Food Healthy Snacks Gundry MD Vital Boost: Reviewing the Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper

Gundry MD Vital Boost: Reviewing the Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper

Gundry MD Vital Boost is a freeze-dried dog food topper that contains nutritionally-dense pet health ingredients like grass-fed beef and organ meat along with plant-based polyphenols and antioxidants.


Vital Boost is a dog food topper from Gundry MD that supports pet health.

By giving Vital Boost to your dog daily, you can boost your dog’s energy levels, improve digestion, and support joints and muscles, among other benefits.

How does Vital Boost work? What’s in Vital Boost? Should you give the formula to your dog? Find out everything you need to know about Vital Boost today in our review.


What is Vital Boost?

Vital Boost is a dog food topper that claims to give any dog a healthier, happier life.

What is Vital Boost?

The dog food topper consists of grass-fed beef and organ meet along with other raw, plant-based ingredients. Overall, the formula claims to support balanced, complete nutrition for your dog.

The formula is made by Gundry MD, a California-based supplement company best-known for its human supplements. With Vital Boost, the company is branching into the world of pet nutrition. Vital Boost is the company’s first product under its new ‘Dog Food’ category.

Each bag of Vital Boost is priced at around $50.

How Does Vital Boost Work?

Vital Boost is easy to use. Just add one scoop of Vital Boost to your dog’s food once per day.

If your dog eats two meals per day, you can add a half scoop of Vital Boost to each meal.

For dogs over 30 pounds, use 1.5 scoops of Vital Boost per day. For dogs over 50 pounds, use 2 scoops of Vital Boost per day.

Vital Boost is freeze-dried raw food. It contains active ingredients like salmon skin, flaxseed, and chicory. However, the core of the formula consists of raw ground beef, raw beef liver, and other organ meat.

Key ingredients in the formula include:

Flaxseed: Vital Boost contains flaxseed, which is rich with prebiotics that enhance your dog’s digestion, boosting its mood and energy. Gundry MD claims flaxseed is rich with polyphenols called lignans that support various benefits.

Salmon Skin: Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that can improve your dog’s cardiovascular health. Salmon skin also contains compounds to keep your dog’s coat shiny, healthy, and vibrant.

Chicory: Chicory is a purple flower similar to dandelion. It has been added to Vital Boost for its purported digestive benefits. The supplement contains a nutritious dietary fiber to aid your dog’s bowel movements, support immune health, and boost gut health, among other benefits.

Fruits & Vegetables: Vital Boost contains fruits and vegetables like pineapple and blueberries, which are rich with polyphenols to support your dog’s overall health and wellness.

Minerals: Vital Boost contains a blend of magnesium, iron, calcium, and other essential minerals.

Vital Boost Ingredients

Vital Boost contains several core ingredients, including flaxseed, salmon skin, and chicory. We’ve posted the ingredient label below.

Other ingredients include raw ground beef, raw beef liver, raw beef heart, sweet potato, pineapple, apple, carrot, blueberry, olive oil, salt, green lipped mussel, ginger, and rosemary extract. The formula uses mixed tocopherols as a preservative.

Vital Boost Features & Benefits

Gundry MD claims dogs can enjoy all of the following benefits by taking Vital Boost regularly:

Balanced energy levels

More relaxed, playful moods

Improved digestion with less gas

Firmer, healthier poops

Healthier joints and muscles

Vital Boost Pricing

Vital Boost is priced at $40 to $50 per bag, depending on how many bags you order:

1 Bag: $49.95

3 Bags: $134.85

6 Bags: $254.70

The company provides free US shipping on all orders over $60.

Vital Boost Refund Policy

Vital Boost has the same 90 day money back guarantee as other Gundry MD products. You can request a complete refund within 90 days. You will receive your entire purchase price back, minus shipping costs.

To request a refund, contact Gundry MD at (800) 852-0477.


About Gundry MD

Gundry MD is a California-based supplement company created by Dr. Steven Gundry. Dr. Gundry aims to dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through his unique vision of diet and nutrition. He’s a former cardiac surgeon who now runs the Center for Restorative Medicine, an anti-aging clinic based in Palm Springs, California.

You can learn more about Dr. Steven Gundry and his professional qualifications here.

Gundry MD sells a range of popular supplements, including Vital Reds, Total Restore, and PrebioThrive, among others. Vital Boost is the company’s first supplement for pets.

You can contact Gundry MD via the following:


Email Form:

Phone: (800) 852-0477

Mailing Address: 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Final Word

California-based supplement company Gundry MD has launched a nutritional supplement called Vital Boost. That supplement supports various health benefits for dogs, boosting their energy and cardiovascular health, improving digestion, and more.

Vital Boost is a freeze-dried raw dog food topper. You place one or two scoops on top of an ordinary dog meal. The formula consists of raw beef mixed with plants, fruits, salmon skin, flaxseed, and more.

To learn more about Vital Boost and how it works, visit online today at

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