Health Recharj – Calming Meditation & Power Nap Studios For Relaxation?

Recharj – Calming Meditation & Power Nap Studios For Relaxation?


Recharj is a program online that helps consumers learn how to meditate to reap the benefits of this destressing tool. There are multiple physical locations as well, so consumers can get involved with instructions that teach the other skills that consumers need to sleep better as well.

What Is Recharj?

Meditation seems like an overwhelming idea for consumers that have never tried it before. Others see this small technique as something that is only for people that are deeply spiritual, which turns them away from it.

In reality, all that meditation does is help people to relax and be alone with their own thoughts, reducing stress and bringing mental clarity. It can be used in other ways, but the simple act of taking part in a meditative regimen is enough to finally eliminate the stress to get to sleep at night. That is what Recharj is trying to show consumers.

Recharj helps consumers learn to train their mind to enter a meditative state, and how to engage in power naps that actually work. There are studies in Maryland and Washington, DC right now, but consumers do not have to attend the physical location to participate. If the individual is nearby, they can even practice meditation alone in the available empty room.

By engaging in meditation, consumers:

  • Train the brain to deal with stress easily
  • Improve the brain’s cognition and thought process
  • Balance out blood pressure
  • Improve the function of the metabolism
  • Balance brain waves
  • Improve breathing

When consumers attend classes, they also have greater accountability with the other participants. Read on below to find out about the classes available to consumers.

About Recharj Classes

There are nine different classes that consumers can sign up for. The times are subject to change, but the same instructors control the different classes.

Self-Guided Meditation

Self-Guided Meditation is available in the empty room. Consumers have the choice of using a program on the available tablet, or simply sitting in the relaxing silence.

Power Nap

Power Nap is a 25-minute long class, which uses advanced power methods that help consumers get deep sleep that will leave them feeling recharged. The methods can be used at home to help them fall asleep easily, and classes are offered on weekdays.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are ideal for consumers that struggle to find the meditative state they want in a room full of other participants. Private sessions are available throughout the day from 8:00am to 8:00pm.


Mantra helps participants to adopt various “postures.” Essentially, they learn to restructure their attention towards goals and transcendence. The class is 35 minutes long, and consumers will adopt an affirmation that is either a sound, word, or phrase that helps them to feel comforted.

Yogi Nidra

Yogi Nidra is a technique that involved guided meditation while sleeping. The individual will keep lucidity, as they listen to the instructor and fall asleep. There are two instructors for this class, which is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


De-Stress helps to balance the stress in the mind, nervous system, and negative thoughts. Participants will learn about the mind, body, and brain connection, while activating certain responses in the body with guided imagery.

Sound Bath

South Bath involves using crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls to reach a level of relaxation that activates a certain part of the brain, which is triggered by the sounds. The whole goal of the class is to leave feeling rejuvenated.


Mindfulness teaches “attuned awareness.” Consumers will feel a connection with the internal and external world, which is a new level of consciousness.


Movement is simply about bringing attention to the body with various physical actions, distracting the mind from the excessive activity that happens during the day. There are movements inspired by Qi Gong, mindful walking, and yoga postures.

How To Reserve A Space With Recharj

Before consumers can get involved with any of the classes, they need to start off by registering on the website with their name, phone number, and email address.

Next, the participant has to pick the class or bundle they want to take part in. Consumers are required to make a payment for the classes before attendance. Choose from the list of classes on the schedule, which is available up to two weeks in advance.

If the class that the participant wants to get involved in is full, the individual is able to place themselves on the waitlist. The attendant will be placed in a queue and will be notified if they are in the next in line for the class, when the spot is available.

Contacting Recharj

Even though the website has plenty of information about what to expect, consumers can still reach out to the customer service team to learn more. Contact the team by phone call or email.

  • Phone number: (202) 347-4595
  • Email address:

Recharj Conclusion

Recharj is available for any nearby consumers that want to get involved in meditation. The classes are easy for anyone to learn, if they find that they want to practice a natural way of alleviating stress, helping them to sleep easier at night.

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