Food Healthy Snacks P3 Portable Protein Packs: Reviewing the 2024 Research

P3 Portable Protein Packs: Reviewing the 2024 Research

Oscar Mayer's P3 Portable Protein Packs offer consumers an ideal snack to maximize health and protein intake without the use of artificial sugars and flavors.


While a good helping of protein is necessary for healthy workouts and general wellness, many protein snacks come loaded with enough sugar to minimize the effects of the protein entirely. Consumers desperately need healthy, organic snack options to help them maximize their workout and weight loss effectiveness without overloading the body with unnatural and unhealthy additives.

P3 Portable Protein Pack is an all-new line of specialized snack items designed to provide athletes and workout enthusiasts with a healthy (yet tasty) means of fueling their workout sessions. From a technical standpoint, the products offered by P3 make use of a 2-to-1 carb to protein ratio, which allows our body to maximize its exercise potential and energy release capacity.

Additionally, it also bears mentioning that the company has recently partnered with the UFC, the world’s foremost MMA organization, in an effort to expand its existing line of products. From a taste standpoint, P3 products come replete with a number of tasty ingredients including rotisserie-seasoned chicken, pretzels, mozzarella cheese, etc. Additionally, each serving of these products contains a minimum of 11 grams of protein as well as 25 grams of carbohydrates. Consumers can use these proteins to keep themselves satisfied by tasty snacks while keeping healthy and maximizing wellness.

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What are the P3 Portable Protein Products?

The P3 Portable Protein Product line includes a number of snack options to fulfill the needs of consumers. The products differ in both protein dosage and taste/ingredients, so readers should carefully evaluate each product before choosing the one that's best for them. Products in the P3 Portable Protein line include:

P3 Sweet Nut Cluster. Each serving of this snack product contains a healthy mix of meat, cheese and sweet nut, with the latter providing the product with its unique taste profile. In regards to the ingredients contained in the mix, each nutrient has been devised is completely free of artificial sweetener and additives.

P3 Almond, Turkey and Colby Jack. This snack is loaded with clinical portions of almond, shredded turkey and Colby jack to help the user’s body feeling instantly rejuvenated and ready to go.

P3 Protein Plates. As the name suggests, each variant of this product comes packed with a healthy 17-gram dose of protein, which is nearly 60% more than other P3 items in the market today. Variants include:

  • Turkeys, Cheddar, Cranberry and Cashews
  • Ham, Cashews, Cheddar and Cranberry
  • Turkey, Almonds, Monterey Jack and Blueberries

P3 Protein and Fiber Plates. Each serving of this product comes packed with 15 grams of protein, along with a number of other nutritious, flavor-packed ingredients such as turkey, mixed berry granola clusters, pistachios and white cheddar.

Deli Snackers. These are small, portable snack options that are perfect for individuals looking for an instant hit of energy.

Why Choose P3 Products?

Listed below are some of the core facets that make P3 products stand out from the rest of its competition:

Clinical Formulation. All of the products on offer have been devised using a host of scientific research data.

Nutritionally Loaded. As per the official company website, P3 products have been devised in conjunction with various nutrition experts who work for the UFC Performance Institute.

Multifold Benefits. When consumed in a balanced manner, each serving of P3 products can help provide users with a healthy dose of niche’ protein derivatives that support our body’s muscle/tissues and maximize its cellular repair potential.

Metabolic Health. Anther core facet of the product is its ability to optimize the operational capacity of our metabolic systems.

Sustained Energy Release. P3’s various snack options are designed using specialized carbohydrates that our bodies can breakdown quite easily, allowing users to feel fresh and active throughout the course of the day.

P3 Portable Protein Pack Frequently Asked Questions

This question will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about P3 Portable Protein Pack products.

Q: Do P3 portable protein packs need to be refrigerated?

A: Yes. These snacks should be kept refrigerated and cold before use. Consumers should make sure to keep their snacks within the refrigerator until they plan to eat them.

Q: What is a P3 protein pack?

A: P3 protein snacks are portable snack-sized portions of a variety of nuts, cheeses and meats, all depending on which p3 protein pack you choose. P3 is an excellent source of protein, with 13 grams per serving. And considered by many consumers as a great way to get their daily proteins.

Q: How much protein is in a p3?

A: p3 protein snacks are considered an excellent source of protein; with 14g per pack and only consists of 150 calories per package, it can be considered a win for consumers who need extra protein in their diets, and low calorie too.

Q: Who makes p3?

A: The portable on-the-go packs are made up of three popular brands: Oscar Mayer Selects Meats, Kraft Natural Cheeses and Planters Nuts. The combination of existing products is good in some ways, but consumers should evaluate the companies behind these ingredients.

Q: Do the P3 Protein Snacks use artificial preservatives?

A: p3 Portable Protein Packs contain no artificial preservatives, at least 13 grams of protein or the equivalent of two eggs, and have little to no sugar included. Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast – Turkey Breast, Water, Cultured Dextrose, Modified Cornstarch, contains less than 2% of Salt, Cultured Celery Juice*, Vinegars, Sodium Phosphates, Cherry Powder. Ingredient to preserve quality.

Purchasing Options

All of the aforementioned items are available online as well as in various supermarkets and retail stores such as Walmart, Staples, Costco, Amazon. Pricing can vary across each of these independent retail outlets depending upon the quantity of the item purchased (bulk orders come with sizeable discounts).

Final Thoughts

Oscar Mayer's P3 Portable Protein Packs are being touted as an on-the-go healthy snack. Featuring Oscar Mayer Select Meats, Kraft Natural Cheeses, and Planters Nuts, these snacks are full of protein and not overloaded with calories, making them a smart choice for consumers who need a convenient snack to take to the gym. These snacks can also be used for kids in their lunchboxes, as they contain no artificial preservatives and present a fascinating alternative for consumers who are tired of traditional protein options. The P3 Portable Protein Packs come in four different varieties and all boast a minimum of 13 grams of protein, making this snack a smart buy for all consumers on their wellness journey.

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