Guides How To Lose Weight Reviewing the Research on the Secrets of the Skinny System

Reviewing the Research on the Secrets of the Skinny System

The Secrets of the Skinny System is a weight loss program that uses lazy metabolism hacks to help users naturally burn fat without dieting, hard workout plans or questionable nutritional supplements.


Secrets of the Skinny is a guide that shows consumers how to modify their current habits, turning them into ways of boosting the metabolism to naturally become slenderer.

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What is Secrets of the Skinny?

If the way that the body positive movement has shifted in recent years is any indication, heavier women and men often see slender people as the “other.” The term “naturally skinny” is almost a frustrating term, as individuals with weight issues struggle to become toned or even just average with a wealth of different fitness program. But why do overweight and obese individuals have to work so hard to just break even, while other consumers simply exist with a lower number on the scale? Secrets of the Skinny aims to answer that question.

This program, developed by Jennifer Wilson, started as the creator decided to setup hidden cameras to discover the habits that naturally slender people take on. Through this surveillance, she discovered that the people who had a naturally petite figure weren’t working out more often than their plus-size counterparts, nor did they take on extreme dieting foods and pills. In fact, they didn’t even spend less time as a couch potato. In fact, the habits were nearly exactly the same as heavier consumers, except with a few tweaks. This discovery led Wilson to come to a conclusion – “It’s not what you do… it’s how you do it.”

How Does the Secrets of the Skinny System Work?

There are a few ways that people who naturally have a thin figure treat their body that have radically formed a new metabolism that is foreign to individuals that struggle with their weight. However, by adapting to these habits, Wilson suggests that the metabolism can increase by over 200%. The website advertising the program shows several steps on their website, including details on:

  • How to change the way that users drink water.
  • Drinking coffee to maximize weight loss.
  • How to work out properly

The website states that consumers that struggle with their weight actually drink water incorrectly, though it is likely that most consumers didn’t know there was even a way to do such a thing. The website states that there are actually “hacks” to drinking water to help promote a healthy metabolism, including either drinking a glass of water per hour or adding ice water to every meal.

Everyone loves a coffee with their morning, and the website even tells users that coffee itself is not inherently unhealthy. In fact, it helps to promote blood flow and increases energy in the body, which inherently pushes the body to burn through more calories and can even relieve a headache and menstrual cramps. However, individuals with a better metabolism avoid the use of creamer, which is filled with fats and sugars, even soy and almond creamers that often just settle on and in the body as extra fat, instead try switching it up and use a coconut based creamer instead, which is more useful for fuel for the body.

The creators state that they’ve found two ways that consumers workout that keep their body fit that work better than the same routine in the gym over and over. The first suggested workout is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which only takes about ten minutes daily to triggering major weight loss. Interestingly, the creators even state that this HIIT program doesn’t have to stay in the gym, but that the right kind of sexual activities can burn just as many (if not more) calories within a span of 30 minutes. This trick could potentially transform the entire metabolism of the body within a matter of days.

These first few tips are only skimming the surface of what the guide can cover, as the website indicates that there’s presently over 107 different habits and tricks that help anyone to be naturally skinny. The secrets don’t reside in a naturally faster metabolism or even extreme dieting. However, the only way to truly see how to create the same habits as naturally-skinny people is to purchase the guide.

Purchasing Secrets of the Skinny

The only way to purchase access to this program is on the official website, which lists the content for $27. Within minutes of making the purchase, the user will have access to the content through their email. The user will receive several bonus materials to amplify their results, including:

  • Metabolism Boosting Snacks and Shakes, a guide that shows recipes on healthy snacks that trigger weight loss like Buttermilk Dip, Rich Hummus, Superfood Detox Shake, and Superfood Trail Mix.
  • Metabolism Boosting HIIT Program, which hows consumers how to use a workout lasting only 10-15 minutes to trigger weight loss like they have never experienced before.
  • Metabolism Boosting Hypnosis, which is an audio file that uses hypnosis to help flip the mentality of the overweight user into the mind space of someone who keeps their weight at the right level.

In these event that the consumer finds that this program doesn’t work for their weight loss, they can give up access within 60 days of the original purchase.

Secrets of the Skinny FAQs

Q. Does Secrets of the Skinny Program Require Working Out?

A. No! There are no work tough workout schedules or plans with this program however we do include a metabolism boosting HIIT workout program as an added free bonus for those who get really motivated.

Q. Is there a Diet plan to follow with Secrets of the Skinny?

A. There isn't even a diet plan, just a few simple rules and suggestions to follow. We just show you over 107 tips to becoming the person you always knew you could be. There's  simple milkshakes that don't include only greens, trail mixes, chip dips and more!

Q. How fast will weight loss happen using Secrets of the Skinny?

A. In a side by side 1 month comparison graph, those consumers who purchased and followed the Secrets Skinny program lost several more pounds and ramped their metabolism faster that the group who were not on the Secret Skinny plan. And as always before beginning a new healthcare regime, please consult a qualified health practitioner before implementing any of the suggestions.

Q. What's Inside the Secrets of the Skinny Weight Loss System?

A. It’s about breaking the curse of a slow metabolism with simple, easy, LAZY tricks that anybody can use. It's about changing users lifestyles with just a few simple eating habits and tips on what to “do this not that” tips, that anyone can do. The second free bonus includes Metabolism Boosting Snacks and Shakes, to help kick start your metabolism even faster. The fourth added free bonus is Metabolism Boosting Hypnosis, “Simply plug in your headphones and listen to the hypnotic sounds as your mind and metabolism is RESET.”

Q. How much does the Secrets of the Skinny program cost?

A. The official webpage for Secrets Skinny is offering to the first 1.000 people that purchase the program will only pay the low price of just $27.00, normally priced at $77.00. they offer a 100% money back guarantee if the program doesn't work for the user.

Contacting Customer Service

Even with the elaborate information available on the official website and with the digital guide available for purchase, there could be other questions that consumers have about the program. Any other inquiries can be sent to the customer service team at


Secrets of the Skinny exposes the big differences in the habits of consumers that keep a trim figure and the habits of consumers that can’t seem to shed any weight, no matter how hard they work. The program is easy to follow along and shows consumers the techniques to take on to maintain their success. While the bonus guides aren’t required to be followed, the creators have included the materials for consumers that want to push their weight loss beyond what their metabolism should naturally be doing.

Check Out the Secrets of the Skinny Program Here



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