Lifestyle LingoGet Language Learning Device: Reviewing the Research

LingoGet Language Learning Device: Reviewing the Research

LingoGet is a handheld language learning device that uses advanced AI technology to teach users how to speak and understand over thirty languages, enriching their vocabulary and traveling experiences.


Studies repeatedly show that learning a second language can be the most effective way to improve job prospects. And even without the benefits to marketability for potential employees, a second or even a third language can drastically improve your quality of life, allowing you to travel more effectively and encouraging you to connect more deeply with people from all over the world.

But learning a language can be difficult and expensive. We now know that people are most adept at learning a new language when they are young children, and that it is nearly impossible for adults to teach themselves a new language entirely without guidance. Classes can be expensive, and traditional online courses on language can be time-consuming and costly.

LingoGet presents a unique technological alternative that might allow consumers to save money while enriching their lives by learning a new language. LingoGet is a handheld language device that helps users practice and learn to speak over 30 different languages, practice pronunciation, and reach different skill levels.

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What is LingoGet?

Language can be a major barrier between two people, which is why there are thousands upon thousands of translation dictionaries and foreign language courses available today. Some people manage to achieve the feat of learning a language themselves, but due to the lack of personal guidance and not knowing where to start, end up struggling to confidently speak with others. However, LingoGet offers a handy tool that can help. Backed by the science of working and dissecting each language while maximizing ease-of-youth, anyone can learn a new language with this unique new tool.

Available in three difficulty levels, users of the LingoGet device can practice their skills in over 30 languages with real-time reactions using revolutionary speech recognition technology. With this programming, consumers can improve their pronunciation of over 10,000 of the most common conversational words in each available language.

The device is small and sleek, shaped to be about as big as a compact television remote, which allows the battery to power it for up to 12 hours of consecutive learning sessions. With a connection to WiFi, and a smartphone, users of LingoGet can switch between languages and skill levels to learn at the exact pace that users wants, to converse and understand foreign speaking people worldwide. LingoGet features include:

  • Long battery life of 12 hours
  • Simple operation
  • Over 30 languages integrated
  • More efficient learning
  • Direct speech recognition

After receiving the LingoGet, users will need to download the LingoGet app, which can be found on the Apple or Google Play store. This allows users to pair the device with an Android or Apple smartphone by downloading an app from their necessary app store. To configure the device,users simply choose their language and difficulty setting. Learning then happens at the pace chosen by the user, with no required times for practice or hours logged.

LingoGet FAQs

Users likely have a number of questions about this foreign language teaching device. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about LingoGet and the creators behind it.

Q: How long does it take to see results with LingoGet?

A: This question is hard to answer. LingoGet helps consumers learn a new language, but precise progress depends on a number of important personal factors.

Q: What do you get with a Muama LingoGet purchase?

A: The basic kit includes an electronic learning assistant with an integrated battery and a charging cable. The LingoGet needs to be able to connect through the Bluetooth on your smartphone with the installed app for LingoGet. You will then see the app on your phone with iOS on the App StoreOpens in a new window.  If you need to pair your device with a smartphone that has Android, you will have to download the app from the Play StoreOpens in a new window. After turning it on, you can choose one of more than 30 world languages to begin learning.

Q: Is the LingoGet easy to set up?

A: Yes! All you have to do is charge the device up then activate it, pairing it with the mobile app on your smartphone. You can easily download it from the App store or Play store, depending on your OS. You will get detailed instructions on how you can download the app for your device. Then, connect it with your smartphone through Bluetooth. Make sure to enable the mobile hotspot setting on your smartphone, then enable and turn on internet for the phone. You can then change the language settings or level of difficulty, but also you can choose how you are want to use the device (teacher or translator). If you want to learn the languages using ordinary methods or use the device as a smart language assistant, either way will work as a personal interpreter.

Q: How many different languages can you learn with LingoGet?

A: With the LingoGet electronic translator and language teacher, you can learn and speak 30 world languages, including German, English, French or Spanish. The integrated technology has voice recognition, so you can easily go from one language to another. Just start speaking and the device finds on its own the correct language you need speak.

Q: Can you use the LingoGet device without the App?

A: No. To obtain and receive access to all of LingoGet's functions, you need to pair it with the app on your smartphone. The internet connection is also needed if you want to use LingoGet as your personal automatic interpreter and translator.

Purchasing LingoGet

On the official website, consumers have their choice of several different packages, depending on how many devices they want to purchase at once. Purchasing options include:

  • One device: €89,00
  • Two devices: €138,00
  • Three devices: €177,00
  • Four devices: €220,00
  • Five devices: €265,00

Consumers have the option of purchasing a warranty to cover their LingoGet device. However, if the user finds that this product isn’t right for their needs, they can contact customer support at within 30 days of purchase to request a refund.

Returns and Contacting the Customer Service Team

The website has plenty of information about the way that the product works, but consumers may be left with other questions about LingoGet. The customer service team can be reached by calling +44 2080 891846 or by filling out the online form here.

If the consumer finds the LingoGet isn't a product they can use and want to return it, the official webpage offers a “30 Day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee.” Customers can contact the company here for returns help at After receiving a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and return address, consumers can obtain their refund. For return questions, hours are as follows; Mon – Fri 7:00AM – 9:00PM and Sat – Sun 7:00AM – 6:00PM (GMT-7).

Final Thoughts

The LingoGet is helpful to consumers of all ages that want to learn another language at their own pace. With the connection to the corresponding app, consumers can quickly choose any of the 30 languages that are available, learning the correct pronunciation for everything with ease. For ambitious users, the language selection can be changed as desired to learn multiple languages at once.

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