content in everyday desserts.

What Makes FREEZINda Different From Other Frozen Food?

Unlike most frozen food the ingredients used in FREEZINda not only make it sweeter but also soft for you to enjoy at any time of the day. This helps you attain the ice-cream texture instead of an ice cube.

Additionally, it is impossible for you to scoop ice cream with a spoon. But even if the FREEZINda dessert is frozen you can still enjoy it with your favorite spoon. However, it is good to note that the protein powder has nothing to do with the soft texture as it hardens into ice cube if mixed with water; the secret lies with FREEZINda that evenly softens the mixture.

The sweeteners present in FREEZINda make the dessert delicious to your taste buds, unlike most frozen food which seems to lose their sweetness. So in general, the product is a good outcome of healthy ice cream.


Well, the average waiting time until you get to taste your FREEZINda dessert is about 14 hours, which is quite long especially for anxious first-timers.

When using water in the FREEZINda mixture, you will end up with a sorbet consistency which happens to be a little bit icy and creamy. However, with the use of milk, your dessert turns out almost perfect as real ice cream. Also when using FREEZINda, the result of your dessert is more like your favorite protein powder.


Should You Use FREEZINda?

The primary target market for FREEZINda is for an individual with a liking for ice cream and frozen desserts. Therefore anyone in this category and is searching for a healthy low-calorie option should try out.

Additionally, if you are a fan of protein powder, you might want to add some taste to it with FREEZINda. However, this product is not for those seeking to add weight.

Purchasing FREEZiNda

The current market price of FREEZINda is at $2.99 per a pack. However, you will have to budget for a 5 package as that's how they are packed.

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