Lifestyle SolSource Solar Powered Cooker: Versatile Outdoor Grill & Oven?

SolSource Solar Powered Cooker: Versatile Outdoor Grill & Oven?


What Is SolSource Solar Powered Cooker?

Who doesn’t love a great outdoor BBQ? And, what if you knew a way to step even that up a notch? Solsource has created a product to do just that – Classic Solar Cooking. Seriously. With the power of the sun, and the specially designed product from Solsource you can wow you guests and your palette like never before.

The cooking zone of this product is a powerful 1000 watts which allows you to not only grill your favorite foods, but boil and sauté them too! The cooking area is safe for most cookware or, Solsource offers a variety of different pans to choose from as well. The device/product is described as easy to use and was made with the consumer in mind. So, being able to adjust the direction based on the sun is super simple and more importantly, safe.

How Does SolSource Solar Powered Cooker Work?

As mentioned above, this part of the product was made easy to use. The stand that the product sits on, allows you to tilt it wherever the sun is without having to move the device itself. Used with mirrors, you can point the sunlight onto the cooking surface without any trouble at all.

And, once set up you can start cooking your goodies right away – the setup is that simple.

One of the safety measures incorporated into this product is that the solar reflectors themselves, stay cool while you are cooking. It is recommended that when you are touching the pots or pans you are cooking with that you wear oven mitts, the same way you would when you remove something from the oven for example.

The reflectors, are made of a patented self-healing polymer material – exclusive to Solsource. And, super easy to clean! This is key in mentioning because often cooking grills, hot plates, etc. are tough on cookware and even tougher to get clean themselves. All you need is warm soapy water and grease just wipes right away. Solsource also recommends you follow up with a soft and dry cloth once you have finished cleaning.

SolSource Versatile Outdoor Grill & Oven Benefits

Just in case the above wasn’t enough … What if you knew that this product cooks your food five times faster than charcoal? Because it heats up so quickly, it means you can start cooking almost immediately.

Clean, solar energy. No need for charcoal, gas or any other chemicals to make this product work. All you need is the bright sunshine and you have yourself inexhaustible solar energy.

The cooking surface is ideal for using light weight pans or heavy dutch ovens, it truly is a versatile product and intended to meet your cooking needs without question.

This product is designed to be durable especially in the areas of the reflectors because they are the ultimate conductor for that solar energy.

SolSource Solar Powered Cooker Customer Reviews

The reviews seem to be wide spread on their Amazon offers page – several people have commented that the wind can play a factor in how effective the reflectors are, but once working the reviews are exceptionally good!

Purchasing SolSource Solar Powered Cooker

Solsource Classic Solar Cooker can be ordered on Amazon for $499.00 and does come with an option to purchase an extended warranty outside of their two year manufacturer’s warranty already included.



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