Nutrition Drinks Green-Go Cactus Water – Organic Nopal Prickly Pear Fruit Drink?

Green-Go Cactus Water – Organic Nopal Prickly Pear Fruit Drink?


Looking for a beverage that can ensure hydration levels are on par? Tired of turning to energy drinks, artificial sweeteners and caffeine for maximizing mood and energy levels?

In today’s society, more and more consumers are turning away from sugar-filled goods, and merely focusing on the health benefits associated with natural ingredients. Of the many to consider, Green-Go, a brand that specializes in delivering health conscious drinks, came to the realization that cactus is highly nutritious. Upon realizing its potential, Green-Go made it their goal to provide a beverage, today known as the Cactus Water.

With every sip of the Green-Go Cactus Water, consumers can remain hydrated while experiencing a spike in energy that can lend a hand in getting through the day. Although cactus water in an uncommon beverage, the following review will allow consumers to understand how it can contribute towards one’s health. Along the way, factors like its purpose, the importance of cactus, taste and affordability will be considered.

What Is Green-Go Cactus Water?

As the name implies, the Green-Go Cactus Water is an extraction of a cactus. More specifically, the liquids of the Nopal paddle has been used with the hopes of keeping one hydrated and satisfied over time. Nutritionally speaking, it is a great alternative for soda pops and cappuccinos, as it contains neither sugar nor calories. Let’s take a closer look at cactus’ and their associated benefits.

How Might The Consumption Of Cactus Water Be Beneficial?

Nopal paddle is a type of prickly pear cactus. It is a staple in Mexican cuisine, which stimulated the creator of Green-Go Cactus Water, Sarita, to grow them. Eventually, she came to terms with its consumption, as she experienced a significant reduction in eczema, and enhanced skin health and energy levels.

In general, cactus contains potent antioxidants, also known as betalains, which can contribute towards improving skin health. It is considered useful in hydrating not only one’s skin, but also one’s thirst; making it a preferable beverage compared to water.

While its antioxidants’ content is impressive, what makes them unique is the fact that they are rare and are only present in certain, natural goods. In addition, cactus water is said to contain five types of electrolytes, hence the reason why one may experience increased energy and muscle contractions to name the least.

What Does The Organic Nopal Prickly Pear Fruit Drink Taste Like?

The Green-Go Cactus Water, according to many consumers, takes on a mild yet light taste. Its hint of lemon may stimulate the experience of drinking lemonade without the sugar attached to it. Unlike coconut water, which tastes quite exotic, cactus water might resemble that of a berry-like taste, but one that has been reduced down. Ultimately, it can leave one refreshed and upbeat every sip of the way.

How Much Does Green-Go Cactus Water Cost?

For a box containing 16.9 fl ounces, the suggested retail price is approximately $3. The price is fair, as the health benefits associated with cactus water outweighs the price. Furthermore, it has been produced in a way to ensure that it is organic, kosher, and GMO free.

Green-Go Cactus Water Final Thoughts

Overall, the Green-Go Cactus Water appears to beneficial for those who are looking for a natural pre-workout. Its ability to quench one’s thirst, while giving the push needed to train makes it all the more worthwhile.

While the prices are significantly high compared to several beverages that exist, the quality delivered is highly likely to encourage one towards a healthier lifestyle. For more information, go to:

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