Nutrition Drinks Soylent Stacked Nootropic Energy Drink: 2020 Product Review Research

Soylent Stacked Nootropic Energy Drink: 2020 Product Review Research

The Soylent Stacked Nootropics Energy Drink is made of nutritional plant proteins with a blend of caffeine, l-theanine, l-tyrosine and alpha-gpc ingredients to give a performance upgrade to your mind's focus and body's energy.


Soylent Stacked nootropics energy drink claims it is a first of its kind beverage designed for cognitive enhancement and an overall performance upgrade when it comes to your mind and body.

Soylent Nutrition, the supplement and meal replacement company responsible for creating the new Stacked energy drink, is known as a pioneer of functional food technology since 2013 when the CEO, Rob Rhinehart, developed the first ready-to-drink meal replacement supplement in the brand's decorated product lineup of customizable powders, nutritional shakes and protein bars.

Hailed as the first complete energy drink, Soylent Stacked is an 11oz ready-to-drink nootropic beverage that is worthy of researching as it was just launched in January 2020. Let's review the Soylent Stacked energy drink and find out what the truth is about this new brain-boosting nootropics beverage.


What is Soylent Stacked?

Soylent Stacked is a nootropic and energy focused supplement drink that consumers can use to improve their cognition, focus, memory, and more according to their official salespage. The newly-launched cognitive enhancement drink can be purchased from the official Soylent Nutrition website, though consumers may find it in stores as well via the store locator.

Nootropic supplements are fairly common, helping consumers to improve the way they focus and retain new information. The industry has come out with many formulas, so consumers have to be careful about examining what is in their chosen formula to ensure it offers what they need. Soylent has produced their own cognition-boosting product named Stacked, which also comes in a chocolate flavor and contains a proprietary nootropics stack of plant proteins, slow-burning carbs, essential nutrients and healthy fats among other specialty ingredients outlined below.

Here is a video teaser the Soylent Nutrition company released to promote its new nootropics energy drink:

As the promo video shows, Stacked is kind of like an energy drink, but with a little more. Along with the nutrients that consumers need for their daily vitamins, consumers will also find a blend of nutrients that are specifically meant to target the brain.

Soylent Stacked ingredients

The make or break portion of how the Soylent Stacked nootropics supplement works boils down to the ingredients and dosage potency included. The complete mind and body energy beverage comes in 11 ounce ready to drink bottles that are loaded with 36 different essential nutrients, 400 MG of Omega-3s and 15 grams of plant protein while only containing 3g of sugar. Aside from these foundational ingredients, there seems to be a few high-profile flagship additives that give the brain a real boost and performance upgrade.

These specialty ingredients include caffeine, l-theanine, l-tyrosine and alpha-gpc. Most may have heard of these ingredients, but caffeine is obviously included for the energy boost it provides as there is 100 mg per serving (same as small cup of coffee). But it also increases blood flow in the body, which is why it is included in some migraine medications. Then, L-theanine is used for primarily for focus. However, by adding it to the formula, consumers can get the long-lasting energy that caffeine provides but without the jitters it can create. Because the animal-free plant-based Soylent Stacked maintains a 2:1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine, drinkers of Soylent's nootropic can calmly experience sustained energy and focus without the jitters.

Also, the Soylent Stacked brain-nourishing nootropic nutrients carry the following:

  • Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps with focus and concentration, and it is considered a nootropic on its own.

  • Choline

Choline is crucial for brain health, though it is included as an essential daily nutrient as well.

  • Soy protein

Soy protein, rich with amino acids, is meant to help with the building and repairing of muscle tissue, especially during workouts.

  • Isomaltulose

Isomaltulose is a disaccharide carbohydrate, and it is made up of fructose and glucose. It helps the body to maintain necessary energy levels for metabolic and mental processes.

  • B-complex vitamins

B-complex vitamins, which include B6 and B12 specifically, are necessary for the energy processes that occur in the body’s cells.

Together, this proprietary blend of synergistic ingredients is what gives Soylent Stacked product its advertised brain-boosting nootropic effects. Here is the nutrition facts for the cognitive function enhancing supplement:

soylent stacked nutrition facts
Stacked Nutrition Facts Photo Courtesy of

The CEO of Soylent Nutrition, Bryan Crowley, was on record about the release of Stacke in saying:

“Our customers told us they were frustrated with the empty calories and lack of nutrition in the leading energy drinks” […] “Soylent Stacked is the first energy drink formulated for both your mind and your body.”

Then the VP of Soylent's product development, Julie Daoust, went on to add:

“Most nootropic supplements on the market are pills or powder – they do not provide the nutrient density needed to keep you energized both physically and mentally,” […] “With Soylent Stacked we provide the functional benefits of nootropics combined with the complete nutrition you can expect from all Soylent products.”

Using Soylent's Stacked Energy Beverage

The best time for users to drink Stacked is during the morning or the beginning of the afternoon, giving the user the boost that they need during the more productive times of day. It can’t be used as a meal replacement for every meal, but it can replace a few a week to start off. Consumers only need to combine the powder of Stacked with water to make the drink.

Purchasing Soylent Stacked Nootropic Drink

To buy the stacked formula, there’s two options, a one-time purchase or a subscription. The one-time purchase is available for $30, while the subscription saves the user 5%. For now, shipping is free, so consumers that want to save a little extra may want to act fast. You can also find the other products Soylent makes that compliment Stacked nootropic energy drink, such as Soylent Squared, Soylent meal replacement powders and cafe drinks.

Contacting Soylent Nutrition

If customers have any other questions about Soylent Stacked or any other product, the customer service team can be reached by sending an email to The team typically responds within 48 hours to inquiries.

Soylent Stacked Summary

Soylent offers consumers the ability to improve their mental and physical energy levels with a drink, rather than another supplement. The treatment is easy to integrate into any routine and can be used whenever the consumer needs to give their mind and body a boost.

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