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White Coat Trainer: Reviewing the WCT Men’s Strength Program

The White Coat Trainer fitness program is a men's strength and conditioning workout plan developed by Alex and Brittany Robles for busy professionals who want to build muscle and lose fat efficiently.


Are you looking to start a mind and body transformation? Not as experienced when it comes to working out and finding yourself crunched for time as well? Oftentimes, consumers tend to resort to online sources to research the ways to lose the weight or increase their muscle mass. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than simply reading about someone’s experience.

This main reason for this simply rests in the fact that each individual’s body can vary depending on their health, lifestyle choices, gender, age, etc. Hence, those using a one-size-fits-all programs are rarely the answer. For those looking for an experienced trainer and program who offers individualized help, the following review will look closely at the White-Collar Trainer approach and the program offered.

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What is White Coat Trainer's Men’s Strength Program?

The WCT Men’s Strength Program provides consumers with a 15-week exercise template that allegedly makes one stronger without having to spend too much time at the gym, and without spending time on ineffective exercises, ensuring that a full body workout is attainable. While most of the exercises are tailored to weight training, the creator claims that programs can be adjusted based on one’s fitness comfort.

Who created the WCT Men’s Strength Program?

The creator behind the WCT Men’s Strength Program is none other than Alex Robles, MD, CPT. Robles is an OBGYN physician and certified personal trainer. He works alongside his wife, Brittany Robles, who holds the same certification and roles as him.

As the duo embarked on their health and fitness journey together, they’ve realized that a number of myths in relation to seeing physical transformations have been circulating. This is where we now have, WCT Men’s Strength Program, which contradicts them all. What you need to do is train, i.e. have a focused plan every time you go to the gym which will get you well on your way and closer to your goals. In other words, obtaining results through a workout regime that, allows for less time at the gym, exercises that are more time efficient, and losing the stigma of the “3 myths”.

  • Myth #1: You have to commit to spending a minimum of at least 1 hour (Or More) at the gym To see the results.
  • Myth #2: You have To do multiple exercises and several amounts of reps and sets to obtain any results.
  • Myth #3: You must be perfect while dong all 3 of these and “Do It All” to see any results.

What Makes the WCT Program Better Than Others?

  • A. The WCT Men's Strength Program doesn't and won't include all of extra and unnecessary steps that busy consumers didn't have time for.
  • B. The WCT program will make sure you are getting all the exercise you need to get the results you are looking for, but in a shorter amount of time.
  • C. The Workout Template has you covered, due to daily changing life events, will be the same for the user of the 15 week program, the included template is adjustable to fit these days.
  • When finished, with the initial 15 week program, you can repeat the program up to 3 times to continue developing the body you always wanted.

What’s included in the WCT Men’s Strength Program?

Let's review what Alex and Brittany Robles' White Coat Trainer program offers:

An Individualized Program

The WCT Men’s Strength Program price is $47.00 and comes with an individualized plan that they will have immediate access to the download, so they may record and see their progress, and needs to be followed over the course of the 15 weeks. Prepared in an Excel spreadsheet, a template for the strength program, consumers will need to follow the exercises, mainly the 6 functional movements, as instructed. The key principle behind this respective program is progressive overload, which is anticipated to increase one’s muscular development and strength, but in a less time involved way.

The spreadsheet includes sections in which each individual will need to fill out every time they work out. This has been done to keep track of one’s progress. Here’s an overview of what will be included:

  • The types of exercises
  • The number of sets completed
  • The number of reps completed per sets
  • Appropriate rest time depending on the type of exercise
  • Instructions on how to progressively overload each exercise

Access to the WCT Private Facebook Community

The WCT Private Facebook Community houses all WCT members who come together to help each other out. Asking questions, whether it be about the program, exercises, fitness, etc. are all greatly encouraged. There is free access to the group, which is granted upon paying the price for the program.

Program Updates

With time, the body will have adapted to the movements performed. At this point, changes to the program may be necessary. This is an added feature that will be provided at no extra charge.

What makes the WCT Men’s Strength Program unique in comparison to others?

Fitness advice can be founded in all sorts of platforms from different experienced individuals. It happens that there are a lot of contradictions which can lead to confusion. With the WCT Men’s Strength Program, consumers will learn why it is they are instructed to do certain exercises.

Second, it claims to minimize the time spent at the gym. This is not to say that consumers will not be at the gym at all, but rather, they will spend the right amount of time that is neither too short nor extensive and will effectively bring results. More specifically, each workout is expected to take anywhere between 30 and 35 minutes.

Lastly, the plan is supposedly designed to account for any schedule one may have, whether it be a busy one or a completely free one. This has been done to limit the odds of skipping workout days.

The White Coat Trainer Men's Strength Program FAQs

Q. Is the WCT Men’s Strength Program suitable for me?

A. The WCT Men’s Strength Program has been designed to support specific levels of experience. If an individual is a beginner with less than one year of training experience, or an intermediate trainee that wants to learn more about the basics, then this is the right program to consider. For those who have more experience, and neither have time to commit 30 minutes at most 4 times a week nor want to put in work, this isn’t the right program.

Q. How Do Refunds Work for White Coat Trainer Strength Program?

A. Upon trying the program consistently for 60 days and not 100% satisfied with the program, Robles, WCT Men's Strength Program will issue a full refund. To contact Robles and his team, one will have to fill out a form here and after doing so, the company can be reached via their email.

Q. Is this White Coat Trainer program only for men?

A. Yes, the WCT Men’s Strength Program focuses solely on a man’s body and function, as it differs in many ways compared to that of women. That said, Robles’ also offers a program designed for women, which can be found here.

Q. How much does the WCT Men’s Strength Program cost?

A. The current price of the WCT Men’s Strength Program is $47 USD, which is roughly $69.95 CAD.

Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, there are a number of key takeaways that need to be considered here before purchasing Robles’ service. First, this program is deemed suitable only for beginners to intermediate, as they focus heavily on the basics of crucial movements.

Second, this review focuses specifically on the men’s program, there’s a program designed for women, which is a different program and can be viewed here at this link. Third, all it takes is a matter of 30 to 35 minutes to eventually reach one’s goal. Lastly, the program has been designed by experts in this respective field who have studied the human body; which makes it somewhat reassuring.

The one downside is that this program does not come with a nutrition plan. Normally, not all personal trainers offer this added service, so it is not necessarily a concern about the service. But, nutrition also plays a key role, hence consumers are encouraged to find a nutritionist who can also aid in making the right lifestyle choices.

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