Nutrition Food UFIT – Nutritious High Protein Health Shakes & Snacks?

UFIT – Nutritious High Protein Health Shakes & Snacks?


Protein shakes/drinks play a crucial role in muscle development. Consumers are typically advised to take some form of protein supplementation right after having trained, as the muscles have been exposed to increased stress and require relief. A question that arises when discussing upon protein shakes is that of its quality: what makes a good protein shake?

With many different opinions available, some of the common factors that many professions consider include types of protein, the distribution of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates and protein), quality of ingredients, and a little history on the providers themselves. The purpose of this review is to introduce UFIT and their respective protein drinks.

Along the way, consumers will have a better idea as to how to pick an appropriate protein drink and whether or not UFIT makes the cut.

About UFIT Protein Drinks

UFIT focuses on providing consumers with quality beverages, especially for those who are constantly on the go. With more and more consumers being overly occupied, convenience is something that they highly value. Unfortunately, convenience has been correlated with unhealthy foods and beverages. Simply put, UFIT Protein Drinks can encourage one to obtain a healthy serving of proteins on a daily basis.

The UFIT team comprises of individuals whose specialization in the field of nutrition can easily exceed 20 years. With the combination of knowledge and passionate, UFIT has been able to come up with protein drinks that claim to increase energy levels, achieve satisfaction and preserve one’s strength and endurance along the process.

What types of UFIT Protein Drinks are currently offered?

UFIT Protein Drinks are currently offered in 4 different types including the UFIT High Protein Health Drink Shake, Health Drink Shake, Lactose-free Protein Drink Shake and UFIT Pro50. The following is a quick breakdown with respect to the flavors offered and nutritional values:

High Protein Health Drink Shake

The High Protein Health Drink Shake comes in banana, chocolate, iced latte, strawberry ad vanilla flavors. It is believed to contain 22grams of protein, 3.2grams of fiber and an adequate source of vitamins and minerals. It is also believed to be low in fat, which is a factor to consider when purchasing protein drinks.

Health Drink Shake

The differences between Health and High Protein Health Drink Shakes are an additional flavor incorporated in the Health Drink Shake, which comes in iced latte and the quantity of caffeine. It is believed the UFIT Health Drink contains 113mg of natural caffeine.

Lactose-free Protein Drink Shake

The single difference between the High Protein Health Drink Shake and that of the Lactose-free is simply the fact that it does not contain lactose. Furthermore, it only comes in two flavors which include vanilla and strawberry.

Lactose is a type of sugar that comes from milk products. Unfortunately, some consumers may have a hard time breaking down lactose in the body, which may result in unwanted symptoms like bloating or cramps and other stomach related concerns.

UFIT Pro50

As the name implies, this respective UFIT Protein Drink contains 50grams of protein for a serving of 500ml. This appears to be a 42% increase in protein. By far, UFIT is the only provider who has been able to reach such a high quantity of protein, as others typically range from 22 to 26grams per bottle. Lastly, it is believed to contain 4.7grams of fiber.

How Much Does UFIT Protein Drinks Cost?

On average, UFIT Protein Drinks may cost between 16 and 22.50 pounds, which is equivalent to 21 to 30USD. The price reflects a quantity of 8 310ml bottles or 6 500ml bottles, depending on the type of UFIT Protein Drink offered.

UFIT Protein Drinks Review Summary

Based on the analysis above, UFIT Protein Drinks might be of good quality. The team behind these protein drinks not only have extended years of experience, but they are also passionate about the health of others. Similarly, natural flavourings have been incorporated to ensure optimal health.

When considering the breakdown of the nutritional values, more emphasis has been placed on protein, while lowering the fat content, which is important in delivering recovery and fuel to the muscles.

Unfortunately, the type of protein used has yet to be disclosed, therefore further analysis cannot be conducted. Lastly, the prices appear to be fair, given that at most 6 servings are offered per purchase. For more information, check out:

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