Lifestyle The Mad Optimist: Reviewing the Personal Body Care Products

The Mad Optimist: Reviewing the Personal Body Care Products

The Mad Optimist provides consumers with custom all-natural plant-based body care products that are vegan, cruelty-free and non-GMO including soaps, lip balms and bath soaks personalized for you.


The Mad Optimist is a soap and lip balm company with customizable pricing and products.

In May 2020, The Mad Optimist was featured on the season finale of Shark Tank. The company is best known for offering vegan, all-natural, cruelty-free, non-GMO body care products. Customers can choose how much (or how little) they want to pay for each product on checkout.

What’s the story with The Mad Optimist? Is The Mad Optimist a good company? Should you buy The Mad Optimist’s soaps and body care products? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about The Mad Optimist.

What is The Mad Optimist?

The Mad Optimist is an Indiana-based soap and body care product company. The company offers a range of soaps, balms, sprays, and bath soaks.

You can buy The Mad Optimist’s products individually. You can also customize your product, choosing scents or add-ins and mixing different options together.

The Mad Optimist emphasizes all-natural ingredients with no animal products. The company’s vegan lip balm, for example, is made from organic coconut oil, sunflower seed wax, and sweet almond oil, among other natural ingredients.

The Mad Optimist has a unique ‘choose your own price’ model. At checkout, you can choose how much you want to pay for each product. The company believes everyone should be able to access affordable, personalized body care products.

Here’s how the official website explains the company’s ethos:

“We have mad respect for Mother Nature, that’s why we use only all-natural, plant-based ingredients inside every product.”

About The Mad Optimist

The Mad Optimist is a Bloomington, Indiana-based company. The company was founded by Anthony Duncan and brothers Mohammed A. Mahdi and Mohammed M. Mahdi. The founders are Muslim and vegan. When they learned that traditional soap contains animal fats, they hated the idea of cleaning their bodies with it.

They decided to launch a soap and body care company offering vegan, halal, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free products.

In May 2020, The Mad Optimist appeared on the season finale of Shark Tank.

You can contact The Mad Optimist via:


Phone: (812) 269-8812

Mailing Address: 903 W. 1st Street, STE 1, Bloomington, Indiana 47403

Custom Bodycare with The Mad Optimist

You can buy individual products from The Mad Optimist. Or, you can customize product based on your preferences. You can mix and match scents, for example, and create your own all-natural product at no added cost.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Choose your Product: select a soap, balm, spray, or bath soak

Step 2) Select a Type: You can choose different soaps (bar soap, shave soap, shampoo soap, or face soap), lip balms, sprays, or bath soaks.

Step 3) Select a Scent: You can select one or more of dozens of scents. The more scents you pick, the stronger the scent will be. The customizer recommends complementary scents after you select your first scent. You can select up to four scents with each product, choosing from options like cedarwood, cinnamon, citronella, eucalyptus, lime, lemongrass, patchouli, peppermint, and tea tree, among other scents.

Step 4) Choose an Add-in: The Mad Optimist lets you select up to three add-ins, including rosemary leaves, poppy seeds, turmeric powder, shea butter, cocoa butter, fennel, rolled oats, spirulina, cardamom powder, and more.

Step 5) Choose your Name: After customizing your body care product, you can name it.

Step 6) Choose your Packaging: The customizer lets you choose different patterns and packages for your body care product.

Step 7) Choose your Price: As with all products from The Mad Optimist, you can choose your price after customizing your item. Prices range from $3 to $16, depending on the product you selected. You can pay more or less, depending on what you would like to pay.

You can save your order with The Mad Optimist, re-ordering your unique body care product every time.

The Mad Optimist Products

The Mad Optimist offers four categories of products, including:

  • Soaps
  • Balms
  • Sprays
  • Bath Soaks

Each product has a different scent or scents. You can also add scents and customize your product. Available scents include cedarwood, clove, lime, peppermint, tea tree, or spearmint, for example.


The Mad Optimist offers eight different soaps. The company has shampoo bars, body bars, shave bars, and more. You can choose soaps specifically for oily skin or dry skin. All soaps have different scents and add-ins. The company’s Cool Headed shampoo soap, for example, contains rosemary and peppermint ad scents and spirulina as an add-in, leaving your hair minty fresh and tingling.

