Drinks Coffee Lifeboost Coffee: 2020 Healthy Organic Product Line Review

Lifeboost Coffee: 2020 Healthy Organic Product Line Review

Dr. Charles Livingston's Lifeboost Coffee aims to be the healthiest fair trade whole bean coffee possible to help elevate, energize and excel your daily life.


Is Lifeboost the Healthiest Coffee Possible?

Lifeboost Coffee is a sustainably sourced, single origin, fair trade whole bean coffee blend that promotes itself as a great tasting, low-acid, high elevation shade-grown, sun-dried formula harvested from the mountains of Central America.

The healthiest cup of coffee possible also claims once you drink Lifeboost Coffee you will no longer want to go back to ‘regular' coffee as only 0.5% of the world's coffee supply meets the company's standards for purity and quality. The brand also supports wildlife protection with every purchase of coffee.

Let's review the popular Lifeboost Coffee and break down all of the available details about the product's research, user feedback and company reputation.

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What is Lifeboost Coffee?

Coffee is an essential part of the day for millions of people around the world. The warmth and aroma of a good cup of coffee cannot be compared to any other sensation, and it is exactly this quality that has led this single product type to be a $47.5 billion industry last year alone, as reported by Statista.com. While there are many big companies that already have taken the majority of the shelf space at supermarkets, Lifeboost Coffee aims to set themselves apart with their sustainably-sourced, non-GMO, certified Kosher blends.

The big claim that the official website makes about Lifeboost Coffee is that it offers consumers “the healthiest tastiest cup of coffee possible.” All of the blends available are made without any chemicals with shade-grown, fairly-traded, and single-origin beans. While these coffees tend to be more expensive ordinarily, Lifeboost has affordable options for many different flavor options.

This type of coffee is only produced in one area of the world, and Lifeboost Coffee has chosen Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, as their bean’s home to grow. All of Lifeboost's coffee products are said to be hand washed and selected to ensure only the best specialty beans are used when making their brews. Lifeboost Coffee also features many references to how the whole coffee beans are mycotoxin-free and pesticide-free as well as ultra low acidity which plagues most coffee blends available today.

In an effort to be a company that promotes a good cause, Lifeboost Coffee and CEO Dr. Charles Livingston donate a portion of the profits made to the wildlife and environment in the region in which their coffee is grown. They also support local farmers with a fair wage and the environment by only using sustainable farming practices so as not to damage the earth. To donate to their environmental and wildlife causes, visit RainforestTrust.org.

What Products Does Lifeboost Coffee Offer?

Here are some of the highly praised products that consumers can expect from Lifeboost Coffee which are freshly roasted and shipped upon ordering. This means each coffee batch is roasted in real time as Lifeboost actually recommends letting the whole coffee beans degas for a week before using for optimal taste and results. This means their products guarantee freshness and not made for lasting over a year on some store shelf like many of the traditional coffee brands available today. Also, all Lifeboost products are fairly-traded which means farmers are compensated well to go the extra mile and put forth the effort to grow, harvest and nurture all of the company's coffee beans.

Gourmet Coffee

While the types of coffee fall into a traditional flavor, the quality is far from it. Consumers have the choice of decaf or three darkness levels for caffeinated coffee. To keep consumers enthralled, the brand makes holiday flavors (like gingerbread latte and peppermint mocha), as well as flavored coffee (like amaretto and blueberry cinnamon crumble) that are 100% chemical-free. This is why Lifeboost believes they have made the healthiest coffee on the planet by using non-toxic beans that are of organic origins made from the same farm, plant and roast profile.

To ensure that consumers are able to add this type of product into their cabinets, the Lifeboost Premium Coffee special blends are priced at the same level as the standard light, medium, and dark roasts. Consumers can enjoy whatever flavor they prefer without needing to worry about the cost.


Along with the coffee, Lifeboost Coffee takes this opportunity to create a healthy line of products called HPAdapt. Available in up to a six pack, HPAdapt is an energy drink that features a mango pineapple flavor. While the one-time cost of the canister is available for $56, consumers that subscribe for regular shipments will save 15% on their purchase.

HPAdapt Adrenal Drink

In what appears to be one of Lifeboost newest products, the company now offers HPAdapt that promotes fast-acting, long lasting energy. The Lifeboost HPAdapt formula's benefits claim to increase mental alertness, enhance ability to sustain attention and provide adaptogenic adrenal support all while being caffeine-free. The HPAdapt health beverage by Lifeboost only has 5 grams of naturally occurring sugar made from palatinose, a low glycemic carbohydrate, and contains only 20 calories.

How to Buy Lifeboost Coffee?

The Lifeboost Coffee can be purchased from the website in a one-time transaction or as part of a subscription. Right now, there are tons of products that consumers can choose from, which are listed at https://lifeboostcoffee.com/collections/all. The majority of the 12-ounce (whole bean or ground) bags of coffee, whether they are decaf, dark roast, or another blend, are priced at $34.95.

