Nutrition Food GOT7 Protein Tortillas – High In Fiber & Vegan Friendly?

GOT7 Protein Tortillas – High In Fiber & Vegan Friendly?


Looking to increase protein intake? In need of a healthy, yet tasteful source of fiber? The supplements industry has forced the idea that increased protein can only be achieved via whey protein, while many others look for such a source through whole meats. This is where the existence of GOT7 may come into play.

GOT7 is a German company that specializes in wide range of nutritional goods. Having started off by delivering unique and innovative alternatives to pizza bases filled with protein, within a small timespan, GOT7 has introduced a new way in which consumers can enjoy protein and it is through tortillas. The purpose of this review is to evaluate GOT7 Protein Tortillas with respect to its purpose, nutritional facts, and affordability.

What Is GOT7 Protein Tortillas?

As the name implies, GOT7 Protein Tortillas is a type of tortilla infused with 7.6 grams of protein. They are wheat-based; making them useful in helping to digest food. What makes GOT7 an innovative brand is their ability to take comfort, staple foods and turning them into healthier and far more enjoyable goods. With the Protein Tortillas, consumers can easily use it as a substitute for white or corn tortillas, hence making it an efficient source of carbohydrates.

High In Fiber & Vegan Friendly Nutritional Facts?

Besides its high quantity of protein, each 40 gram of tortilla is said to contain 6.8 grams of carbohydrates, as little as 0.5 grams of sugar, approximately 4.8 grams of fat and a whooping 8.4 grams of fiber, all of which totaling to 120 calories.

On average, a typically tortilla contains approximately 90 calories. While the calories may be less than that of the Protein Tortillas, its breakdown of macronutrients are unbelievably high. Consumers can easily expect 20% of fat and 10 times the carbohydrates of the Protein Tortillas. This comparison is important to consider, as the calories are not what one should look at, but rather the macro and micronutrients because they might simply be empty calories.

For a quantity of 280 grams, which is equivalent to 7 GOT7 Protein Tortillas, consumers can expect to invest approximately $6USD. While the price may appear to be significantly high, the way in which they were made and their potential in being healthier alternatives make them worthwhile.

GOT7 Protein Tortillas Final Thoughts

Ultimately, GOT7’s thin, pre-baked, wheat tortillas are a great addition to one’s health. On average, an serving of grains may contain a minimum of 13 grams of carbohydrates. This no longer needs to be a concern, especially for those looking to better control his or her carbs intake. While it is a fair source of protein, consumers are still advised to include other alternatives to make up one’s daily requirements. For more information, check out:

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