The company’s soaps include:

  • Cool Headed Shampoo Bar
  • Lav-ida Loca Body Bar for Dry Skin
  • Shave The Day Shave Bar
  • Sassy Grass Body Bar for Oily Skin
  • Spice It Up Body Bar for Oily Skin
  • Fir-ever Young Body Bar for Neutral Skin
  • Awesome Blossom Body Bar for Dry Skin
  • Peace Tree-tea Body Bar

The soaps contain base ingredients like organic palm, organic coconut, essential oils, olive oil, and natural scents.

Price: $6 to $16


The Mad Optimist offers three balms. The balms promise to soothe dry skin around your lips, moisturizing it using ingredients like sweet almond oil and coconut oil, then reinvigorating your lips with ingredients like peppermint for a unique tingly sensation.

The three balms include:

  • Love Thy Lips
  • Mother Pucker
  • Keep It Cool

All three lip balms have the same base ingredients, including organic coconut oil, sunflower seed wax, sweet almond oil, organic sunflower oil, and castor oil. The lip balms have different scents. Love The Lips has lavender essential oil, for example, while Mother Pucker uses tea tree essential oil.

Price: $3 to $10


The Mad Optimist has three sprays, all of which are marketed as body sprays. They give you a fresh, clean, and natural scent using various natural ingredients.

The three sprays include:

  • Gettin’ Groovy
  • Up And At ‘Em
  • Chill Vibes

Gettin’ Groovy claims to give you a “earthy and musky scented body mist” using ingredients like clove essential oil and patchouli essential oil. Up And At ‘Em, meanwhile, uses eucalyptus essential oil and rosemary essential oil. All three body sprays use water as a base. There are just three ingredients in each body spray, including water and two essential oils.

Price: $5 to $15

Bath Soaks

The Mad Optimist has three bath soaks. The bath soaks have scents like spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

The three bath soaks include:

  • Freshly Minted
  • Lav of Luxury
  • Chalet All Day

The three bath soaks use similar bases but different scents. Chalet All Day, for example, uses clove and cedarwood for scents, while Lav of Luxury uses lavender and fir needle. All three bath soaks use Epsom salts, olive oil, and vitamin C as base ingredients.

Price: $6 to $16

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mad Optimist

Although their products are praised by consumers in the growing skincare and cleaning industry, The Mad Optimist's customizable line and sliding scale payment model can be confusing. This section should help to answer your most pressing questions about The Mad Optimist.

Q: How do you use The Mad Optimist products?

A: This answer depends on the specific category of product you choose to use. The Mad Optimist bath salts, for example, are scented and can be poured directly into running water. Most of the popular Mad Optimist products, including the company's sprays, balms, and soaps, are relatively self-explanatory in their use instructions.

Q: What is a sliding scale payment model?

A: “Sliding scale” generally means that you pay what you want, or what you think is fair. There are suggested prices for each product, and these suggestions depend heavily on the type of product being purchased. You can pay whatever you feel comfortable with, so long as it fits within the upper and lower ranges.

Q: How do you make custom orders with The Mad Optimist?

A: The custom order site is pretty simple to use. Consumers can customize their order in a number of ways, editing the base product, type, scene, add-in, name, packaging, and even the price of their unique cleaning item!

Q: What is The Mad Optimist?

A: The Mad Optimist is a company specializing in the production of natural, customizable, and personalized body care products. They create soaps, balms, sprays, and more. The organization is known for its ethical and environmentally friendly policies. Their “sliding scale” payment model is also pretty interesting; they allow consumers to choose the price they pay because The Mad Optimist believes that everyone should be able to afford quality skincare.

The Mad Optimist Pricing

The Mad Optimist has a choose your own pricing model. You can choose how much you want to pay for all products.

Each checkout page has a sliding scale. The sliding scale for The Mad Optimist’s soap, for example, ranges from $6 to $16.

Here’s how The Mad Optimist explains its pricing model:

“We want our customers to choose how much they pay for products. Paying a little more helps offset the cost for those who need to pay a little less. We believe everyone should be able to afford personalized, all-natural bodycare.”

The Mad Optimist charges $5 for flat rate shipping anywhere in the United States. They also provide international shipping at customized rates.

Final Thoughts

The Mad Optimist is a body care product company specializing in soaps, bath products, body sprays, and balms. The company differentiates itself from the competition with its all-natural, vegan formulas. There are no animal by-products used in any company products. The company also has a unique ‘choose your own price’ system. You can select your price on the checkout screen, choosing to pay anywhere from $6 to $16 for each bar of soap.

In May 2020, The Mad Optimist appeared on the season finale of Shark Tank.

To learn more about The Mad Optimist and the company’s products, visit online today at



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