Consumers that want a steady supply of the coffee can enroll in a subscription on the website. They must choose between decaf and caffeinated, and then must choose the darkness they prefer. Customers that frequently drink coffee will likely appreciate the low cost of the subscription, which gives a 30% discount incentive to urge consumers to regularly have their products shipped. The shipments can be scheduled as frequently as once a week or as spread out as once every eight weeks. This is called the Lifeboost Inner Circle which was designed to give substantial savings, peace of mind and complete control of coffee on your schedule.

Along with the many coffee variations that the company offers, there’s also coffee mugs, gift cards, special holiday flavors, and other packages. All orders over $50 come with free shipping. In fact, even if the user decides to return the product, even the return fees are covered.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Lifeboost Coffee

Here are some answers to some of the common questions about the Lifeboost Coffee Brand.

Q: Are Lifeboost Coffee Products Tested?

A: The official website for Lifeboost Coffee makes it very clear with multiple references to the great lengths the company goes to for ensuring quality, potency and purity. The 100% organic Lifeboost coffee product line is tested by independent third party labs to test for mycotoxins. They come in a burlap bag that is airtight vacuumed sealed to guarantee its freshness, smoothness and richness of its nutty flavor. They also claim all whole coffee beans are grown without the use of toxic fertilizers or pesticides and washed by hand using natural spring water from a protected rainforest area.

Q: How Does Lifeboost Coffee Production Process Work?

A: The plants are grown in Nicaragua at 5,700 feet elevation on top of Mount Kilambé. Each coffee bean plant is hand-picked and hand-washed in pure mountain spring water. Once cleaned, the beans are dried in the sun until it has a precise internal humidity of 11.5%. The shade grown high elevation helps utilize mother nature's defense in protecting the beans from molds and mycotoxins. Once roasted, Lifeboost has each batch tested by the Agricultural Department to ensure the purest product possible.

Q: What are the Health Benefits of Lifeboost Coffee?

A: If you have a tagline of the healthiest coffee possible, there must be beneficial effects attached to consuming Lifeboost organic coffee beans right? They claim Lifeboost Coffee is very stomach-friendly because it is low in acid, free of toxins, and grown only using organic ingredients and rigorous processes in every step of the way. The most noticeable benefits are alleviating digestive discomfort, lowering the acidity in the stomach which can help provide relief for heartburn and indigestion. The other primary health benefit of drinking organic Lifeboost Coffee products is the clean, long lasting energy boost.

Q: Are the products from Lifeboost considered to be kosher?

A: Yes. The coffee meets the standards for Jewish Kosher Certification, and it has never been touched by any non-kosher item. During production, a rabbi supervised the process, which took place in a facility that has been certified as kosher.

Q: What does the term “shade grown” actually mean?

A: When the coffee plants are grown, they are placed beneath a sun-filtering canopy. With this sun protection, the beans mature at a much slower rate for a denser, richer, and harder texture than coffee beans without this type of shade. The final product offers these same benefits upon brewing.

Q: Is the coffee gluten-free?

A: Yes, the coffee is gluten free.

Q: How should the coffee be stored?

A: If the coffee will be used within a week, then it can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container. For longer storage, this container should be kept in either the fridge or the freezer.

Q: Who is Lifeboost Coffee CEO Dr. Charles Livingston?

A: The story of Dr. Charles Livingston becoming the CEO of Lifeboost Coffee starts with his own use of coffee. As a family man, chiropractor and businessman, Charles set out to create a wonderful beverage he could drink guilt-free and still have all of the advantageous effects of energy and focus that coffee can bring. Knowing nearly four out of every five people drink coffee daily to start their mornings, Dr. Livingston set to create a non toxic, zero poison, pesticide-free formula. That is when Lifeboost Coffee was born and the elevate, energize and excel mission was put in motion to becoming a leading premium organic whole coffee bean company that it is today.

Q: Where Can I Find a Lifeboost Coffee Coupon Discount?

A: The best place to get a coupon for saving on your order is directly from the LifeboostCoffee.com website. All discounts are available right from the company's checkout page where users can get the best pricing options.

Q: Can the coffee be returned?

A: All products are covered by a 30 day return policy for a full refund. Lifeboost Coffee setup this risk free opportunity based on the success of its product and allows for any customer to return the coffee bags for any reason to be promptly refunded every penny of your order's purchase price.

For any other questions, reach out to the customer service team by calling 1-800-479-1596 or by sending an email to support@lifeboostcoffee.com.


Lifeboost Coffee creates an opportunity for consumers to buy their coffee in a way that supports farmers in Central America, while inherently contributing to the charitable efforts of the brand with every morning brew. Available as whole beans or ground beans, consumers can have a luxurious experience with this daytime staple, but with many flavors and options to choose from. With the subscription available for most of these products, no one has to worry about missing out on a single day of these single origin coffees.

Users of Lifeboost Coffee can also download a free “Coffee Brew Guide” put together by Dr. Charles Livingston and learn everything the doctor knows about how to make the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee brewing tutorial explains how to use a french press, pour over, drip coffee maker, expresso machine, make cold brew and an iced coffee.

This company has been featured in many large publications for their products and sustainable sources, including Rolling Stone, People, TIME, Food Network, HuffPost, and others. With awards for “best coffee beans” and “best low acid coffee,” anyone who is a coffee lover has to experience a cup with their Nicaraguan-grown beans.

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