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Tersa Steam – At-Home 10 Minute Clean Clothing Pod System?


Tersa Steam is a system that allows consumers to completely eliminate the wrinkles from the user’s clothing, but without the use of an iron. This system is exclusively offered through Indiegogo to help the company gain interest and funding before the product’s launch.

What Is Tersa Steam?

Keeping clothes in their best shape is the most effective way to promote longevity and help maintain the condition of someone’s wardrobe. However, the cost to consistently visit the dry cleaners is substantial, and the day tends to get too busy to get back to the shops anyway. To reduce the amount of time and money wasted, consumers will soon be able to remove wrinkles from their clothing with Tersa Steam.

Tersa Steam has all the components that consumers need to iron and/or dry-clean their clothes from home. Rather than getting a ticket from a store to return hours later, anyone can set the cycle on this system to the 10-minute regimen to be wrinkle free before they get out of the shower. Plus, instead of having to tend to the cleaning regimen every few minutes, the company has a balanced pod with everything needed.

This system uses plant materials for all the system, and only requires 3 ounces of water with every cycle that the user puts it through.

Using Tersa Steam

The entire system is incredibly user-friendly, which is part of the great appeal. First, hang up the shirt or other garment that the user wants to steam. Take the pod, and plug it into the set. Press “Go,” and let the system do everything else.

Purchasing Tersa Steam

Rather than being available for direct purchase, the creators of the Tersa Steam pack have decided to make the product a part of Indiegogo as a campaign to raise funds. There are two different packages, and each one has a limited number of spacers for backers. Choose from:

  • $399 for the Tersa Steam and Sample Pod pack
  • $8 to $12 for a 15-pack of the scent pods

Once the promotion is over, consumers can expect their products to be shipped to them in May 2018.

Contacting The Creators Of Tersa Steam

Right now, the website does not offer a way to directly speak with the customer service team for the Tersa Steam kit. However, the Indiegogo page has a comments section for consumers to leave messages for the team to publicly answer the inquiries.

Tersa Steam Conclusion

Tersa Steam is meant for anyone that is too busy and too frugal to head to the dry cleaners with their clothing. The best time to get in on this exclusive pricing is while the product is still available to pre-order, but consumers will still be able to make the purchase after shipments go out. However, waiting this long will result in needing to pay the retail value.

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