Drinks Coffee Cultivo Coffee – Small-Batch Organic Cold Brews Ready To Drink?

Cultivo Coffee – Small-Batch Organic Cold Brews Ready To Drink?


Cultivo Coffee is a brand that harvests organic beans to create complex and delicious flavors for their brews. Consumers have the choice of purchasing grounds to make the drinks at home, or cold brew coffees that will be available in stores instead.

What Is Cultivo Coffee?

Drinking coffee is a staple of almost any working adult’s routine. Just the scent of a good pot of coffee brewing is enough to get any caffeine addict out of bed. In fact, some people have a cup of coffee before absolutely anything else. However, the quality of the coffee that consumers drink can turn this activity into something more enjoyable with a good blend, like the ones from Cultivo Coffee.

Cultivo Coffee does not have many details on the website, which makes it hard to learn much about the brand. However, they are clear in the choice of their brand name. “Cultivo” is translated to mean crop, cultivation, farming, and culture. They applaud the coffee pickers on the farms that make this process possible, even though there are very few products that come out of the company at all.

Cultivo Coffee Products

When consumers decide to make a purchase, they have the choice of cold-brewed coffee or coffee grounds, depending on the temperature they prefer. Read on below to learn about the choices.

Canned Craft Coffee

Right now, the only product that consumers can purchase that allows for morning brewing is the Canned Craft Coffee. The coffee is available pre-ground with 12 ounces of freshness in a single can. The airtight, steel can offers a recyclable texture, which allows consumers to maintain a small carbon footprint when their recycling is picked up during the week. With a steel can, consumers can maintain the freshness with greater ease than with a cardboard can, since it blocks out oxygen, light, and moisture.

There are four different flavor choices, which are all available for $13.00 per can. Choose from:

  • People’s Choice
  • Zalmari Estate
  • Decaf Honduras

Organic Cold Brew Coffee

The Cold Brew Coffee comes in small cartons, and it is prepared in small batches for the most intricate flavor profile. With 20 hours of cold brewing, consumers get a deeper and richer flavor, which is available in the following flavors:

  • Straight Black
  • Straight Black with Grass-Fed Organic Half & Half
  • Straight Black with Grass-Fed Organic Chocolate Milk

The cold brews are not available online, but the company plans to make them available in retail stores sometime in 2018.

Contacting The Creators Of Cultivo Coffee

The website for Cultivo Coffee has such a miniscule amount of information on it, leaving consumers one of two choices to learn more – make a purchase, or contact customer service. To contact customer service, fill out the online form at: cultivo.coffee/contact/.

Cultivo Coffee Conclusion

Cultivo Coffee thrives on organic farming efforts, bringing a healthier coffee for consumers, along with a healthier canister for the environment. While the ground coffee can be bought online, consumers will still need to wait a little longer before the cold brew is available with retailers.

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