Nutrition Drinks Krã Sports Drinks: Organic Hydrating Electrolyte Fruit Juices?

Krã Sports Drinks: Organic Hydrating Electrolyte Fruit Juices?


Krã organic sports drink understands that having some form of sport in the life of youths is a must because it is fun, healthy and makes it euphoric to win. All that sweating can lead to dehydration so you have to replace all the liquids your body loses as sweat. The question on every athlete’s mind after a good game “what can I drink to recover?” Krã sets out to make a healthy recovery drink for these athletes.

About Krã Sports Drinks

Krã brand of organic sports drink brings a healthy hydrating option for young athletes that would rather drink sport juices than water. Krã sports drink is a driving product of the Krã brand formed by three founders; Sarah Hardgrove, Dan Trainor and Annie Hesser. It’s intended target market are young adults between the age range of 18 – 25 years. The product started with the idea that, if athletes sweat playing sports and working out, they should be hydrating with drinks that will also take care of them – hence the organic option.

What Makes Kra Organic Sports Drink Different?

1. Simplicity Of Ingredients

Krã makes it a point to keep the ingredients as simple as possible by making use of and listing simple organic products. This simplicity allows an understanding of exactly what is being bought instantly.

2. Simple Flavours

Krã is sticking to simple fruit flavours of orange, lemon, berry and fruit punch to show simplicity, so that when you get yourself a bottle of any of the Krã drinks you can trust the flavours through its taste. Drinking it feels like drinking out of a zinger without having to infuse your own water and with strong flavours.

3. Easy To Purchase The Product

Krã organic sports drink can easily be purchased off their website, from Aazonand a number of offline stores and are continually targeting a larger distribution market.

4. The Price

The price of the product is an important point people consider when buying themselves Krã because it is more expensive than its market competition Gatorade, but considering it’s a healthier option, some can argue that it is actually worth the spend because you can’t put a price tag on health.

5. 100% Organic

Krã is a 100% organic drink making it healthy and the body retains its hydration for a longer time. While artificially flavoured and sweetened drinks will have you thirsty in no time, Krã stays longer that means less quantity required for you to stay hydrated and that is good news for your pocket.

Krã Organic Sports Drinks Conclusion

Krã has beverage enthusiasts and consumers positive about its prospects in the market, to some it is more than just a sports drink and have used it as a mix for alcoholic drinks. Krã has a good rating even by moms, and we know if mom says it’s okay to drink, it is likely okay to drink.



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